Cardinals come back to ruin Mike Glennon’s debut


The Buccaneers defense put the team in position to win its first game of the year, but rookie quarterback Mike Glennon wasn’t able to take them home.

Glennon was picked off by Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson deep in Tampa territory in the fourth quarter, setting up a Larry Fitzgerald touchdown that tied the score at 10. Jeff Demps, playing his first NFL game, took the ensuing kickoff out from nine yards deep in the end zone and got tackled at the 10-yard line. Glennon was sacked on third down, leading to a punt from the end zone that Peterson returned to the Tampa 38-yard line.

Carson Palmer hit Jaron Brown for 19 yards and Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson picked up yet another personal foul for hitting him while he was defenseless to put the Cardinals into field goal range. Jay Feely made a 27-yard field goal with 1:29 left to play. The Bucs tried to drive to tie or win, but Peterson picked Glennon again to ice the game.

The rookie was 24-of-43 for 193 yards and a touchdown to go with the two picks, but he was just 9-of-19 in the second half as the Bucs failed to extend their 10-0 halftime lead. The defense played well enough to win, but late errors cost Tampa the victory. New quarterback, same old story.

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  1. Tough loss for the Bucs. But after the controversy over the last week+, there were definitely positives in this game to build on.

  2. I called it when TB benched Freeman for Glennon . . . he is not the answer. In fact, he played worse than Freeman!

    I am so frustrated that TB’s offense can’t do anything. These are professionals, right? It is inexplicable that every team in the league actually knows how to run and pass with consistency, except TB. I bet TB would lose to JAC; no chance against PHI in two weeks . . . .


  3. Yeez, and I traveling from Colombia to see this guys for first time against Philly -when I bought the ticket it sounded like a good idea- I don’t know who else to blame now, at least before we have Freeman as the escape goat, I mean losing against that terrible Carlson Palmer team? Yeez

  4. Yeez, and I’m traveling from Colombia to see this guys for first time against Philly -when I bought the ticket it sounded like a good idea- I don’t know who else to blame, at least before we have Freeman as the escape goat-, losing against that terrible Carlson Palmer team, this one hurts like hell

  5. Glennon isn’t the answer. This Offense sucks, the O line sucks, The receivers seem lazy like they don’t want to catch the ball it looks like they are not trying. The coach is using Doug Martin to much, that spells injury. Dave wannstad is gonna be the interm head coach when they fire Schiano.

  6. I am going to say this now–this team is so bad they will be the first to lose in their Bye Week. They will become the first team in history to be 0-17. Terrible, terrible, terrible. If there is one bright spot–it is the defense–for three-quarters. WTH is the DC thinking in the fourth–week after week? Really? Ugh. Is it May yet? I am ready to see how they screw the draft. I’ve said this since Gruden was fired. Time for the Glazers to sell this team to someone who has a clue and wants to win again.

  7. That was two games in one. The first had the Cardinals not even attempt a throw to Fitzgerald in the first half while punting 6 times with three turnovers on their first 9 possessions. Then came the 4th quarter.

    I’m not a Bucs fan but if I were, I’d be rethinking the Greg Schiano hiring. That was some brutal game “management” in the 4th.

  8. As a Ram fan I am wondering if any Buc fans would like to do a Team Swap for a week or two? At least we wont have to watch the same guys making the same mistakes over and over again.

  9. I think Shiano could be a good coach, but I doubt this team will win any games this year and he’ll be out.

    Probably Lovie Smith is next, but I would prefer Norv Turner.

  10. With this years schedule I don’t see the bucs wining any of the games. There isn’t gonna be anyone in the Stadium? Us the fans should bankrupt the Owners. We have the power

  11. When you can’t beat the Cards you have a bad team…very little talent, bad coaching and penalties cost them the game… As a Card fan they were ripe for the picking.. Levi Brown, Robin Sendelin et all OL were brutal again . Put a decent line in front of Glennon and he will be fine

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