Cameron Wake questionable for Monday night

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The Dolphins’ defense may be without its best pass rusher against the high-powered Saints passing game on Monday night.

Miami defensive end Cameron Wake is listed as questionable on the Dolphins’ injury report with a knee injury. Wake is dealing with a sprained MCL.

Also questionable for the Dolphins are defensive tackle Paul Soliai, linebacker Koa Misi and linebacker Jonathan Freeny.

For the Saints, defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley and safety Roman Harper have already been ruled out. Players listed as questionable include running back Mark Ingram and receiver Lance Moore.

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  1. I’m a longtime Fins fan , but they were lucky as sin last week against Atlanta , and the Cinderella clock strikes Midnight Monday in New Orleans. I’m proud that they’ve improved by leaps and bounds this season , but I’m honestly not sure that any team in the NFL (other than maybe Denver) could win a prime time game in the Superdome against Sean Payton , Drew Brees and the Saints.

  2. It is not impossible, that is why they play the games. I am a homer so I am sticking with Miami 27 the Saints 26.

    GO MIAMI!!!

  3. Not sure I agree with craniator, but as a Saints fan I appreciate the compliment. Just to let you know, Miami is a respected team this year down in the Bayou. We know that this will be a hard fought battle.

  4. craniator says:Sep 28, 2013 5:17 PM

    I’m a longtime Fins fan , but they were lucky as sin last week against Atlanta

    I watched that game and I do not know where you say they were lucky as sin. They played a damn good game. They made plays when plays had to be made, bent but did not break on D and in the end put themselves in position to win the game. Thats not what I would call luck, that is a team learning how to win. There is a difference.
    As for the Saints game, can’t say I feel confident, but can say it will be interesting to see how they play in a spotlight game.

  5. craniator:
    I agree they will have a tough time. Especially with defensive injuries. But as a fan since 1970, I remember a no way they will win Monday night against the Bears, and they did. But they had Marino then. So I hope they play it close and if they can’t win then at least show the doubters last week was no accident.

  6. As a Saints fan, I don’t care if the fins were lucky or good against Atlanta. I’m just happy they beat the Falcons. I would, however, rather that the Fins weren’t quite as good Monday night. I’m sure Fins fans understand.

  7. I keep hearing folks say: ” How on Earth could Miami possibly have been considered lucky to beat Atlanta ?” , etc. Well being out gained by nearly 100 yards , having a substantial disadvantage in time of possession and trailing on the scoreboard for The Entire Game — other than the last 38 seconds is how I managed to arrive at that seemingly ridiculous opinion.

  8. craniator says:

    I’m a longtime Fins fan , but they were lucky as sin last week against Atlanta

    Not sure what part of the 13 play 75 yards drive was luck, heard this before but yet to hear why it was luck, was it the missed fg? Because simple addition will show dolphins still win, what part of that game was luck? Injuries? Both teams affected by injuries, what exactly was lucky about that win?

  9. Miami needs Tannehill to continue to grow. It should be a fantastic game and I’m excited to watch these unbeatens play on Monday night.

  10. Honestly I’m not confident either and I’m a long time phins fan. I remember that bears game..yes we don’t have Marino but I’ll tell you what I feel like the phins can battle big time with any team. Its going to be a dogfight….im looking forward to it!

  11. It’s too bad they will be without Cam Wake, but it’s silly to rush him. The rest of the defense will have to step up, they all make big money, so show up.
    Tannehill was great on the last plays of the game last week, there was nothing lucky about him making their way down the field to score. Where was the luck in that??? Atlanta didn’t stop them, did they???

  12. No. Atlanta didn’t stop the Dolphins on that last drive , but they did outgain them , out sack them , out possession time them , and until the final thirty eight seconds of the game , outscore them.
    It’s silly , in my humble opinion , to react so vehemently and with such venom just because someone points out: “Hey — you know , we were lucky to win that one because the other team played a pretty damn good football game and outplayed us in virtually category.” Sorry if it’s so hard for you guys to handle the truth. Nobody’s saying Tannehill wasn’t brilliant on that last drive , as well as during numerous other times during the game , only that regardless of his heroics , we were fortunate to come away with a “W”.

  13. Wake being out changes the whole complexity of this gameu…still Saints should only win by 3 or less. That promises a good game. I am hoping T-hill has a great game!

  14. Wake got hurt in the 1st series of play and didn’t come back in the Atlanta game. Big hit and fumble recovery that led to Hartlines tying TD score was big. No luck there. The final 75 yard drive to go ahead with :35 seconds left. No luck there. The interseption on Ryan to seal the game after being presured by the rookie Dion Jordan. No luck there. If all thats luck I’ll take it. Pro bowl nose tackle out, Cam Wake out, 1st string d back d. Patterson out. This team stepped up and made plays when they needed it most. Thats not easy and thats not luck.

  15. Considering that Wake was originally forecast to be out for several weeks, being questionable for Monday night is an upgrade IMO.

    In regards to luck, it is an element of every game. But considering that Miami in recent years was regularly on the losing end of games they should have statistically won, I will take the new twist every week.

  16. fan of neither but hoping to watch a good, close game.. Nice to read good comments and no garbage from trolls

    Its the south, if we did say something bad we would have to
    end it with “bless his heart:

  17. Yeah for sure this will be a great game to watch! I def. think the Fin’s will play well against the Saints! But at the same time I think in the end our offense is going to be a little to much for them to handle! WHO DAT WHO DAT BLACK AND GOLD ALL DAY SON!


  18. Straight up Saints should win this game. They are 6.5 pt favorites. But if the Pats lose sun. nite it will be fun to see if the Fins can match up to this red hot Saints team in their house on monday nite. Looking forward to these two nite games.

  19. Its a scary game as a Fins fan, but I think this team is ready for prime time. The Saints have a very high powered offense, and Jimmy Graham creates a match up nightmare; I’ll be happy if they hold him to 100 yards and a touchdown. With that said, we are finding ways to win the close ones, where that hasn’t been a trend in my 15+ years of fanship. Its an exciting time to be a Dolphins fan, I’ll say that much. Much respect to the Saints, but my money is on the upset.

  20. No one knows how a game is going to turn out. That’s why the game is played. All we can really do as fans or analysts is observe what has happened so far in the season, and make our best guesses based off of that. That being said, I am very confused about something. The Saints have beaten the Falcons (The same team the Dolphins beat last week). The Saints have then beaten the Cardinals and the Bucs. They barely got passed a struggling Bucs team and destroyed a very bad Cardinals team. The Dolphins have beaten the Browns (the easy one), the Colts (A very good team), and the Falcons (another good team). Why are the Dolphins considered the underdog in this game? Is it because it’s in New Orleans? It must be, because there is no other logical explanation.

  21. Some people still don’t understand that the only stat that matters in football is not yards, not time of possesion, it is POINTS SCORED. And the team with the most points scored at the end of the game wins the game regardless of any other stats. Also, the games are 60 minutes long, it doesn’t matter what the score was with 1 minute left in the fourth quarter, the only score that matters is the score when time runs out.

  22. The reason that the Saints are favored is because they have the #4 ranked defense overall.
    Look it up.
    A lot of people don’t realize that yet or don’t want to admit it after they talked so much trash on how much the defense was going to suck this year.
    It’s still early and things could change in a heartbeat for both teams.
    Miami seems to be playing some solid football but they’re no doubt enjoying taking teams by surprise.
    Meanwhile everyone is going to bring their “A” game to Payton and Brees regardless of their record last year.
    I hope it’s an exciting game but I can’t remember the last time the Saints lost at home on Monday night football.

  23. Crainiator, you claim to be a fan, but it seems like you are more of an instigator. “you keep hearing” ” sorry for us to hear the truth” ” How on earth”. Etc. Listen, the Fins have won 3 straight, 2 of which the “experts” said we would lose. Miami is a much better team than people want to believe simply becasue hating Miami had become fashionable. There is a win loss tie column, there is no column for should have lost or got lucky. The tone of your posts seems more like a Jet fan then a Dolphin fan. In my humble opinion.

  24. I agree with the comments about the fins catching some breaks in that ATL game. And I’m a fan.

    That being said, good teams win close games.
    If this game is close towards the end i’ll be happy even if they can’t win in NO against a resurgent Saints. Who would’ve thought the NFC South would have to worry about playing the AFC East and not the reverse?

    The biggest thing I’d like to see is Tannehill keep his eyes locked on Brees to pick up some experience and use him as an example. Fantastic football player.

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