Nate Burleson describes chain of events that led to accident

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As Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson described it Friday, a series of little events led to the Tuesday morning auto accident that left him with a broken arm.

Burleson, who’s out indefinitely, told reporters that he was briefly distracted just before the incident.

“Hopped on the freeway and multitasking. I’ll be honest with you,” Burleson said, according to Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. “I’m the king of that. Well, I was.

“Plugging in my phone, reaching for something and I had some pizzas sitting in my passenger’s seat. They started to slide. Hand full of pizza.

“Once I looked up, I felt I was close to a vehicle, tried to correct the car, overcorrected it and boom, right into the center median.”

Burleson, per the Free Press, said he will return this season. Though he didn’t put a timetable on his return, he said it would be “sooner than I think a lot of people expect.”

Burleson, 32, has caught 19 passes for 239 yards in Detroit’s first three games. Entering Week Four, he was pace for about 101 catches and 1,275 yards, both of which would have been career-highs.

With Burleson out indefinitely, third-year pro Kris Durham is now listed as the starter opposite of Calvin Johnson at wide receiver.

Finally, for the record, Burleson told reporters his driving habits will change.

“I don’t want to sound like a public-service announcement, but like I said, I usually multitask a lot when I’m driving. And I’ve heard it all before: ‘Don’t do it.’ But, yeah, that’ll be the last time that I do anything,” Burleson said, per the Free Press.

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  1. Was it Buddy’s pizza? If so, the accident is understandable. If some garbage like Little Ceasars or Dominos – Shame on you Nate!

    For those of you who have had Buddy’s pizza, you know what I am saying. If you haven’t, you don’t know what you are missing.

  2. Accidents happen. I would like to see Nate do a public service spot – he’s in a position where people will listen, so tell the story. It just may help others.

  3. I worked at Buddys Pizza for a year. The pizza is definitely good and idk if im biased because i was able to eat it so much but i think Jets square is better. 😡

  4. Because he chose to “multitask” he jeopardized everyones lives on that road. Selfish, irresponsible, and should have his license taken away. When in the car, SIT DOWN THAT DAMN PHONE! You aint that important.

  5. I’m usually critical of Burleson constantly flapping his gums, but this time his statements can actually do some good.

  6. “Hopped on the freeway and multitasking. I’ll be honest with you,” Burleson said, according to Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. “I’m the king of that. Well, I was.


    This is code for “I was sending text messages.”

  7. I know a lot of people harp on drinking and driving (rightfully so) and were suspicious about the claim that alcohol wasn’t involved in this, but this really goes to show that texting, eating, managing you ipod or whatever are just as dangerous when behind the wheel. I know those activities seem more innocuous than having a few beers and driving, but it’s just as much a threat to the safety of yourself and others.

    And for the record, he said it was Happy’s Pizza in Bloomfield Hills.

  8. He wasn’t texting. He was plugging in his charger and the pizza’s started to slide so he wrecked. Big deal. Quit acting like you all drive with two hands on the wheel 100% of the time and quit trying to make it a horrible crime when it was just an accident. True he was distracted and owned up to it. Story over.

  9. my public service announcement is that making pizza is pretty easy and a lot cheaper than going out to buy one, especially if you’re taking it back home anyway. Yeast, water, flour and oil and you have your dough, you can freeze dough you don’t use, then the cost of toppings is usually $2-3 bucks or less, depending on how fancy you’re getting.

  10. Yo’ smartypants…. do you really think Burleson is going to admit that his use of the phone caused the accident?!?

  11. I got in a crash while instant messaging 4 years ago on a snowy highway. Luckily nobody was hurt but I learned a lesson big time. Not worth it obviously.

  12. Sorry but you are wrong. Broyles is starting in the slot and Durham is starting opposite Calvin. And i’m sorry but over compensating into a center median for a pizza to boot, is just nuts! Delivery Nate, delivery…Oh when will the craziness be done with the Lions?

  13. purpleguy says: Sep 28, 2013 2:42 PM

    I’m usually critical of Burleson constantly flapping his gums, but this time his statements can actually do some good.

    Calling the kettle black applies here. The big difference being Burleson is an NFL player but you’re nothing more than a lavender Larry toad who erroneously believes his opinions matter.

  14. @the smart1, No one drives with 2 hands on the wheel anymore. Its more comfortable to drive with your dominant hand at 12 or 4 or 8(depending on if you are lefty or righty)and our other hand free. At least from my experience.

  15. Let me see here gb4mno, it’s hard to dumb my response and intelligence down to your cheeser level, but lets at least try and give it a shot. You are posting an opinion on PFT using the pot calling the kettle black analogy because I posted an opinion on PFT — isn’t that it? Precisely who is the pot and who is black here? So does that, in turn, mean your post erroneously assumes anyone gives a crap about what you say? Not only that, the exact point was that an NFL player who talks to the media all the time SHOULD use that position to make his opinions actually matter. Maybe you should go back to making it your life’s goal to be the best NFL fan in the world.

  16. Was he charged? That’s a reckless driving ticket where I live.

    I guess the NFL umbrella helped him out.

  17. Too many people do the same thing Nate did, multitask while driving because they’ve gone years without conflict doing it. I bet a quite a few people on here do it too but won’t confess. Anyways as people forget it’s kind of the same being unprotected when dealing with intercourse, all it takes is that one moment and you’re in a crash/caught something.

    Don’t get complacent people, it is dangerous.

  18. No purplegay I don’t assume and I could care less if anyone gives a crap about what I say. My sole reason for posting is to grate on high minded, noodle brained lavender Larry toads. So how does it feel to be in error again while simultaneously getting played?

  19. gb4mn0, why do you have to go with “gay” as a put down? Show some class and get your point across without playing the 2nd grade game of name calling. Besides sounded like a little kid, using “gay” in that manner makes you come across as ignorant which leads to your writing having no credibility.

  20. All that activity is legal in your car, but heaven forbid you hit a button on a particluar electronic device. Now, if you want to use a shaver, or a hair curler, or an etch a sketch—have at it, but just don’t text.

    Stupid laws by stupid people that react stupidly. Where is common sense in this country? You just don’t do things that could cause you to crash, at times that you could crash. We have somehow managed to handle the car radio for 75 years without being “Saved” by laws.

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