Jerry Jones: I’m surprised we’re the favorite at San Diego


The NFL frowns upon discussions of point spreads. Everyone knows gambling on the NFL is a popular activity in American society, but NFL players, coaches, owners, officials and others around the league generally are encouraged not to say anything about the Vegas odds.

Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones, however, acknowledges that he looks at the point spreads. When the Cowboys lost to the Chiefs this season, Jones noted that their loss was expected, as the Chiefs were the favorites. And in a video on the Cowboys’ website previewing Sunday’s game against the Chargers, Jones notes that the Cowboys are favorites at San Diego.

“I’m surprised we’re the favorite, being on the road,” Jones said.

Still although Jones was expecting the Chargers to be the betting favorites, he said he likes the way the Cowboys have shown improvement this season.

“This team is getting better, and this team is better than the team we’ve had the last few years,” Jones said.

As the Cowboys keep getting better, it won’t be long before Jones isn’t surprised to see the Cowboys favored. Even on the road.