Brandon Weeden knows that “injuries suck”


Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden isn’t the first — and won’t be the last — NFL player to lose his spot in the starting lineup due to injury.

But Weeden is the latest to learn a valuable lesson about getting injured.

“Don’t get hurt,” Weeden said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “I don’t know how else to put it.  Injuries suck.  They happen.  Things happen for a reason and we’ll see how it plays out.”

How it could play out is that Weeden will lose his job to Brian Hoyer once Weeden is healthy.

“You know, at this point where we’re at, that’s out of my control,” Weeden said. “My focus is making sure this thumb continues to make the steps that allow me to get back and be 100 percent.  There’s no reason to rush back and get to where I’m not completely healthy, so my main goal is getting healthy and whenever I am, than I’ll sit down with [coach Rob Chudzinski] and we’ll go from there.”

Weeden seems to think that things may have gone differently for him if receiver Josh Gordon had been available for the first two weeks of the regular season.

“Obviously, having Josh back it was nice for Brian,” Weeden said.  “That’s a big weapon for him.  But I thought he played real well.”

Hoyer’s chances of keeping Weeden on the bench will be enhanced by having Gordon available.  Still, if the organization believed in Weeden, he’d get his job back when healthy.  Whether the receivers are Josh Gordon or Jeff Gordon or Gordon Gecko, current management in Cleveland wouldn’t have drafted Trent Richardson — and they wouldn’t have drafted Brandon Weeden.

And it’s just a matter of time before Weeden is playing somewhere else.  Or not playing somewhere else.

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  1. Attributing the fact Hoyer may supplant Weeden as due to “injuries” misses the mark.

    Yes, injury did play a role in getting Hoyer on the field as soon as he did – but Weeden wasn’t doing much on the field when he had his chance. If an NFL team assesses the performance of two players, the general tendency is to start the more effective baller.

    Hoyer had one inspiring performance – so let’s not get too jacked about things, but if it’s determined that he’s producing better than Weeden – he’ll presumably get the keys to the car … irrespective of how healthy Weeden is.

  2. As if he would have kept the starting job if he stayed healthy. And what exactly what had he accomplished to deserve the starting job anyway? He was handed the job last year with no competition. Had over a season to show what he could do. And it wasn’t particularly impressive. The new regime was already preparing to draft a new QB of the future next year anyway. If old man Weeden ever wants to start again, he’s going to actually have to earn it for a change.

  3. Is he even worthy of saying something “sucks”? This is what, the 12th qb Marvin Lewis has seen by the mistake by the lake? Just wait till Hoyer sees a real defense tomorrow

  4. ialwayswantedtobeabanker nailed it. 2 more weeks of Weeden looking like trash and a change would’ve been made anyways.

    brownsclown: your Lombardi hate is played…….soooooooo played. Get over it. Everybody else has.

  5. brownsclown says: Sep 28, 2013 8:58 PM

    What he will also learn is that his GM, Mike Lombardturd, sucks worse!

    Duhhhhh….why can’t Cleveland attract free agents, top-tier coaches, and highly qualified front office people?

    Seriously, “Lombardturd”. Good one. You must be middle of the pack in kiddygarten.

  6. Weeden played very well in the preseason, and everyone in Cleveland was saying how he truly looked like the starting QB. Weeden and Gordon truly looked like an emerging dynamic duo.

    Unfortunately, Gordon was suspended for two games for his purple drank, and Greg Little was his #1. Little now leads the league in drops. He was benched for the third game because of his poor play. Hoyer steps in with Gordon now healthy and Little on the sidelines. Hoyer played well, and Cleveland now thinks that Weeden deserves to sit the bench.

    Clevelanders are your prototypical Americans which can’t remember events that happened 5 minutes ago.

    Anyways, Hoyer did play well, and I hope he turns into a hidden gem. GO BROWNS!

  7. Tom Brady is finding ways to win in spite of his supporting cast. Good QBs do that. Weeden has had lots of time to show what he can do, and has not produced. Hoyer is not the answer, but he’s a decent short-term fix. Cleveland needs to get their QB in next year’s draft.

  8. I love the dolts claiming Brady finds a way to win despite his circumstances. Brady did not and could not have done that in his second year, also factor in he has a OC with a brain, hell people would complain if we had luck, he would struggle because we have a clown show that they call a coaching staff

  9. @edawg7l

    Hoyer beat a winless team in the last minute with Gordon playing while throwing 3 INT’s, and weeden with less talent lost to an undefeated Dolpins and a solid Ravens team so therefore Hoyer is the one to start and weeden has proven himself unworthy?

    I’m not seeing the logic in your argument.

    Anyways, GO BROWNS!

  10. Weeden holds the ball too long, has way too many batted down, and stares down his primary receiver. He also has no touch on his passes and can’t hit an open RB to save his life.

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