Freeman wants out of Tampa now

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Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman has refused to talk generally to Tampa reporters since he was relegated to No. 2 for Mike Glennon.

But Freeman has been talking selectively to members of the national media.  Most recently, Freeman has told Jay Glazer of FOX that Freeman wants to be traded or released now.

A trade will be difficult, given that Freeman is due, after today, to still make $6.44 million for the balance of the year.  Unless the Bucs eat some of the money (or a lot of the money), only a catastrophic injury to a starter for a contending team will result in a deal being done.

One factor working against a release is the reality that, if the Bucs cut Freeman, the departure of Freeman won’t be a factor in the compensatory draft pick formula for 2015.  If his contract expires and he leaves as a free agent, Freeman’s exit will be included in the convoluted balancing of free agents who leave and free agents who arrive.

Glazer says the union could soon be getting involved, but there’s only so much the union can do.  Seven guys per week are paid to not play.  As long as they don’t send Freeman home or otherwise lock him out of the building, the Bucs have the discretion to include him each week in the seven inactive players.

Freeman has the discretion to make it clear he wants out.  Which puts the player and the team on a collision course for an ugly separation that will happen at some point before March of 2014.

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  1. I’m generally a pro-union guy, but why on earth would the union get involved in this? So a guy on the team isn’t starting the rest of the year unless there is an injury…Neither are most of the other guys on the team. Freeman is just getting paid a lot to watch.

  2. How about teaching Glennon how not play in the NFL. Be the bigger man Josh. You had your chance, now take someone under your wings and teach. Could be one of the best moves in your life. Josh is probably never going to start for any team unless injuries occur.

  3. They need to either trade him for at least a 3rd rounder, or keep him through the season and at least get a comp pick next year. To release him now would constitute utter idiocy. Or maybe just fire that clown coach of theirs and try to mend fences with freeman. It’s pretty evident that the coach is the problem and needs to go.

  4. I think compensatory draft picks are great for the league and they help keep parity in the NFL. Freeman isn’t going to get a top shelf comp pick anyway so that should not be a reason to keep him

  5. Sounds like to me that both sides are being terrible about this but Freeman is just being a baby needs to man up its not like he’s not getting paid to sit on his couch right now 99% of America would be happy to take his place

  6. Schiano may be a horrible boss who somehow has it in for Freeman, but he is the boss. Freeman gave Schiano all the ammo he needed to demote and inactivate him by missing meetings, pouting, bad mouthing the coach in front of everyone, etc.

  7. Best thing he could do is keep his mouth shut and hope Glennon gets hurt. Nobody is going to sign him for more than the league minimum, If he is going to be a malcontent as well he may have to go to Canada.

  8. It’s bad news for him that teams are apparently doing homework on him.

    What they’ll find is a quarterback who isn’t terrible, just not very good.
    His best year is behind him.

    And, given his apparent disdain for extra work and preparation, he’s not going to look like the answer to anyone.

  9. Schiano may not be the best coach out there but he’s getting a lot of heat over this clown Freeman. Saw his 1 on 1 interview on espn the other day and couldn’t help but think that this dude is delusional as hell and thinks hes a hell of a lot better than he really is. Freeman got too comfortable with Raheem (a players coach) at the helm and now he just seems like hes spoiled.

  10. Has there ever been a less self-aware QB? That 27 TD season was years ago, Josh. Schiano is a moron, but Freeman’s alleged partying ways aren’t going to get him picked up to be anybody’s starter. Once NFL teams start digging, they’ll figure out that Freeman might have some serious problems.

  11. No problem, give up the rest of your money and they will gladly release you, until then shut your trap and collect your pay check, they gave you every opportunity to keep your job…..

  12. This was handled poorly by both sides. Schiano started the demolition of Freeman’s trade value and Freeman is now finishing it. They’re stuck with each other until the Bucs can release him outright without eating his salary. I wonder if they can claim breach of contract if he keeps missing meetings.

  13. He WAS a captain and was removed, along with missing the team picture, The TEAM PICTURE for god’s sake. These are just two of the things that are fueling the whispered rumors about him. Add his performance AND contract and that makes him both unattractive and risky for any team contemplating a run at him.

  14. 6.4 million is a lot to pay even considering the compensatory angle. Aren’t those generally extra third round or below picks? Most guys at that level are not even receiving contracts worth 6.4 million so seems a lot of money to pay just for an extra low level pick.

  15. He’s a cancer, not T.O..

    T.O. could at least play and be productive.

    Who’d a thunk that Freeman went from prodigy to Jamarcus Russell’s protege in such short time.

  16. I have always believed in Josh Freeman’s potential. He has been in 4 systems in 5 years and none have been worth a damn. Greg Schiano has done nothing but tear Freeman down, upset some very good veterans, and destroy any hopes of a winning season. He is a small college coach at best, and has no business coaching adults. Run this clown out of town during the bye week and have a real coach take over the team. Dave Wannestadt is a hell of a coach and he is already in place. Otherwise, 0-16 is a very real possibility.

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