Steven Jackson isn’t going to rush himself back

Getty Images

Falcons running back Steven Jackson wants to get back as quickly as possible, but he isn’t going to rush himself.

In a personal blog titled “Pain, but no Panic,” Jackson said he has to be patient as he comes back from the hamstring strain that is expected to keep him out another few weeks.

For as physical a back as he was with the Rams, he was also remarkably durable (missing just two games the previous four seasons).

“I’m still new, and I’ve only really been able to participate in one game, so I have a lot of pressure on myself,” Jackson wrote, via Vaughan McClure of “I want to come in and make a huge impression on this team and on this city. So I’ve just been really focused on getting back healthy, and once I’m back on the field, being an impact player.

“But I have to be patient. That’s just part of being mature as a player. I know my body, and I have to make sure that I’m right. I don’t want to come back too soon, and just be an average guy on the football field. When I come back, I want to be 100 percent healthy and be the dynamic running back who can catch the ball, run between the tackles and do all the things that I’ve done.”

The 30-year-old back could have a solid break if he misses the next two games, coupled with an Oct. 13 bye week.