T.J. McDonald to IR-designated for return

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The Rams lost more than just a game last night.

They’re now without a promising rookie starter for at least half the season, after safety T.J. McDonald suffered a broken lower leg.

According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the third-round pick will not need surgery, and will be placed on injured reserve/designated for return, which will allow him to return in eight weeks.

They’ll promote practice squad safety Cody Davis to fill his spot on the 53-man roster, with Matt Giordano likely to step into the starting lineup.

7 responses to “T.J. McDonald to IR-designated for return

  1. Always excitement when Tim Giordano plays….he seems to wander into big turnovers, but inevitably gets matched up with and burned by speedy receivers….in nay case, you have to admire his ability to stay in the league; but playing him as a regular is scary…..

  2. don’t know what to think about Giordano but tj was doing ok at best his attempts to make the spectacular hit caused him to take bad angles hopefully he can sit at the coaches side on sunday and learn there is more to the game than just hard hits this is kind of like an eight week red shirt hopefully he gets back in time for a few more end of season games and he is ready for next year at full speed. meantime I root for the redskins to go 0-16 as the 1st overall pick could garner us a better 2014. GO RAMS!!

  3. Hope he comes back soon, it’s a shame for him so soon or at anytime. But, good news is Cody Davis is coming back. The ex Raider will be soon to take the back seat. Cody will be the starter in a couple of seasons anyway. The Rams need his heat seeking missile back there. Too bad they can’t get Austin Davis back, he’s been picked up by the Dolphins I hear. Can’t really tell, if it’s Bradford or the Coach. Maybe Sanchez is wanting his coordinator back. Either way, Bradford is going to be on a short leash.

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