Tom Brady called Matt Cassel starting on Wednesday


Move over Rob Lowe.

There’s a new breaker of quarterback news.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady seemed to know Wednesday what was announced this morning, that Matt Cassel is starting for the Vikings instead of the injured Christian Ponder.

During a discussion of another of his former backups, Cleveland’s Brian Hoyer, Brady mentioned it casually.

“Yeah, we have a great relationship and a very close relationship,” Brady said, in comments distributed by the team. “The backup quarterback, there’s only been two of us, Brian and I at one time and now myself and Ryan Mallett. We have a great rapport. I’m friends with all those guys. Matt Cassel I talk to – he may be starting this weekend.

“Brian, we text back and forth and talk with him. It’s great to see him and it’s hard work really pays off and guys that stay at it and are mentally tough, always trying to do the right thing, like Brian has done, like Matt has done, like Ryan Mallett has done, it’s great when they finally get an opportunity to play.”

We anxiously look forward to more of his reporting.

16 responses to “Tom Brady called Matt Cassel starting on Wednesday

  1. *sigh*

    Good Job Tom, you are top notch. Thank you for this bit of information it helps us all set our fantasy line-ups because of it…

    Oh and by the way youre THE best thing since sliced bread…


  2. Wow, so Tom Brady is as smart as every one of us Viking fans. Speaking as one of those Viking fans, it’s not much of an accomplishment.

  3. Uh not really. He said Matt Cassel MAY be starting, which is what everyone who pays even a little bit of attention to football already knew. I’m going to ahead and break more news: the Vikings may win. Or they may not.

  4. Will be interesting to see if Mallett does become a starter somewhere. NE backups seem to do fairly well for themselves.

  5. Forcing Ponder to pretend he has an injury and trot out to a press conference on a Wednesday and say “Played through it, was fine, just got the news yesterday that it was an injury.” Have you ever heard of a player “getting the news” that he was injured? My goodness.

    Just make the QB change we all saw coming and move on. This was a totally gutless move by Spielman and Frazier. Even bush-league Schiano managed to handle his coaching change in a professional manner.

  6. Cassel obviously can’t carry a team, but he’s proven more than capable in a good offense.

    Watching his year of starting in NE I could see
    him get better as the season went along, then in KC the process seemed to reverse itself.

    Not sure what that was about.

  7. Stiff fine coming from the coach.

    Not the Patriot Way to be providing useful or interesting information of any type in a game week.

  8. Some people think that because Brady did not support Welker after he left for the Broncos that he wasn’t a guy who would go to bat for his teammates, current or former.

    But to see he support AND has confidence in guys like Hoyer and Cassel when no one else would proves otherwise. Especially given what Brady has accomplished in his career.

  9. Cassel has always had the ability to be a very good QB in this league…I remember in 2008 when Brady went down and Cassel stepped in; he played really well and there were some fans starting to talk about how Brady should be traded and Cassel should be the new starter (thank god that never happened)…Ponder was a huge reach for the Vikings and I think it was a wasted pick, but Cassel should be able to step in and do better with the weapons the Vikings have

  10. @blacknole,

    Brady was publicly mad when the Pats cut Lawyer Milloy in 03 and it basically taught him never to act that way again in public over losing a teammate. I bet you he loves Deion Branch almost as much as he does WW if not more and when the Pats messed up with Branch in 06, TB said nothing despite the fact he had the worst receiving options left in his career. I’m sure he hated losing WW but we as the public will never know if he screamed and hollered about it to BB or Mr Kraft or not.

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