Steelers putting their tackles on the spot


The Steelers weren’t getting what they hoped from a pair of second-round picks, so they sent a strong message last week.

And for starting tackles Mike Adams and Marcus Gilbert, being rotated for backup Kelvin Beachum against the Bears last week was a clear challenge from coach Mike Tomlin.

“Obviously, [Tomlin] is sending out a message to us,” Gilbert said, via Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I know for me, I am not going to allow that to happen again.”

Of course, the Steelers have every intention to continue until someone makes a job their own.

“Let’s face it, that’s what this business is all about — competition,” offensive line coach Jack Bicknell Jr. said. “To me, it is positive — let’s find out who is playing the best out of you three, and everybody is motivated in the process.”

The Steelers let veteran Max Starks go because they wanted to allow Gilbert and Adams to grow into the roles on their own. But after a sluggish start, the Steelers decided to get their attention, and may continue to.

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  1. Gilbert was drafted only because he played with Pouncey at Florida and they thought that Pouncey’s talent would rub off on Gilbert. It hasn’t. Adams’ stock fell in the draft but the Steelers thought they had a steal. They didn’t. Sure they are young and there is room for improvement but it is time for both to step up. Ben is going to get seriously creamed soon.

  2. I got a message for you Tomlin, your team is old, you have no offensive line, no wide outs, and your QB stands in the pocket like a statue. And your defense isn’t much better, get ready to stay home for the playoffs as the steelers are toast and this mess will not be fixed anytime soon. Couldn’t happen to a better franchise as far as im concerned. bye bye steelers!!

  3. Do they seriously want us to believe that they can’t find ANYONE better right now than those two ? Really ? Look at Velasco at center. That seems to be working out. Why not try and find a serviceable tackle to allow Ben to play the entire season.

  4. Hopefully, if they strengthen the O-line, Roethlisbooger will have more time to fumble and throw pick sixes.

  5. If I wanted athletes to able to play their best, I would not have them travel 5 time zones (and West to East) only two days before they have to perform.

    Just sayin.

  6. Umm did you see Max Starks play last night for the Rams? No thanks.

    To me this says more about Beachum than the tackles. He is playing his butt off, something Adams and Gilbert haven’t so theyre having a hard time keeping him off the field. Beachum is probably less talented but he wants it more.

    OLine played considerably better last week against Peppers and co. Ben was running with the ball when he fumbled, they werent exactly strip sacks. Otherwise its was only 3 sacks and 400 yards passing.

  7. Finding the better two of three mediocre players is going to be a season-long search with no clear answers. Have fun with that.

  8. Gilbert and Adams better fix the problem or Mike Tomlin will. They have stunk up the joint these first 3 games…… I expect these guys to play much better for the remainder of the season. They better or they won’t be around come this time next year.

  9. OH, I remember the days when we had one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. Russ Grimm was passed over to be the head coach (as he should have been), and the line has gone down hill ever since.

    I know Russ is probably still bitter about not getting the HC job, but seriously, they need to give him a call (he is unemployed right now) and bring him back in. With Grimm as the line coach, this group of under achievers COULD become one of the best lines in the NFL by 2015.

  10. getyourownname says:

    If I wanted athletes to able to play their best, I would not have them travel 5 time zones (and West to East) only two days before they have to perform.

    I’ve been to Europe many times flying economy on a regular airline flight and have never had any problem adjusting. Its just not the big deal a lot of people make it out to be.

    And these guys are all flying first class on a private chartered flight without crying babies or any of the aggravations most people have to deal with. I guarantee you they’re plane is met by an official that collects the passports and walks everyone through customs quick quick.

    Nice that you’re making excuses for them already though. The Steelers going 0-4 will certainly be amusing to everyone else in the league.

  11. Roethlisberger is a turnover machine yet they blame the tackles. Go figure.

    All 3 of Ben’s fumbles (2 lost) were caused because he was rushing ahead of the pocket because the bookend pass rushers had a clear path to him. Of course he could have held the ball better than a saggy loaf of bread. In trying to avoid the sacks, he gave away 13 points. The first INT was because a defender was right in his face and he thought that the receiver was going to make an effort to the ball. The receiver didn’t, hence another 7 points the other way.

  12. Steelers putting their fans on the spot. “6 rings” rings kinda hollow right now

    Real Steelers fans do not buy into the whole “6 rings” thing. You root for your team whether they win a championship or not. Besides, do you actually think that Cowboys or 49ers fans would not use the whole “6 ring” thing if they ever got there?

  13. The Steelers going 0-4 will certainly be amusing to everyone else in the league.

    Only because everyone else in the league is jealous of their success and are sick and tired of them being consistently good as they have been over the last 41 years. You can deny it but its true. What other team has not won less than 5 games in a season since 1969? If there is another, they escape me at the moment.

  14. When do you send a message to Roethlisberger: a) don’t throw your rookie and best chance for a run game under the bus and 2) don’t turn over the ball

  15. The poor OL play and lack of turnovers by the defense are the biggest problems, not that they are the only ones. Of course every player on the team can do a better job. The OL better start playing much better, some of them are high draft picks. The running game cant get started, even with their admittedly average RBs, but there are NO HOLES TO RUN THROUGH. Ben has NO TIME, and defenses are stacking against the pass and blitzing him to death. They have no alternative but to pass and the defenses know that. If the statues Peyton or Brady were playing behind that OL, they would already be in the hospital, thankfully Ben is that durable and mobile. Imagine Vick behind this line! Criticize him all you want, I dont think anyone else would have fared much better.

    Time is up, time to get a win. Man up and play good TEAM FOOTBALL.

    Time is up, this is the week where they must win. No excuses, step it up and play some good team football.

  16. The interesting part about Mike Adams is the story that surfaced when the Steelers drafted him. He apparently convinced the Steelers that he was worth the selection despite some questions. He should be proving that the Steelers didn’t waste the pick, but so far it’s looking more and more like they did.

    Gilbert and Adams are both missing out on the chance to prove they belong. Meanwhile, Beachum is stepping up.

  17. lovefootball4life | Sep 27, 2013, 6:01 PM EDT
    When do you send a message to Roethlisberger: a) don’t throw your rookie and best chance for a run game under the bus and 2) don’t turn over the ball

    Einstein, how about telling your player so grow up and leave the peas in the chicken pot pie….a thought that easy to digest even for araenmoron

  18. At the risk of being accused of “bashing” the beloved Big Ben, Tomlin said at his weekly press conference on Tuesday that Roethlisberger needs to make quicker decisions.
    Sounds to me like the coach was “Ben bashing.” At any rate, Brady and Manning might be statues, but they sure can read defenses and get rid of the ball in a hurry. Manning was getting rid of the ball in under 2 seconds on Monday night, and when he didn’t, he either was sacked or hit.
    Playground quarterbacking no longer is effective in today’s NFL. Not that it ever really was effective. Ad-libbing is what QBs do when they can’t read defenses. A helter-skelter QB sure is fun to watch, though…

  19. Having a rotation of offensive linemen is stupid. There isn’t even a logical argument in favor of such a dumb idea. The offensive offensive line will just get more offensive with this idiotic rotation idea, not better. Unless you’re already willing to throw away the whole season, then maybe it would be productive for the next year, but certainly no guarantee.

    And if Bell plays and at some point fumbles the ball, is Miss Prudence Tomlin going to pull him out of the game, for the REMAINDER of the game, (and possibly longer), as it seems to be his current way of reacting to a fumble, even when the back is hit hard and probably stunned at least? Absolutely nothing positive could be gained from this.

  20. recall10 says: Sep 28, 2013 2:30 PM

    Hold judgement until Bell on Field this weekend . Really want to see if o line can make openings for the run and take the pressure off Crash.


    Judgement day has arrived

    Steelers are, well…. they’re just not any good.

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