NFL will commence review of latest Goldson hit tomorrow morning


Two weeks ago, the NFL suspended Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson for his then-latest illegal hit on a defenseless receiver. The suspension was reduced on appeal to a $100,000 fine.

Today, Goldson delivered another illegal hit to a defenseless receiver. Another suspension could be coming, and this time it could stick.

Per a league source, Merton Hanks will commence a review of the hit on Monday morning.

“The player is well aware that he is a repeat offender,” the source said, pointing out that the latest hit definitely was a foul.

The Bucs are off this week, allowing the process a bit more time to unfold.  They return to action in Week Six against the Eagles.

A suspension nevertheless could be announced as soon as Monday, and the appeal process presumably would be pursued immediately.

During NBC’s Football Night in America, Peter King of predicted that, if the NFL concludes that the hit involved an opponent’s helmet, Goldson will be suspended — and it will stick this time on appeal.

46 responses to “NFL will commence review of latest Goldson hit tomorrow morning

  1. If the league penalizes him for this hit combined with how bad the Bucs are playing, I might just turn to other things on Sundays this season. The play was clean, all of the commentators calling for Goldson to get fined/suspended have no clue. This play doesn’t draw a flag on the high school or college level. What a joke.

  2. There is no way they come out positively from a PR standpoint.

    If they suspend him or fine him they look to support tackle-free football where the receivers are mandated a hassle-free attempt at a catch.

    If the suspension gets overturned, they look like they are picking on one player.

    If they just fine him then that shows no comprehension of progressive discipline.

    If they do nothing, they admit that the officials were over-zealous on a critical play late in a game and that could deter legitimate flags in the future.

    This scenario was brought about by their own lack of foresight and stupid application of the rules.

    Bottom line: That hit has long been considered good football and STILL SHOULD BE.

  3. Any morons complaining about this bother to watch the play? Of course not.

    Clean hit trying to knock the ball loose, didn’t make contact with the head or lead with his head. Was a shoulder to chest hit, period.

    The Cards got screwed with clean hits called for PFs early in the game, this was a make-up call at best, a targeting of Goldson at worst.

    This isn’t football anymore.

  4. The play they will review was a clean hit. on the other hand there was a play earlier that was an inexcusable dirty hit. If they review them both, he will be suspended and fined.

  5. Didn’t see the hit in question this time but his suspect coverage and stuff like this is exactly why the 49ers didn’t overpay him. It wasn’t hate we were just being honest in saying no big loss. In the meantime Reid has proven an upgrade even as a rookie

  6. Schiano is terrible coach…This team is starting to look like the NFCs version of jaguars…can you say 0-16

  7. I’m so tired of the sissification of the NFL.
    It wasn’t so many years ago that the media would have been slobbering over him as a “hitter”.

    It’s tackle football. There will be violent hits.
    Get over it.

  8. I can’t comment because I haven’t seen the replay, but I will say that 2 years after its been enforced in the “new era” most fans and even announcers don’t understand the rule, which is embarrassing. You can’t hit the receiver while he’s in the air, period. It has literally nothing to do with leading with helmet, forearm, shoulder pad, or whether or not he launches. Im not saying I agree with the rule, but its the rule. Ive begun to just accept it, others should probably do the same.

  9. And “defenseless receiver” extends beyond just being in the air, too. If he hasnt had the opportunity to turn and make a move upfield yet, he’s technically defenseless in the league’s eyes. Again, i think its an inherently bogus rule, but it IS the rule. Dont blame the officials. I also dont think every single hit that draws a flag should result in a fine. Seems like overkill to fine a guy for pushing him a step too late out of bounds.

  10. this will be my last year of sunday ticket this is not the style of football that made me a fan 37 years ago, im done not allowed to hit anyone on the offense it is just sad

  11. To make sure they are identified, QB’s and receivers must wear ballet tutu’s.

    Don’t jump to conclusions because It was Goldson.

  12. I am going cancel the rest of this years nfl package also. so sick of this girly game. could u imagine in boxing if rhey had rules that said you can’t hit a guy until he is ready. stand up people before the nfl is reduced to soccer ratings.

  13. The NFL has helped create it’s own problem by tilting all the rules to the offense. If defenders had more of a chance to slow down receivers with their hands it would make passing less attractive. It would slow down the speed of the game overall and naturally reverse the over reliance on the passing back to more running.

    Bottom line is when you have all these receivers running free at full speed 2/3rds of the plays you are going to get tons of head shots. Allow the defenders more leeway to slow the WRs down and bring the run/pass ratio more into balance.

  14. Pretty soon players are going to have a buzzer to press once a guy makes a catch. Then a referee is going to march out and ask the defensive player a trivia question. For every second it takes him until he answers correctly, the receiver will be given an extra yard. If both players are okay with it, a thumb war will be accepted as well.

  15. goldson hits hard. and all you idiots can hate on that. His hits are clean and he is not a dirty player. Just a damn good hitter. refs need to stop.

  16. The NFL has gotten so soft, I wouldn’t be surprised if in ten yrs it will be a non contact sport using flags instead of tackle

  17. cmdrsmooth says:
    Sep 29, 2013 9:58 PM
    Ban him for as long as player he hurts his out.
    OK … The player never missed a play. DID YOU EVEN SEE THE FREAKIN’ PLAY????????

  18. I watched 10 hours of FB. I saw some flags come out that seriously made me wonder WTH these guys are thinking???

    Does Goodell realize he is losing fans yet?? It is going downhill fast…I saw 2 flags today where the WR was fighting for yards, still not down, and players got flags for “personal fouls” for coming in on the tackle….unreal.

  19. Yes the bucs are 0-4 but so are the steelers and giants. At least when the bucs lose its in the last minute of the game, not by halftime like the 2 other teams I mentioned.

  20. Whereas it is hard to determine intent, if a player tries to lead with their shoulder they should get the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise, I have no issue with suspensions and large fines.

  21. If they have to suspend him, then do it. But seriously, guess what? You can get hit ANYWHERE and it can seriously injure you and kill you. Can’t hit high now. Soon it won’t be low because of ACL, MCL, etc injuries that could “cripple” someone. wait can’t hit in middle either then. Spleen, spine, hip, rib cage injury. And again the NFL ignores the fact of what the problem is. It’s not the hits being delivered. It’s the fact the rules have forced teams to go almost “all-in” on the passing game. Which means WRs, TE, and QB’s will do whatever it takes, putting themselves into a position of getting injured. Fine him, suspend him, do whatever. Common sense has completely escaped our humanity now.

    Just make it 2 hand touch in injury-free bubbles.

    Then we can have scores of 178 – 105. Won’t that be interesting to watch. SMH

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