Munchak says Locker’s hip didn’t appear to be dislocated


There’s no official diagnosis on Titans quarterback Jake Locker’s right hip yet, but coach Mike Munchak said after Tennessee’s 38-13 win on Sunday that Locker’s hip did not appear to be dislocated.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that the Titans coach said that the initial look at the injury didn’t show that the hip had popped out.

Munchak said Locker went to the hospital for evaluation, not any kind of emergency surgery after being carted off the field in the third quarter. The Titans have further clarified that it was for an MRI. Locker was hit by Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson and then banged into defensive end Quinton Coples as he twisted awkwardly to the turf.

“He was upset. It’s emotional,” Munchak said when asked about the quarterback’s condition after the injury.

Updates should come at some point in the next day or two, but it still looks like a good bet that Ryan Fitzpatrick will be trying to lead the Titans to a 4-1 record next weekend.

15 responses to “Munchak says Locker’s hip didn’t appear to be dislocated

  1. bo jackson dislocated his hip trying to break the tackle not landing on it… the force he ran with tore the hip out of the socket

  2. I was at that game that Bo Jackson got injured on. He was in stride when he got tackled and his leg locked, causing his hip to dislocate. It was painful just to watch because it was obvious that he was injured.

  3. that sucks, he was finally to where I thought “hey, he looks like he is going to be pretty good, maybe a younger alex smith”…then….yeah.

    not a good week for it either, as Fitzpatrick will have to face a hungry KC D

  4. Locker was acting like he was an all pro during the game…didn’t show any respect to Jets on side lines.


  5. This is sad as he really seemed to be finding his stride. As a titans fan I hope he is ‘ok’ and this doesn’t turn out like it did for Bo.

    Titans better than I thought this year. Verner, my personal fave, continues to impress. How he almost didn’t make the first team I have no idea.

  6. Just watched Sunday Nite Football’s half time show.

    They didn’t cover the game at all, much less report on Locker. Didn’t even give the score.

    No respect. Irrelevant.

    You would think that since the Jets were involved they would show something.

  7. I bet Jets Defensive End Muhammad Wilkerson gets fined for his hit on Titans Quarterback Jake Locker for leading with his helmet into the QB’s chest.

    QB Jake Locker coming into this season needed to improve his poise and accuracy who he did very well with an off season of hard work, getting the Titans tied for 1st place in the AFC South a quarter way through the season, and gets unlucky enough to get hit in a manner that could cause injury.

    NFL teams need a martial arts instructor have them practice ways to position the body to fall safely. I had a martial instructor teach me that in a class I had. Hey you never know what could help. I hope Locker’s injury isn’t that as serious as first thought.

  8. cmdrsmooth

    He was playing like an all pro. And what did you expect him to do to/for the Jets on the sidelines? Shine their shoes? Make them some coffee? They’re his opponent. He doesn’t owe them jack!

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