Terrelle Pryor OK with taking another concussion exam Saturday

The Raiders are exercising prudence with quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

Though Pryor has been “cleared medically” after suffering a concussion Monday night at Denver and practiced on a limited basis on Friday, the club will examine him again on Saturday morning, Raiders head coach Dennis Allen said.

Pryor, who has started the first three games for Oakland, is listed as questionable for Sunday’s matchup with Washington.

Allen called the additional examination “a precautionary step” due to Pryor’s increased on-field activity on Friday, according to a transcript of the coach’s Friday press conference from the club.

“We want to get one more evaluation on him tomorrow to see how he responded,” Allen said. “But, he’s making a lot of progress.”

According to Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune, Pryor said he doesn’t mind taking another test.

“That just shows they take care of their players. I feel great, I feel fine,” Pryor said Friday, according to the Tribune.

13 responses to “Terrelle Pryor OK with taking another concussion exam Saturday

  1. Week 4 isn’t exactly a “do or die” moment for the Raiders, so they would be wise to sit this kid down for a week or so and make sure he is as close to 100% as possible before having him play. They have a very reliable backup, so Pryor probably wants to get back out there ASAP to avoid losing his job.

  2. I hope this quaterback lasts until he can fully develop his passing game and the GM assembles more talent around the team…

    On a side note I fear Washington will be the more desperate team for a W on Sunday and will pull ahead, but I hope I’m way wrong!

  3. whats good about this whole scenario is not only are the Raiders during all the right things that the NFL requires but Terrel Pryor is showingj hes hungry to play and lead this team..he could of got frustrated very easily with all the red tape they put him threw but it sounds like hes had good attitude and patience to get threw this..Raider Nation

  4. joetoronto says: Sep 28, 2013 10:54 AM

    As bad as it is, at least we’re not the Chargers.

    – – – –

    Ironic, isn’t it then, that the Chargers are more valuable than your Raiders. I guess, success in the eyes of a few fans, doesn’t translate into actual, tangible importance.

  5. @yourmomsnewfriend

    Is this how low trash talk has gotten?

    “At least we’re not the Chargers!”

    “Yeah, well….the Chargers are worth more money than the Raiders!”

  6. nuclearwarfare says: Sep 28, 2013 1:02 PM


    Is this how low trash talk has gotten?

    “At least we’re not the Chargers!”

    “Yeah, well….the Chargers are worth more money than the Raiders!”

    – – – –

    Actually, it’s just pointing out an incontrovertible fact. If the Raiders really were that compelling a commodity, then they wouldn’t be worth the least amount of money in the league. So, calling out the Chargers (as joecalgary seems only capable of doing) would seem either totally inept, or would qualify as very low trash talk. Get it? Not terribly complicated.

    I for one, am pulling for Pryor. The Raiders have been a tired old joke for too long. It would make me enjoy the games more if there was a real level of competition from EVERYONE in the West.

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