Giants’ special teams faltering at Kansas City


The Giants’ season-long issues in the kicking game have arisen yet again on Sunday in Kansas City.

With the Giants trailing just 10-7 late in the third quarter, the Chiefs’ Dexter McCluster broke free for an 89-yard punt return touchdown. It’s the second punt return score the Giants have surrendered in four games this season.

The Giants’ special teams struggles didn’t stop there. In the final moments of the first half, placekicker Josh Brown missed a 44-yard field goal that would have evened the score at 10.

Finally, the Giants committed an illegal formation foul for putting seven players on one of the line on a fourth-quarter Kansas City field goal attempt, giving the Chiefs a first down.

The Giants trail 17-7 in the fourth quarter. Should they fall to 0-4, their special teams’ woes would have had a material role in their continued slide.

7 responses to “Giants’ special teams faltering at Kansas City

  1. Simply put Jerry Reese hasnt assembled a good team. They are playing hard and losing badly. Nothing the coaches can do, this falls squarely on the GMs shoulders

  2. @logicalvoicesays, how can you say that the Giants are an embarrassment to the NFC East? The WHOLE NFC East is an embarrassment.

  3. We have entered the realm of maximum futility. We could not be a worse team with what we have to play with. The mid 70’s were terrible but we had a terrible team with low expectations. The Ray Handley era was like an organizational acid trip at the Vince Lombardi rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike – did it really happen and was it as awful as we think it was? The Dave Brown, Kent Graham, Danny Kennel trifecta was a nightmare – Brown alone should have cost every job in the house. But this is relatively high expectations crashing against monumental failure. We need to take a year or two and rebuild the offensive line as priority number one. We need a legit street fighter RB as a #1 and Wilson may be electric as a change of pace. We have to become a top running team to give Eli another shot in the next 4-5 years. That means give the gold watch and punk slip to Gilbride and this run-and-shoot nonsense. Yes, it’s been magic in 2-minute drills over the last 6 years but generally the run-and-shoot is a philosophical failure going back to Jack Pardee. This offense sucks. And that suckiness is filtering into every park of this team. penalties, special teams fiascos, we cant stop teams when it counts, we look weak. Every offensive drive for us end up in3rd and 13 except the ones that end up 3rd and 19. My kingdom for Rodney Hampton running behind Bob Kratch. I tip my hat to this coaching staff and love the run we’ve had but this is obviously the end of the road for this 3 wide, single back, everyone’s in motion, every play action looks ridiculous, no beef on the OLine chapter for our offense… even if it takes a year or two to clean up this putrid mess. If the Cough-Medicine has indeed earned another year because of the rings then clean some house at the coordinator level and let’s get tough again. Jerry Reese is to held accountable so he has to fix this. Unlike the three other desperate and insecure teams in our division, we can take a breath and correct the course. Lets do that and win another ring in the next few years.

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