Jim Harbaugh says “more action” coming for Jon Baldwin


49ers wide receiver Jon Baldwin’s regular-season debut Thursday passed muster with coach Jim Harbaugh, who suggested the 2011 first-round pick could see increased playing time.

“There’ll be more action for him,” Harbaugh said Friday, according to remarks distributed by the club.

Baldwin caught both of the passes thrown his way in the 49ers’ 35-11 win at St. Louis on Thursday night, gaining 19 yards. He played 16 of the club’s 69 offensive snaps.

With rookie Quinton Patton out indefinitely with a broken foot, Baldwin and Kyle Williams could be the 49ers’ primary options to fill the spot opposite the consistent Anquan Boldin. Williams played 23 offensive snaps on Thursday night but was targeted just once in the passing game.

Harbaugh told reporters he likes Baldwin’s playing mentality.

“He’s got a competitive heart,” Harbaugh said.

Asked if this meant that Baldwin was especially excited to play for the first time this season, Harbaugh tried to explain how he spots a player’s competitive nature.

“I wouldn’t call it being amped up, but I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just something that you see,” Harbaugh said. “I guess a bird watcher knows the gist of a bird by just watching it fly. I feel like sometimes I got an eye for a competitive heart. I see it. I see it with Jon.”

And now, Baldwin will see the field more, it appears.

49 responses to “Jim Harbaugh says “more action” coming for Jon Baldwin

  1. Dosen’t mean much if you have a competitive fire if you can’t beat press coverage, catch the ball or run proper routes. What Harbaugh doesn’t say is more telling.

  2. logicalvoicesays says:
    Sep 28, 2013 9:47 AM
    Mediocre WRs. Clown HC. RG3Wannabe QB. The Niners need to be disbanded. #Frauds

    Nobody wants to be RG3, LMAO

  3. Logical, your just so silly. I do agree our wideouts are mediocre, but whats the excuse for your embarrassing team? Your defensive coach should be coaching highschool football. I stand by my prediction that your deadskins will be 2-8 by the time Niners get to embarrass your flag football team come november. What then? Are you going to blame it on the congress?

  4. Logical Nitwit says:

    RG 3 wannabee in Super Bowl but will never get there with clown owner who has wrecked a once proud organization Hail to Mediicrity

  5. Jon Baldwin is slow, just because the defense, against the lowly rams mind you, allowed the slowest WR in the league to get open doesn’t mean the next team will. On top of that Kap would have to somehow hit his target.

  6. jbaxt, who is your team? Are you a certain Redbird fans little brother? Another Seadderal fan waiting to pounce on a 49er article because nobody bothers with articles about a team up north that’s NEVER done anything?

  7. Baldwin has supreme physical talent. He could have signed a basketball scholarship with a few D1 schools as well. I got a good feeling about him. Learn under Anquan while he is there, young man. We need you to live up to your potential!

  8. I must I I find it amusing the number of Seahawks fans that troll Niner articles. There’s kind of an unspoken rule in sports: before you flap your lips and talk trash, your team needs to ACTUALLY WIN Something. Until then, The Niners will simply plug their ears with their Championship rings.

  9. I’m still waiting to see Chris Harper. Weren’t you guys gloating about “stealing” Seattle’s 4 rnd pick and how you were going to convert him into the next Delanie Walker? You niner fans are a joke.

  10. When the 49ers’ wide receivers Mario Manningham and Michael Crabtree both return along with wide receiver Anquan Boldin and along with tight end Vernon Davis they will see a different kind and that they will see a different type of San Francisco 49ers offense.

  11. No you are a joke wilsonwillbreaku….stop reading niner articles you loser. Only a dork like you would read niner articles. No niner fans are reading irrelevant Seahawks articles and replying to them. I know there are no relevant sport teams up there, mariners suck and never done anything, no hoops team, college teams suck….c’mon man get a life. Your a CLOSET NINER FAN. While you are claiming your 3 division titles, we are aiming to get in our 7th Super Bowl and winning our sixth. Know who needs to get a life. Go read your own teams articles and quit being a closet niner fan and reading ours…dork…lol

  12. @blackhawks 2010, the San Francisco 49ers are a physical smash mouth run first football along with their main primary running back Frank Gore. As you already know, that the 49ers have other good contributors at the running back position in general and for example their third year running back Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James, but LaMichael James is more of a special teams kind and that he is more of a special teams type of player that plays a big role. As you may already know, the 49ers are a running team. The reason as to why that 49ers offense struggled in Week 2 against the Seattle Seahawks when the 49ers were away in Seattle, Washington at Century Link Field, was due to the fact that the Seahawks played better defensively on both sides of the ball, by defending and by playing the 49ers’ running game first, and by defending the 49ers pass well. The San Francisco 49ers offensive line couldn’t get no blocking up front because of the Seattle Seahawks good front seven. In Week 3 at Candle Stick Park, in San Francisco, California when the San Francisco 49ers had faced and that when that they had played against the road-visiting Indianapolis Colts, they had straight man-handled the 49ers by doing what the 49ers do best, they stopped the 49ers’ run game. They had ran the ball well with their running back Ahmad Bradshaw and that their offensive did an excellent job blocking up front and that they was able to create and that they was able to get penetration to open up big huge gaps, open holes, lanes, spaces, and windows that their two running backs can run through. They did an excellent job stopping the 49ers’ running game. The Colts also was successful with their play-action passing and a play-action bootleg running with their quarterback Andrew Luck when they were in the red zone during the game. The 49ers’ secondary are suspect and that they are weak, and that they felt and that they depend heavily on their pass rush. So therefore, and with that being said, and not to make any kind, and not to make any type of excuses for the 49ers, but let the truth be told and that this is coming from a true 49ers’ fan common sense will tell anyone that a team can’t win one-dimensional. You will have to be able to miss it up. All 32 NFL teams have key players that are injured, but we will have to play through that until they return. I don’t want to use injuries as an excuse. We had just got flat out manhandled, and that I will be the first 49ers’ fan to say it. Lol!

  13. Hopefully Harbaugh and G-Ro learned their collective lessons NOT to get away from the core of that team which is smash mouth running.

    Kaepernick looked solid in the game and made good throws. I’ve stated since getting Baldwin that if the kid can produce 35-45 catches for around 500 yards he was a steal. Jenkins JUST caught his first ever as a NFL receiver in a regular season. By that mark the trade was already a 200% increase in production compared to Jenkins!

  14. questfor6 says: Sep 28, 2013 11:45 AM

    Are the Seahawks still in the AFC?? Oh wait…who cares!


    Well, the 9ers should care since they got pasted by the Seahawks last time they played.

    Also, the Seahawks are leading the NFC West in front of the 9ers. So if you have any other stupid questions please ler me know.

  15. the only way JB will see more action is if his fiance hasn’t moved to SF yet and she will arrive this weekend. DUDE CANT CATCH IN TRAFFIC OR BLOCK.

  16. arrowdead says:
    Sep 28, 2013 12:59 PM
    the only way JB will see more action is if his fiance hasn’t moved to SF yet and she will arrive this weekend. DUDE CANT CATCH IN TRAFFIC OR BLOCK.


    We often forget that players are human. And every player no matter what is different. To say that KC had an abysmal work environment the previous 2 years goes without saying. I know Baldwin’s background but the catches he made on Thursday night were gritty catches. His first one was caught with a guy nearly draped all over him. I was actually impressed.

    I’m not dillusional like some (or many) of my fellow 49er fans but the 49ers have one a championship coaching staff, a qb that can get him the ball and the mentoring of Q-Boldin. Catching the ball can be improved. Vernon Davis used to be horrible catching the ball and now has turned into a very reliable threat.

    Naturally I want to see Baldwin progress since our receiving corp is decimated. But if Crabree can come back late in the season along with Manningham in mid-season……and a possible growth from Baldwin….I’d be pleased with that.

  17. No more stupid questions youdouch or whatever your name is…just one legit question…WHY ARE YOU READING AND REPLYING TO NINER ARTICLES? Great you beat us at your joke of a loud stadium…congrats. Again, act like you’ve been there before…darn, that’s right you have not been there before, you just became somewhat relevant lately. Your better than that hawk fans…

  18. Some of you seahawks fans are hilarious. Yes your team owns the niners on your homefield. Yes, the past two times you guys smashed us again “at your homefield” . Season is only 1/4 of the way through. Don’t talk too much trash, you haven’t won anything yet, it’s still September. Obviously you guys must be worried about something being you have to comment on niner articles. Worry about winning away from that hell hole then talk

  19. I have to agree. It’s comical, now, that Seahawk fans believe their last two beat downs on the 49ers, both at home not coincidentally, doesn’t speak loud enough. Which has to make a person wonder ‘why’?

    After some rumination it occurred to me that Seahawk fans genuinely have an inferiority complex. Even in the beaming light of a straight up beat down in front of a national audience….’hawk fans still feel it necessary to make incessant quibbles. And therein is how you’re minimizing and not bolstering your win. Nobody needs to be convinced at this point of the season that the Hawks are certainly tops in the NFC West and top 5 in the NFL (win convincingly on the road a couple times and that’ll change to 1 or 2).

    But it’s September….

    …and we all know that Century Link Field doesn’t come with you on the road. So just beware of that inferiority complex….it becomes glaringly obvious amongst fans who support a city that has faithfully won nothing in any sport…ever.

  20. Exactly serkeljerks, funny how some criticize kap at that field but I dont recall wilson doing much of anything in that game. Their defense is to be respected and when they start winning on the road consistently then maybe they can chirp a little more but again, its September seriously.

  21. @jbaxt: The knock against Baldwin wasn’t so much that he was slow as that he dropped a lot of passes. And being particularly fast helps, but it’s not always necessary… depending on what your other assets are. Anquan Boldin, for example, isn’t particularly fast. But he runs great routes, has phenomenal hands, and is probably the best in the game at using his body to block out defenders.

    Baldwin was a number one draft pick because of his potential. Sometimes players just all of a sudden develop. It was that way with Vernon Davis, if you’ll remember. Singletary benched him.. essentially for his immaturity and lack of commitment. Once he changed that, he became a force to be reckoned-with.

    I don’t know if Baldwin is going to work out… but I trust Harbaugh. Like him or not, his coaching record is superb… and he clearly knows what he is doing.

  22. For the Love of god seahawk fans need to stay off the Niners articles all of you have a secret crush on the Niners. For the record your team is not good on the road they are exposed consistently Wait till December when the Niners have Crabtree and manningham AND when it matters toward the end of the season.

  23. As long as Baldwin keeps catching passes, he’ll keep getting targeted. It’s not like the Niners have a whole boat-load of options at this point. And you can never tell. Sometimes bad players just suddenly develop. It was five years before Terry Bradshaw had more touchdowns than interceptions or passed for over 50%. But once the light came on, he went on to win four super bowls. Sure the Steelers finally put a good team around him…. but you can say the same about Baldwin. He’s finally working with a good team and a QB that can throw with reasonable accuracy.

    Mt attitude is wait and see at this point. So far, Harbaugh has been right a lot more than wrong.

  24. @Wilson,

    If you like maybe Pete Carroll can come to San Francisco and maybe Harbaugh can convert him into a head coach that doesn’t choke in the postseason. You see, Russell Wilson can run around that noisy stadium of yours until Hell freezes over but when he gets direction from that bungling head coach of yours in the postseason he’ll be watching the Super Bowl from a Seattle restaurant. Or have you forgotten Atlanta?

  25. logicalvoicesays says:
    Sep 28, 2013 9:47 AM
    Mediocre WRs. Clown HC. RG3Wannabe QB. The Niners need to be disbanded. #Frauds

    Nobody wants to be RG3, LMAO


    @logical your a funny dude

  26. I find it amusing that Niners fans attempt to take the higher ground and criticize Seahawks fans for posting on Niners articles, whereas, Niners fans have lived on Seahawks boards all year trash talking. Until…they got terrorized by Seattle again.

    Bottom line, Seattle has a better team and it’s clear and apparent thru the head to head play. Niners have taken a step backward and now, the fans need to be prepared to get what they deserved. Quit being so sensitive Niners nation….

  27. Your always going to have obnoxious fans that troll each other. I know at the end of the day the bottom line is seahawks haven’t won the divsion, unless the season ended today. Again, talk when you win on the road and at San Francisco..

  28. questfor6 says: Sep 28, 2013 2:00 PM

    No more stupid questions youdouch or whatever your name is…just one legit question…WHY ARE YOU READING AND REPLYING TO NINER ARTICLES? Great you beat us at your joke of a loud stadium…congrats. Again, act like you’ve been there before…darn, that’s right you have not been there before, you just became somewhat relevant lately. Your better than that hawk fans…
    Well I have one “legit question” for you…..ARE YOU STILL SENSITIVE ABOUT THAT CURB STOMPING THE 9ERS TOOK?
    See everyone can use capital letters…………….

  29. @genewashington

    First off, every niner fan in the world collectively crapped themselves simultaneously when Wilson brought Seattle back in that ATL game. For 31 seconds you prayed for a Matt Ryan miracle. Not one of you wanted to see Seattle in the title game. And secondly, you were choking in the SB like the Christmas critters from South Park were having their way with you before the lights “mysteriously” went out. And how did that game turn out for you??? Huh?

    (crickets chirping)

  30. Oh you mean the same crickets sound that came from Seattle when you were hoping atlanta would complete the comeback in the NFC championship against the niners and instead the Niners went to the superbowl despite the beatdown seattle gave them? Yup, I know what your talking about.

  31. Um, I wasn’t crapping myself because I know Pete Carroll is 3-4 in the postseason and I knew he would choke again. Just as he will gag again this year.

    Chirp chirp.

  32. @ydousuk,

    I have a question. Will Pete Carrol ever get over .500 in the postseason? Three teams, numerous chokes and bungles (does Atlanta still hurt?). Take your time.

  33. Hey Wilsonwilljacku, quit sniveling over your loss to Atlanta. We handled the same team on their turf, something your midget QB couldn’t do. It sounds like you have this pent up frustration which I understand. If I was a lifelong Seahawks fan that never won a title I might feel the same. The one thing I wouldn’t do though is troll niner articles hourly like the geek you are. I can tell you never played contact sports….meanwhile enjoying watching the Stanford cardinal beat up on another irrelevant Washington team. LOL

  34. KraperNoob has a top ten WR in Boldin and he still can’t beat Alex Smith on ALL QB STATS even though Alex Smith was supposedly a lesser QB and had to go to a new team but is now 4-0 and KraperNoob can’t carry the team over .500 at 2-2 after 4 games, a quarter of the season done.

    And the real funny thing is Alex Smith has more rushing yards than Krapernoob right now, something Krapernoob was suppose to excel at lol rofl LMAO!!!

    Furthermore, KraperNoob CAN’T even sustain drives like Alex Smith, and he still has to rely and ride on the backs of the Defense and Gore to beat a even more inept team in the Lambs lol rofl LMAO!!!

    Over rated over hyped choke artist is a JOKE lol!!!

    And he’s MAD at twitter fans telling him the honest truth that he fails?
    lol rofl lmao what a SAD JOKE…

  35. Well Kaperchoke, you’re an intelligent dolt aren’t you?

    Alex was a 1st overall Pick that still can’t throw a 20-yd out route.

    Kaep is playing his first full season as the starter this year.
    And, lets’ not forget he got to the SB with less than a dozen starts.
    In this game you take a win wherever you can get one.

    Keep rofl lyao.
    I understand your condition can be treatable.
    Win something other than QB stats thru 4 weeks.

    Alex will net SF 2 excellent Draft Picks for his contributions to KC.
    Hope he continues to do well.
    I’ll take Kaep for his higher ceiling.

    Every QB in the league relies on his Defense to win.

    Get a clue KapDork.

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