Del Rio could land at USC


The Broncos have dealt with plenty of distractions this year on the defensive side of the ball.  Another one could be coming.

Gil Brandt of NFL Network and SiriusXM NFL Radio, a 30-year executive with the Cowboys, has reiterated his belief that Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio will be the next coach at USC.

When Pete Carroll made the jump to Seattle in early 2010, Del Rio’s name emerged as a possible replacement.  After being coy initially, the former USC standout eventually stayed with the Jaguars.

If he’s interested this time (and if he gets the job), the question becomes when he’d leave Denver.  Former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis split time between Foxborough and South Bend nine years ago, finishing the job of a Super Bowl run before fully exiting for Notre Dame.

If the Broncos make a Super Bowl run, that’s too long for USC to wait for Del Rio.  At a minimum, he’ll have to put one foot in each boat.  At worst, a defense that has gotten by without Elvis Dumervil, Von Miller, and Champ Bailey may have to also get by, eventually, without Del Rio.

It may not matter.  Unless Peyton Manning becomes the next coach at USC, the Broncos don’t seem to be poised to stumble.

At least until January, where they stumbled last season.  And where, in all fairness, Peyton has stumbled often.