Michael Vick: Chip Kelly told me to be the catalyst to turn it around

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The Eagles are on a three-game losing streak and were destroyed by the Broncos today, so something needs to change. And Eagles coach Chip Kelly says quarterback Michael Vick is the one who needs to lead the way.

Vick said after the game that he and Kelly talked about how they can turn their fortunes around, and Kelly challenged Vick to be the one to do it.

“We just had a conversation that got me going,” Vick said, via CSNPhilly.com. “He just told me I’m the catalyst for everything, and guys feed off me. Sometimes, I forget about that. But at the same time, I understand that I’ve got to be a leader that God put me on the Earth to be.”

Although Kelly replaced Vick with Nick Foles late in the loss to the Broncos, Kelly said after the game that there is no quarterback controversy and that Vick is the starter. In fact, Kelly said Vick played very well, considering how much pressure he was under.

“I thought he threw the ball very accurately,” Kelly said. “I do know this — I know we’ve got to get it addressed — we’ve got to protect him better. We’ve got times when he’s on top of his drop and sticking his foot in the ground and there’s pressure on him, and that’s not on Mike. I thought he put the ball in real good places. I thought he kept the ball going with his legs, and I thought Mike played very well.”

Now Kelly is hoping Vick can inspire his teammates to play very well, something they haven’t done since the first half of Week One.

62 responses to “Michael Vick: Chip Kelly told me to be the catalyst to turn it around

  1. If the Eagles want to turn it around… they need two things:

    1) michael vick’s retirement

    2) a real quarterback

  2. Have you heard this joke???

    A guy with a 56% completion percentage walks into a bar and fumbles the ball…

  3. Newsflash, Kelly–it’s not the offense that needs to step up here. It’s that god-awful defense that Andy Reid left you that needs to be fixed.

    In spite of their record, and their lackluster showing today, they’re still a Top-5 offense.

    If Kelly was smart, he’d bring in Brian Dawkins as a defensive consultant, sign Kerry Rhodes tomorrow, and spend 80+% of next year’s draft picks on defense.

  4. Chip Kelly’s offense doesn’t belong in the league. The NFL isn’t about gimmicky offense, it’s about running the ball, time of possession, and good stout defense. These three things intrinsically play well together. They have arguably the best running back, use him properly!

  5. Andy Reid is a vet coach, he couldn’t make Vick work. Frankly, it’s amazing the Eagles have a top 10 Offense with Vick.

    They need to move on.

  6. oh really? one would think Vick is capable of “being the catalyst to turning things around” he might have applied some of that football acumen to his game play–he is no better than he has ever been–which in the overall median of QBs is just below average. Chip Kelly needs to focus on strategy, match ups and putting people in successful positions to win–instead of cute mind games, trying to keep everyone guessing, music mixes and hocus pocus nutrition schemes.

  7. Vick was throwing a solid game. People can hate but he was delivering the ball. There was no separation for much if the game and a handful of drops. The team is terrible and as good as the offense has been, they’re missing Maclin like crazy.

  8. He has installed a great offense, but without an suitable defense then his great offense is non-existent to teams with a great denfense.

  9. It wasn’t Vick’s fault they lost, the just couldn’t keep up with the Bronco’s offence, but who can blame him at the moment I don’t think no one in the NFL comes close to this offence

  10. Our Offense is pretty good..that defense though is awful but then again since JJ died the Eagles haven’t had a defense so I can’t really get mad. The team has been looking and trying different formulas but it isn’t the players as much as it is the coach. Old school guys like JJ are one of a kind and it’ll be a while before somebody can take that role, if ever.

    I miss that tough sob.

  11. I had the misfortune of watching the game today and all I can say that this wasn’t his (Vick’s) fault. Dropped passes and poor line play. Boy they miss Maclin. And what the hell happened to Celek? – Trade for Britt now!

  12. Defense Wins……Period!!!! Now that I’ve gotten that outta the way……..How about Vick played a very efficient and patient game. He didn’t take any unnecessary risks and did the best he can with what he’s given. Let’s be honest, they are missing J.Maclin so much it isn’t even funny. Riley Cooper might as well not even be out there as ineffective as he is. I would give the Titans a call since they’re ready to part ways with Kenny Britt and see if he couldn’t be had for like a 6th or 7th rounder. They need somebody that can get open, D.Jax gets jammed a lot at the line of scrimmage, Celek drops way too many catchable passes, and Avant is M.I.A. like Cooper. No one should over react to losing to the Broncos, they simply are in the zone right now. The way the NFC lEast is looking everybody is still in the race, Dallas is 2-2 with a meeting with these very same Broncos this coming week. The defense played a lot better last week. Special teams and defense is the Eagles achilles heel. Blaming Vick for the loss is simply a cop out.

  13. Catalyst eh? Perhaps coach K. is not familiar with the definition of this word catalyst…catastrophe is perhaps the word coach meant to use?

  14. the no huddle offense can work if used right, however, Kelly is making some mistakes with it. one of them was clear vs. the Chargers when he scored too fast with a poor defense that he has and then the 2nd problem was today. you dont want to score too fast and put Peyton Manning back on the field. As for Vick, he’s perfect for Kelly’s offense if he stays healthy and doesnt turn it over, but i do think that next year, the Eagles should get a young QB who fits Kelly’s offense. i dont know if they will pick high enough (if he comes out) to get Mariota, but a mobile QB like Manziel or even a Logan Thomas would be good fits for Kelly, but that defense has to improve if the Eagles want to be a really good team.

  15. The defense that Andy Reid left? I didn’t realize he signed Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher, Patrick Chung, Isaac Sopaga, and Connor Barwin.

    I must have missed that…good thing we have Howie Roseman to get us the best players!

  16. The switch to o3-4 is now officially over….back to a 4-3 and hire a real DC….this was pathetic

    To all those people calling for the benching of Vick…your football acumen is lousy as hell or you really just on this post to bash Vick……Either way your hate is showing….

  17. Well, I’m on the pessimistic side because the Defense is so awful.

    But I have to say, The division standings right now are:

    -Cowboys: 2-2
    -Eagles: 1-3
    -Redskins: 1-3
    -Giants: 0-4

    The Birds aren’t out of the running yet for a Playoff spot.

    The whole division is weak as Darren McFadden, after a decade of being the best division in Football.

  18. Good thing for them that they play in the horrible NFC East. Amazingly, they’re just one game out of first place after the Cowboys predictably got destroyed by a bad Charger team and the Redskins barely could get by the sorry Raiders. First team to 7-9.

  19. Chip needs to learn this is not college n e more, who goes for 2 when you score the first TD of the game, hurry up offense at all times when your D needs rest and isn’t playing good, it’s about time of posession.

  20. I think Chip Kelly is a good a football coach, I also think he needs to learn that this isn’t college and he doesn’t have the recruits he had in Oregon. He will be back in college in no time. You can’t run a fast pace offense giving the ball back to QBs like Manning. They will kill you.

  21. The defense was the problem for this game, but what some of you don’t seem to realize or understand is, Vick’s led offense only scored 13 points, so even if the D did well, they would have had to be near perfect to win. Everyone keeps saying that the O is still top 5, but the yards they are putting up are meaningless. It doesn’t matter how many yards you have if you can’t score, and the last 2 games, they haven’t been scoring. The offense is becoming a problem. Sure, the defense is the biggest problem, but stop acting like it is the only problem. Vick is not a leader and never will be. That is a joke. Vick has been digressing like he always does, and that is why Chip has said something to him. And stop blaming the O-line or the WRs for Vick’s bad performances…… It has been 10 years worth of excuses for this bum. Move on, he will never be the great new weapon at QB that everyone was hoping for. He is a bum. This team is rebuilding, and everyone knew it. The loss doesn’t hurt. What hurts is, we are wasting a year trying to either find out if one of our young QBs are the future or we are trying to win with this “better option” in Vick and ruin our draft position to draft the future.

  22. Vick is playing well. The D is not. Only twice did he hold the ball too long. However, using Brice Brown & Polk on Screen passes more often would be great. Red Zone scoring is horrible. They need a solid number 2 receiver to go to when DJax is being keyed on. The only thing the Eagles have to do is win Divisional games and make some adjustments….this team will make the playoffs. Write it down.

  23. people are forgetting kelly has a roster full of players that were selected by andy reid not by chip kelly. two things are hurting the eagles the macklin injury and defense.

  24. Hey chip, start by playing some defense. It’s almost impossible for any qb to put up 53.

    But i hear Eagles fans sayings:
    At least were not the Steelers

  25. Blaming Vick for the Eagles problems is stupid. Kelly was right in his post game presser, they aren’t protecting Vick. The flip side is even when they did protect Vick, none of his receivers were open or they dropped the ball. On top of that, you have a God awful defense that couldn’t stop a high school team but Kelly pushing the offense to go faster. Well Chip, going faster on offense means putting your crappy defense out there more, letting the opposing team score more and putting more pressure on the offense. The only thing I’d do to the offense is get another real receiver because Reilly Cooper is worthless (except in the red zone) but there isn’t anyone else on the roster to take his place. The Eagles should give Tennessee a call and throw them a low round draft pick for Kenny Britt. Yeah, he’s a bit of a headache but he’d be a low risk-high reward guy for the rest of the season and defenses couldn’t zero in on D-Jax the whole game.

  26. treesloth16, hate to rain on you’re old school mentality, but the high flying, offense that rolled all over the Iggles last night was developed by Manning after playing the Patriots last year, who instituted it after BB consulted with…. wait for it….. Oregon coach Chip Kelly. the Eagles problem is not the offense.

    As for using Shady McCoy correctly, Shady is off to the best start of his career. I’m willing to bet he is not complaining.

    Somebody, has got to rescue the defense though. I’m a Seahawks fan, but it’s painful watching the Iggles play defense now adays.

  27. doctorrustbelt says:
    Sep 29, 2013 10:43 PM
    michael vick probably thinks a catalyst is a guy who kills cats.

    Nice one, sir.

    One of my favorite posts ever.

  28. When it comes to Michael Vick, Chip Kelly would be well advised to remember these famous words–“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  29. mike vick is playing well but to say he’s the one to turn it around I don’t think so…. yo chip you need to slow down a bit with the D you have because it seems like you have some good offensive plays that you can run at a regular tempo allah Seattle & San Francisco, you need a better secondary and 3 to 4 more fast wide receivers a nose tackle, and a couple linebackers that can actually play a 3~4 and people think replacing vick will fix all this smh

  30. As bad a pro QB as Vick is (and he is – he will always make too many poor decisions against good teams), the Eagles could win a lot of games with him if they had any sort of decent defense at all.

    Their defense is horrible right now. Vick can’t change that.

  31. Look at all the Vick defenders. Hardly anyone is willing to call Vick what he is. Vick is a below average QB and always has been.

    If anyone needs proof of that, look at his stats. Stats like Mike Vick has put up over his career are not “good”. If those stats had someone elses name on them, everyone would be wondering how a player of that caliber made a career starting games in the NFL.

    Until Chip realizes his most pressing need is at the QB position, the Eagles will not go very far. Blame the D if you want, but that whole team is not good enough to win much, and with that talent of offense, they should be winning games. Can’t win games with an offense when the weakest link is your QB.

  32. This is the worst defense they have had in my lifetime. I guess Sean McDermott doesn’t seem to be that bad of a “D” coordinator considering what the defense has looked like since he was fired by Big Red.

  33. Nothing Vick does will make any difference at all. The Eagles do not have one quality NFL player on defense. Last year’s 1st round pick can’t play, the 2nd round pick is a special teamer, not a starter. Ryans and Cole are shot. They do not have a nose tackle. There is nobody at all in the secondary who can even be adequate. The Eagles are two fully defense oriented drafts away from being anything more than an embarrassment.

  34. The Broncos would have won anyway, but it doesn’t hurt when you have the officials on your side. Totally bogus pass interference call which allowed Peyton to break the game wide open.

    A very similar occurrence happened in game one. Things that make you go, “Hmmmm…..”

  35. mcjon22 says:
    Sep 29, 2013 10:31 PM
    If Kelly was smart, he’d tank for Bridgewater.

    This team is going nowhere, and Mike Vick at this point in his career is nothing but a dead end.


    Kelly is smart, he’s sticking with Vick to tank for Bridgewater.

  36. Eagles “so-called fans”. Stop blaming “Reid” for the fact that you have a college coach who needs to go back to USC and forget the NFL. He’s out of his “league”. All we heard in Philly last week was how “this offense” was so good, it would keep it close and even “beat” the “so-so” defense in Denver – LOL…this offense could only beat bottom feeder teams (DC). And the offense is the “best” part of this team? Face it, blaming AR only looks pathetic looking up at Big Red from the bottom of the pile.

  37. I expected the Eagles to open up 0 – 5, based upon a defense lacking talent. Now I think they’ll roll off some wins against the Bucs, Giants and Raiders. I think they could win the next five straight, at which point, everyone will be in love with Vick and Kelly again. However, without more talent, and appropriately drafted players on the defense, they will not win any playoff games if they somehow win a horrible NFC East. Judge Chip after three seasons.

  38. Will the Michael Vick apologist stop please. The man couldn’t make a decision in less than four seconds if his life depended on it.
    Chip Kelly will be gone after this season. He will realize he has no defense and no quarterback and get out of town quick. He will probably wind up replacing the other Kelly at Notre Dame.

  39. People can stop blaming the D. That Defense is on the feild too long because the Offense can’t stay on the feild long enough. It is that simple, unless you are big Mike Vick fan, then it is everyone elses fault but Mike Vick’s..lol

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