Schiano not helping himself by avoiding Freeman question

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Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano made the decision to bench a guy once considered a franchise quarterback, and now he’s doing the equivalent of sticking his fingers in his ears and saying “blah blah blah blah blah, I can’t hear you.”

In an exchange transcribed by, Schiano was asked if Freeman going off the reservation to talk to ESPN instead of the local media would result in his being deactivated.

“I understand the question and I appreciate it,” Schiano said. “I feel this [Freeman issue] has become a focus all week. I am not going there. Ninety minutes before the game I will announce the inactive list. I am done discussing that other stuff. Let’s go win a game.”

He was then asked if Freeman was still, as Schiano himself said Wednesday, the backup.

“Again, 90 minutes before [kickoff] I will name inactives.”

Schiano’s refusal to acknowledge the issue isn’t going to make it go away. In fact, it only adds heat to what is already a flammable situation.

Schiano could have killed two days worth of speculation by acknowledging what now appears obvious. He can’t damage Freeman’s trade value now beyond what’s already happened, so trying to wish the uncomfortable part away isn’t helping anyone.

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  1. Certainly understand a coach not wanting to give away a competitive advantage but in this case, dude just say you want Freeman gone.

  2. Seems the media is now whining like a certain spoiled brat benched quarterback.

    Schiano doesn’t haven’t to say Freeman is turd string quarterback, Josh already flushed his career down the toilet.

  3. Schiano may turn out to be a good coach, or the next major casualty. The fact is he is using Belichick media tactics. However the Patriots coach has 3 rings and one of the best QB’s in the league, so the media dare not question him. Either way the fact remains they have way too much talent to be in such disarray. The Bucs are very fan focused, and want to put a winning product on the field for their paying customers and their “Members”. Freeman’s play is nowhere near quality in a win now NFL. Bucs need to get it together or end up in London with their owners in 2020… #gobucs

  4. Where in Schiano’s contract does it say he needs to feed the media with gossip? Freeman is no longer the starting QB for the Bucs and 99,99% sure he won’t be there next season. What more do you guys want? Schiano doesn’t owe the media anything. No head coach does.

  5. Good Lord. If he had that much of an issue with Freeman, he should have traded him when they had a deal in place this offseason. Don’t compound a problem by making it worse, eliminate it.

  6. You can’t use the Belichick media idea unless you already have a history of winning. Ask my team’s coach, Schwartz, about that. It doesn’t work to act like Belichick when you have no history of winning.

  7. The Bucs won’t end up in London unless they sell Manchester United or the Buc’s before hand. The Glazers are hated in England. (Manchester United owners) The NFL will want a team that is as fan friendly as possible if they put a team in London. Seriously, it can’t be stated enough how bad the Glazers are hated over there. I’m a huge Manchester United fan.

  8. The Tampa media is the paddy cake bakery. Those cowards will be kissing Schiano’s butt in a week. They don’t have the guts to write anything negative if they don’t overwhelming public support and as much as the media hates Schiano most Buc fans would take him over Freeman.

  9. He can kiss this job goodbye after this year. Whether the team hires Lovie Smith or whomever, this guy has shown that he doesn’t support his QB or listen to anyone at all. He knows all and has zero wins to show for all of that knowledge. From Rahim to a clueless Sgt. Slaughter, the Bucs have to find an in between if they are going to get ahead.

    They still have some of the coolest uniforms in the league, though.

  10. pftfan says:
    Sep 27, 2013 1:43 PM
    Wow, what a circus Tampa Bay has become!

    The circus is run by the media. It is their “cause célèbre’. You get asked the same questions over and over and you will get frustrated. Two plays and Tampa is 2 -1.

  11. A real football man can take any question honestly and openly without fear because he has confidence in what he is doing and who he is working with. But the Bucs don’t have a healthy situation because the GM didn’t create and then foster one. This team may get “a win” this season, but they won’t get many with this kind of attitude. It’s time to bring in some quality people to make the tough decisions and talk to the media.

  12. Schiano is SOOOOO not ready for the pressures of an NFL head coaching job, it just becomes more and more obvious with each passing day. I feel for Bucs fans, being from FL, I had (was forced through media) to live through a lot of crap years, and it appears this guy is planning on beginning a whole new era of crap. Sorry Bucs fans.

  13. Sounds to me that he answered the question if he keeps responding, “90 minutes before the game I’ll name the inactives.” To me, that means he’ll be inactive.

  14. “Will Freeman be inactive Sunday?”

    “Next question.”

    “Will Freeman be traded before Sunday?”

    “Next question.”

    “Did you see Freeman’s ESPN…?”

    “Next question.”

  15. SCHIANO IS A FINE HEADCOACH. Tom Coughlin has his dry spells (as seen this year and years before), Belichick wasn’t perfect when he started in the NFL. Give the guy a break, he has an organized and disciplined approach – which is something that carries a lot of value in the NFL.

    I was fired up the first time I watched our team play under Schiano and I still look forward to seeing them progress now with Glennon. It takes more than 2 years to repair such a misguided team from the past.

  16. The media is a joke. Their upset Schiano won’t let them in the locker room. Freeman blows anyway, to think this guy is a franchise QB lol.

    Get rid of the trash Schiano, it will help you’re team in the long run. Freeman is not the answer the Bucs are looking for.

  17. Media’s sense of entitlement is terrible. Just report what he said or didnt say. Dont put your own spin on it whether he is helping himself or not. If he wins the game and a few more he wouldve helped himself plenty.

  18. So which is it DG? Two separate articles 25 minutes apart: Two different stories with vastly different meanings.

    Either Schiano hasn’t decided and will “decide” 90 minutes before game time. Or he has decided but won’t “announce” his decision until 90 minutes before game time. You reported both within 25 minutes of each other. I’m still wondering what he actually said.

  19. “Wasaaaahhhhh!” Come on media cry for us! How dare Coach Schiano not share with you every detail of his handling of an internal team and organizational matter! How dare he want to focus on the rest of the team and this weeks opponent, the Arizona Cardinals! How dare he not tell you the real reason why he benched a starting QB who is only completing 45% of his passes! has more interceptions than any other QB since 2011! Has lost 8 of his last 9 starts! And has missed meetings and team functions and shows no real leadership or instincts to be a top QB! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! He’s a mean coach!!!

  20. There is nothing else to learn here. Not answering badgering questions is fine. Whatever he says will be twisted or misrepresented anyway. The media should stop being lazy and find another story instead of trying to stretch an hour’s work into a week long paycheck

  21. The Tampa defense is going to decimate Arizona this week and watch how the Tampa media changes their tune. They are a joke. Within a month they will have big articles on how wonderful Glennon is.

  22. Freeman and Schiano have way more in common than either would like to admit: Both are dangerously close to being out of the NFL.

    I’d actually give Freeman a better chance at vindication than Schiano. He likely lands someplace as a backup, maybe regains his form and shows it when the starter gets hurt… crazier things have happened. But unless the Bucs do a major about-face, Schiano is never getting another shot at the NFL again.

  23. I can’t blame the media take pleasure in what has happened to the Bucs. Schiano treated everyone like crap, and now his uppance has come. It’s fun when jerks get what they deserve, and it’s only going to get better from here.

  24. Schiano is on borrowed time, but Freeman couldn’t continue in Tampa. His alleged partyying ways just aren’t conducive to success as an NFL QB, and it shows in his performance.

  25. Schiano is a good football coach, I’m tired of everyone saying otherwise. HE took a horrible team to an average team last year with rookies and a banged up roster. His losing right now because of Freeman, yes it is Freeman’s fault when he can only amass 26 points through 3 games and 14 of which is set up by turnovers starting him in the red zone!
    Bill was criticized in Cleveland for not winning right away but look at him now. Not saying Greg is bill by any means but just look at how much talent the Bucs have been able to attain in just the year his been here, the future is bright thanks to him. Sure you could thank Mark Dominique as well but he was in place before Greg and the best drafted player he was able to produce is mike williams. Under Greg in the draft we got steals in undrafted Leonard johnson and 4th rounder Akeem Spence, hit on Mark Barron, LaVonte David, and Doug Martin. Give the man the respect his earned, the team has been progressing, no one can turn a crap roster into a miracle in one season.
    Bucs will be .500 here soon

  26. the Gm, coach and qb are just not in sync at all in this team. The GM would like to hire it’s own coach and the coach hand pick his qb and all three need to walk in-step and be attached at the hip.

    For all purposes at least to have a chance at being succesful.

  27. We are comparing Schiano to Belichick? In the words of TO, child please!

    The problem is not that he doesn’t give out every detail, but tries to spin situations and act like there is nothing to see here and no one knows what to believe. “No, not making him a captain doesn’t mean anything. Ask our guys…they view him as a leader. Well he did oversleep and miss the team picture.” “He will be our starter (Monday) or might not be active.” Make up your mind and stick with it. That is what Belichick does. He puts on his cuffless hoddie the same way as you do, but when he does he wins championships (see SNL cowbell skit). This coming from a coach who didn’t know that when the other team is kneeling to run out the clock instead of run up the score you might not want to try and rip off their arm and beat them with it. I guess it is a long way from Rutgers to Tampa Bay…

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