Trevor Pryce: Ray Lewis wouldn’t have stopped the party

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It’s not just current Ravens who are rolling their eyes at Ray Lewis’ pontificating.

Former teammates who have also transitioned into the say-things-in-exchange-for-money phase of their careers also find him to be a bit of a gasbag.

Former Ravens defensive end Trevor Pryce, who now works for FOX Sports, said Lewis went too far suggesting the leadership void (i.e. the lack of him) contributed to Jacoby Jones reportedly getting cracked over the head with a bottle swung by a stripper named Sweet Pea.

“Here’s the thing about the Ray Lewis leadership thing, when you start telling the media that things would be fixed if you were there, that can be a little self-serving,” Pryce told Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “Once you read the narrative about yourself, that’s the narrative you’re going to stick with. God bless him, but they asked Ray that question knowing exactly what the answer will be.”

Pryce said the only surefire way to avoid getting brained by a stripper named Sweet Pea is to not go out where strippers named Sweet Pea might be congregating, and to avoid bottles of things that might be applied to your skull, internally or externally.

And to be honest, the fact they were on a party bus means none of them were driving, which implies some degree of responsibility, in a perverse sort of way.

“Well, the only way to avoid is to not have a party at all. It was a party, and it went wrong,” Pryce said. “That’s not a question of leadership. That’s what is making the current Ravens upset about it is because they’re saying, ‘We were going to have this party regardless if Ray was here or not.’

“That’s the disconnect between what’s real and what leadership is what [and] a leadership would do. . . .To me, this doesn’t show any leadership issue. It’s just one thing that happened and people found out about it, but it doesn’t mean the Ravens are all of a sudden out of control with Ray Lewis gone. Know what I’m saying?”

Most people seem to get that, at least people not named Ray Lewis, who can’t imagine an operation that lacks a certain degree of Ray Lewis being able to reach the sublime heights of Ray Lewis-dom.

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  1. I think since Ray was acquitted and magically became super duper religious right after that EVERYONE has been tired of his act. Heck of a football player, but the other stuff the media should of just steered clear of. Course now we are stuck with him having a mic permanently attached to his face because of it, but at least we can flip the channel to get away from it.

  2. Trevor Pryce is exactly right!

    As a Ravens and Ray Lewis fan, I’m quite disappointed Ray would make those statements about “leadership” when taken on its face this incident with Jacoby Jones was merely a “fracas” amongst (most likely) intoxicated individuals. This kinda thing happens to anyone who goes out to clubs/bars at night, regardless if you’re famous or not.

    Like mentioned above, they rented a bus and went partying. We can debate the merits of whether these guys should be out at 3am or not (they shouldn’t, at least not in DC!) but its definitely better they rented a bus instead of getting behind the wheel.

  3. Life long Ravens fan.

    Ray Lewis was the best in football when the D line was among the best. Which in Ray’s career was often.
    However; over the last few years he was down right slow and everyone who could ignore the press realized his play was more issue that all pro worthy.

    Next time you see one of Ray’s pre game rants on tape find any non-rookie who isn’t just waiting for the Ray lewis look at me show just to end.

    Ray wasn’t even a great leader when he was on the team…….but he sure thought he was.

    The Raven D was great because of the great players Oz brings in…….and the key players are still there.

  4. Ray Lewis is no leader.

    Leaders don’t hide and lie. They stand up and face the truth even when its the toughest.

    Ray Ray, fled away in his limo while two guys were left to die on the street, destroyed any evidence he could, and then lied to the police when questioned.

    To make matters worse, he has since lived his life like some chosen prophet from God. Not accepting his guilt but lying to himself, believing that God chose him to do glory through football. Like God cares about the pigskin.

    That’s no leader. That’s a coward.

  5. When talking heads talk for years how you provide leadership, and how the team will have a hard time replacing it, you tend to believe you provided leadership that the team will have a hard time replacing.

    Pryce is spot on. Always believed he was a well-grounded player during his time with the Ravens.

  6. Right on, Trevor. I like Ray, and I don’t think he did the stabbing – unless it was self-defense, but he should keep his mouth shut about this.

    I guess it was Testiverde’s fault (or whoever was the “team leader” at that time) that allowed Ray to go to Atlanta that night after the SB… because I’m sure Ray would have listened to Vinnie at that age!

  7. .Sure Ray, we know you have always had the power to stop your friends from doing the wrong thing. So if that holds true, who does that leave holding the bag?
    What’s next ESPN, Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson on the anchor desk? How about Aaron Hernandez doing color on college football? Go ahead ESPN, remember, the first two were “innocent” and the third is innocent until proven guilty. Ray actually plead guilty to something (obstruction of justice), so those three must be better than him, right!

  8. Some players should not be given the media spotlight, and Ray Lewis is definitely one of them. Pryce, OTOH, seems to have a very good feel for what is, and what is not, going on in the real world.

  9. “I think since Ray was acquitted…” – historyisyourfriend

    Ray wasn’t acquitted of anything. The guys that took the rap for his crime were the ones that were acquitted. Ray plead to a lesser charge. It astounds me how Ray’s image recovered so quickly. Sad statement on our society.

  10. Anyone else find it ironic that Ray Lewis now works for a Disney owned company when he was considered too much of a potential image problem to go to Disney after their first SB win?

    Now that some of his former teammates have publicly scoffed at his silly leadership statements with regards to the Jones incident, he was on that network this morning trying to cover his tracks a little (ie backtrack). Too funny.

    Pryce shoots it straight and I’ve long respected his opinions even when I don’t agree with him. This time, I do agree with him.

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