The grumbling begins regarding Brian Schottenheimer


The defense isn’t the only thing some Rams are disgusted with in St. Louis.

Before offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was hired by the Rams, he had become a pin cushion in New York.  After crash-landing on his feet when the Jets were ready to move on from him, Schottenheimer put in a solid effort last year for a team that generated a surprising record of 7-8-1.

This year, the Rams are surprisingly bad.  Per a league source, players on offense are starting to grumble privately about the coordinator.

In each game this year, the Rams have fallen behind by 10 or more points.  In one game — the opener against the Cardinals — St. Louis came back and won.

The Rams currently rank 30th in per-game production, with 301.8 yards per game.

With the Rams ready and willing to sign quarterback Sam Bradford to a long-term deal, someone has to take the fall if the losses continue to pile up.  Based on the noise currently coming from the locker room, that someone could be Schottenheimer.

83 responses to “The grumbling begins regarding Brian Schottenheimer

  1. How is it possible to keep Tavon Austin on the sideline as much as he was last night. Unreal. Worst OC in the league. No question about it.

  2. I wouldn’t re-sign Bradford just yet. What if the Rams lose the rest of their games this year? Then they can say screw him and get Bridgewater or Manziel. But what if they finish strong? Then they can re-sign him to a good contract (I don’t think the Rams would have to worry about him “testing the market” since QB needy teams will go to the draft).

    Just wait until the season ends.

  3. Of course Coach Schottenheimer is the problem. Just look at how great the Jets have been since dumping him.

  4. He’s doing a Schotty job. What did you expect? Thank goodness my Dolphins didn’t end up getting Fisher as their coach. He’s the most overrated coach in the NFL. Philbin is way better. Go FINS!

    And if Bradford knows what’s good for him, he’ll sign his contract extension tomorrow.

  5. OF COURSE! blame the coaches who are on the field executing the play!! Im not a rams or schottenheimer fan by the way. The rams players are not executing and SAM BRADFORD is the problem he is NOT A FRANCHISE qb and the news about the rams extending his contract are frankly good news for the rest of the NFC west. He looks scared in the pocket probably from his past injuries..

  6. What a shame the offense couldn’t score 36 points to make up for that wonderful Rams defense…

  7. If I’m Sam Bradford, I’m running to the table and signing that extension. He might be the most overrated QB in the league, and he’s coming off that bloated pre-rookie cap deal, so I’m sure the extension will be huge.

    Just remember, Bradford has never put up a season like Josh Freeman’s 2010 year, and St.Louis is running to the table to lock this guy up. Let Bradford play out the season, with Washington’s likely high first round pick going to the Rams, you might be able to pick an upgrade at a far better price.

  8. I really thought they were going to be much improved this year. The defense was poised to take the next step after a good showing last season.

    I just havent seen it thus far.

  9. Hey, remember that time you turned down an opportunity to interview with my Buffalo Bills for our head coaching vacancy just a few years ago, Brian? Thanks, much appreciated!

  10. On the one hand, Schotty is shoddy. On the other hand, how much is Bradford really going to benefit from yet another offensive coordinator? If you make the change, you had better do some serious research first and pick up a coordinator you will be keeping for more than just one or two seasons.

  11. when he had Bradford 2 step drop then throw along the sidelines on 3rd and freaking 1, I knew it was bad.

    all night, there were just flat out terrible play calls. I don’t think he is using that offense to its potential. never been a fan of the younger shotty.

  12. Schottenheimers offense is run based and play action passing. How do you run that kind of offense when you don’t have a running back? Biggest mistake was not replacing Steven Jackson. They need to call Detroit about mikel leshoure or New Orleans about Mark Ingram. Both of those guys are just collecting dust on the bench.

  13. Austin has been on the sideline b/c he’s been mostly bad. Too many drops. His 2 TDs against ATL were nice but both short, nothing special. St. Louis has no good WRs or RBs…. and that’s a big problem.

  14. Classic example of the NFL coaching “fraternity”. Gets hired by his dad as an “assistant” coach, and has been a member of the fraternity ever since.
    Brian has never been a good coach but always lands another job because he is in the fraternity. I can’t believe there are teams that actually float his name out for the HC job every year. Sometimes the right last name is literally worth it’s weight in gold, or in this case, dollars.

  15. Well he’s better than Tony Sporano, but that’s about as high a compliment as I can pay him as a Jets fan.

    So good to finally have an actual offensive coordinator in Marty.

  16. Schottenheimer has no business being a HC, then again, Fisher doesn’t really have much business being a head coach. But he yells a lot on the sideline so people seem to mistake that for being a good motivator

  17. The Rams lost Steven Jackson which impacted the Rams more than they were able to make up for in the draft and preseason. It’s a little early to be making predictions as we have all seen that intangibles come into play that the coaches can’t control. There is still time to get on track, although they could have paid Jackson and secured their blossoming team another year.

  18. I feel for you Rams fans with Shotty. He drove us Jets fans crazy, guy only called predictable slants and any play that was short of 10 yrds.

    ALMOST as bad of an OC as Sporano. Thank god we got Marty Morninwheg.

  19. In both cases, the teams were in denial about their QBs. The Jets finally gave up on Sanchez. At some point, the Rams will need to come to the realization that Bradford is a big part of the problem. I wonder how many offensive coordinators they’ll have to go through before finally seeing what’s apparent to everyone else. Hopefully for the sake of Rams fans, that happens before signing him to a new contract.

  20. The offensive play calling has been pretty abhorrent. The staff refuses to let Bradford play to his strengths in a hurry up offense. The execution falls on players (especially bad drops the past two games) but damn if those play calls weren’t pitiful. One more 5 yard hook route and I might puke.

  21. Brian will be let go and then hired by another team next year like it always is in the Coaching Fraternity. Only in the NFL can you be a horrible coach and keep getting hired because of your blood line.

  22. Fisher: he’s had 6 winning seasons out of 17 and some games. If he wasn’t fired by his owner, he’d still be doing his mediocre coaching act in TN. With his record and kicked to the curb, how does he have the nerve to insist on hiring his own GM?

    Well look, he hired the terrible Little Schotty (was it sympathy for also being run out of town?) and Greg Williams. Verdict is probably out on Les Snead but so far it’s hard to be impressed with his selections. How’s all that working out for you, Rams fans?

    Best possible outcome for The Dolphins was Fisher rejecting Steve Ross. And thank heavens for that! Paraphrasing that old Stones song: “You can’t always get what you what, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need!” And Miami did.

  23. And what I mean about Gilbride is just running the same thing over and over and over despite every indication that it does not work. I mean not a single adjustment. And I thought the Giants’ offensive line was the worst in the NFL?

  24. They are grumbling about the wrong coach. Fisher is overrated and it isn’t a surprise the Rams aren’t doing well – all you need to do is not fall for the latest, greatest, shiny little story and dig just a little deeper. Fisher has failed more times than he has succeeded in this league, even though he often had the talent on the team to do more. He can’t coach so his teams can’t win consistently enough.

  25. I do not have a horse in the race, but casually observe the absence of one Steven Jackson. Jackson WAS their offense and without a premier back to run the ball, Bradford seems human. As with many of the PREMIER backs, their offense simply is non existent, when they are hurt or sign somewhere else. Evidence last night..Gore got untracked…Kapernick has a good game.
    Shotty sucked with us, but I believe that he can be a good OC if he has the right pieces.

  26. Lots has happened in Jets Land since Schotty has left the fold, but without question, even if only by a little, the offense has gotten better. Now St. Louis is experiencing the same issues the Jets did- short, useless dink and dunk passing, mind boggling pre-snap shifts, and little to no scoring. One or two pre-scripted drives and then no ability to improvise mid-game. It’s him. He is the lowest common denominator.

  27. He made a dumb decision it playing Tavon more, but it’s not all his fault. At one point in the game Bradford completed only 1 out of 12 pass attempts, and the 49ers’ secondary is average. They need to let Bradford walk and sign someone in the off season or draft a qb.

  28. This is Jeff Fishers team and its his responsibility to win games. The Rams hired the dirtiest most worthless coach in the NFL. The only question left is will JF try to destroy another players career before he gets his walking papers again.

  29. I remember the same kind of talk going on under Jeff Fisher’s leadership back in 2002 when the Titans started out 1 and 4. Back then, fresh-faced defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz was labeled as the problem.

    Guess what, Rams fans? The Titans finished that game in the AFC Championship game and missed the Super Bowl by a fumble. Hang on, kids. This ride ain’t hardly over yet.

  30. Bradford has to be resigned so they can get his cap number down and get rid of him if they have to in next year or two. Bradford was last of megabuck rookie contracts and it has to be changed no matter how good he was playing.

  31. Shottenheimer’s problem is, is that the team looks like it practices about 4 special plays, and then is completely out of sync, and him out of ideas, when they get done using them.

    There seems to be no bread and butter plays that the Rams can consistently use to get what down and distance requires them to. It seems like its spitballing and a wing and a prayer after the 1st series.

  32. I am a huge fan of Sam Bradford for the following two reasons other then that he sucks.

    1. He stayed in school so Detroit would not draft him with the 1st overall pick, a win for Detroit they got a legitimate franchise QB with Stafford.

    2. By staying in school he was the next years 1st overall pick by the rams allowing Detroit to get Suh one of the top DT’s in the league.

    So Mr. Bradford this Lion fan thanks you for staying in school and getting picked up by the rams, I bet you wish you had Megatron to throw to.

  33. Not a fan of Schottenheimer, but worth noting their offensive problems go back WAY before he joined them. They were 6th in total offense in 2006…and haven’t finished above 23rd since then.

  34. I saw some really horrible throws last night. Can’t blame Shoddy for that. But no one was complaining a few weeks ago when Bradford threw for 400 yards. His inconsistency is the problem. He looks scared.

  35. How do these guys of no accomplishment keep getting rehired and rehired? The revolving door in the NFL is almost as lucrative as the one in MLB. Bomb out in one market, get hired at a better salary in another. Where can I sign up?

  36. azarkhan says: Sep 27, 2013 2:41 PM

    Of course Coach Schottenheimer is the problem. Just look at how great the Jets have been since dumping him.
    Not for nothing, and I hate the Jets, but they look much better now than at ANY TIME under Schotty.

  37. I was quietly wondering to myself earlier this week if Freeman could end up in St. Louis. He’s not much worse than Bradford and he costs a lot less. It’s not like the Rams need every ounce of performance for a SB push right now.

  38. You have to look to the head coach and why he wanted to hire such a coordinator with a conservative reputation. It’s why most teams are moving away from hiring defensive minded coaches when you have those guys willingly hiring the Mike Shulas, the Bill Musgraves, the Brian Schottenheimers, and Mike Sullivans of the world.

    None of them learned a thing from Bill Bellichick who has not only run the offense himself to great success in New England, but has changed with the times to allow his offense to push the envelope.

    His promoted defensive coaching bretheren don’t seem to have that same insight and think it’s still 1991.

  39. If rams have a different offensive coor they would be a better team. I think Jeff Fisher is a winner and they have the peices for a winning team there just the offense coor isn’t very good.

  40. “Schottenheimer put in a solid effort last year”

    …even tho his team failed to score an opening-quarter point in their last six games. Nice analysis, Florio.

  41. As a Ram’s fan let me break this mess down for you- we suck at everything! We have had one brightspot this year and that’s our rookie LB Alec Ogletree. Let’s start with the defense-Tim Walton was a horrible hire as DC. He has implimented a soft zone coverage that gives every wr plenty of room to make catches. Our corners also sometimes get burned on a deep route and there is zero over-the-top help from the safeties. Cortland Finnegan has stunk all year and will probably get released at the end of the year. Now onto the offense-Schotty needs to be canned as well. He is obsessed with running the most vanilla offense possible which is heavily predicated on the run game. Just a small problem with that-The Ram’s have NO running game so he is content on throwing dink and dunk passes even though he has 2 of the fasted wr’s in the game in Givens and Austin. Onto Bradford-I’m done making excuses to my friends about him. He shows no passion on the field and is a deer-in-the-headlights when he sees the slightest passrush which leads me to the O-line. They can’t block anyone and Jake Long is horribly overmatched most weeks. Finally for Mr.Fisher- Quit being stubborn about running the no huddle! Bradford is obviously most comfortable running it and it has proven to be pretty successful when they have ran it. If I’ve missed anything please feel free to chime in. That is all!

  42. I wouldn’t say surprising, they are one of the teams that were expected to not make the playoffs. They seem to be right on track with what I was expecting of them. But also I’m not a huge Sam Bradford fan. I think they need to worry about the future because as bad as it is now, they might be locking up a lot more money in Bradford soon and that could make things even trickier than they are today.

  43. I loved him when he was coaching for the Jets. All the man would do would call power running plays, a play action pass, and a quick slant. It would be like a youth football league offense out there. St Louis has no RB, and no power running game to make teams respect PA. Tavon has been disappointing, but hasn’t been getting a lot of PT. Braddy isn’t very good, but the defense doesn’t respect the run so the PA passes and slants don’t work like they should.

  44. Sorry, Rams fans. I got much respect for your history so this isn’t a homer kinda thing but…

    Sam Bradford is terrible.

    He’s a 70 million dollar quarterback who doesn’t make his teammates better. He should be exceptional by now. He has never once had a seriously dominant, “Sam Bradford has arrived!” game. He might never have it.

    Schottenheimer IS terrible but he doesn’t have a lot to work with at QB (and didn’t have anything to work with in Mark Sanchez either, but Sanchez’s requiem has been sung enough)

  45. Certainly everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    What is amazing is even many of those hundreds of thousands of us who have played organized football over the past 10 years have abandoned their basic understanding of how football works.

    In the Rams, Cardinals, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Pittsburgh and other under performing teams, the first place to fix is always the foundations – the offensive line and the defensive line.

    Where the Rams are concern, it is easy to see the offensive line is performing very, very low compared to last season. Even Peyton Manning would have an extremely difficult time executing any offense when the offensive line is not doing their basic jobs or run blocking or pass blocking.

    It all starts up front. Always have and always will. Blame those who under-perform. That’s the American way.

  46. The Rams would cement themselves as a prolonged pathetic franchise if they resign Bradford to another huge deal. Half his balls last night were lame ducks in the air. He’s got nothing other than maybe semi accurate short throws. Doesn’t help their braintrust couldn’t find an offensive playmaker if he punched them in the face. Decent TE but no RB, WR’s or O-line.

  47. Schottenheimer must be German for Scape Goat cause he was the scape goat for the NYJ and now in STL.

    Fischer might have the best pornstache on the planet but he his offense in Tennessee was consistently inconsistent.

  48. 3rd and one in the 49er game and he call for a long pass after driving down the field. What a dumb call He was hired because of Marty’s friendship with Fisher. Not because he’s a good co-ordinator. Find Cam Cameron and the Offense will be great.

  49. I don’t know what any Ram fan should have expected though. If you let Jeff Fisher stick around for 5 more years, he should get you into the playoffs by default at some point while his media buddies tell you how great of a coach he is. He went 7-9 last year, sounds like his 4-12 season is on tap this year, and then he can get you back to 8-8 for a couple of years before Seattle and SF start slowing down so he can pounce for an 11-5 type season to reaffirm how “good” of a coach he is. That is, if the Ram ownership would be as gracious as Bud Adams was to let him keep skating while everybody blames you for his underachievement.

  50. Not ready to bury Sam….yet.

    Considering he’s had multiple coordinators, poor talent around him and battling a brutal schedule thus far, he’s proven he’s not the problem

    The issues are:

    1) No running game. Its time for Zac Stacy – cant be any worse.

    2) Yes, Shotty…..unimaginative play calling, slow starts and a total misuse of Austin. This guy was a hot Head Coaching candidate last year?

    3) Defense.

    4) Penalties

    The talk around talk radio here in the Lou ( when not revolving about the 2013 WS Champion Cardinals ) is Mike Martz returning.

    After choking down vomit, I thought…….why not?

    I’d like to see that, actually.

    If Missouri fans want to see a improved team, go west!

  51. The offensive play calling has been pretty abhorrent. The staff refuses to let Bradford play to his strengths in a hurry up offense. The execution falls on players (especially bad drops the past two games) but damn if those play calls weren’t pitiful. One more 5 yard hook route and I might puke.


    Seems as if Bradford would be a better fit in Philly.

  52. “Of course Coach Schottenheimer is the problem. Just look at how great the Jets have been since dumping him.”

    Being better than Sparano does make you good.

  53. look the o c has been a JOKE. he got in on his dads name. Brian go back to college and build up some time as a qb coach and o c. Three things they shou ld be looking at? Okl or WV’s o c, bringing in a power back Hillis or a trade for Leshore from det? To run the power game fish wants and move courtland to fs and bringing in cb A Winfield as a fa on a one yr deal

  54. the rams dont look like the same team they were last year. shotty’s scheme fell apart because we don’t have a good running back, which pisses me off because daryl richardson showed some promise last year. also tim walton was a terrible hiring, after seeing his soft coverage schemes and all around terrible defense i wouldn’t have minded StL hiring rob ryan. people need to stop hating on Bradford dudes a good quarterback and given competent coaching he could be a beast.

  55. stl needs a rb to ride the power run game. two backs come to mind. M.Turner atl and P. Hillis TB. watching the game Thursday. Richardson is a good back. but he runs east west. and won’t cut back. if he was cutting back he’ld hit pay dirt. they are young and following their blockers even without holes. Its Turner otr Hillis or bust

  56. wearethesteelers says:Sep 27, 2013 2:38 PM

    The Rams are almost as pathetic as the Jags.

    You just don’t give up!
    Have you seen the Steelers record lately?

  57. Bradford is shot, in the same way that David Carr was from taking all that punishment and never having the chance to develop.

    Now look at him, cut from his cushy job of making $1.3 Million for holding the clipboard for Eli for all but 8 plays all season.

  58. Obviously Schotty is adopdted, even his father couldn’t come up with an offense this mundane. What a waist of draft picks, to be led by this offensive genius, lol. Most uncreative offense I have ever witnessed.

  59. Sam Bradford
    Weeks 1 – 0 sacks – QB Rating 100.7%
    Weeks 2 – 0 sacks – QB Rating 87.8%
    Weeks 3 – 6 sacks – QB Rating 80.2%
    Weeks 4 – 5 sacks – QB Rating 59.2%

    Its pretty obvious that if you Sam has been under a lot of pressure the last 2 weeks and that is the main reason for his bad performances.

    If your O-line plays as bad as they have, it won’t matter who is QB, RB or OC.

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