Report: Del Rio won’t leave Broncos during season


From the moment Southern Cal left Lane Kiffin on the curb, Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio was one of the first names mentioned as a possible replacement.

While he might eventually take the job, it won’t be soon.

According to Joan Niesen of the Denver Post, Del Rio won’t leave the Broncos during the 2013 season.

Del Rio’s contract in Denver runs through February, which would ostensibly allow the former Trojans linebacker to go back to campus then, but it appears the Broncos want to make sure everyone knows he’s focused on his day job for now.

6 responses to “Report: Del Rio won’t leave Broncos during season

  1. Hue Jackson for USC coach 2014. Has USC ties as a former OC and recruit, is from the neighborhood and went to Dorsey High, will be an excellent recruiter who can relate to the social media generation of recruits. Former OC for Cal, where they were a highly ranked offense. Turned Raiders offense into a top 5 running team the 2 years he was there, with back to back 8-8 seasons, after he was let go Oakland went back to 4-12. Was the Ravens QB coach, integral in the early development of Joe Flacco, the man is a teacher of football. Currently assistant Head Coach for the Bengals, who have turned around in just his second season on the staff there. Look for Hue’s name to start popping up here. Has a great name in coaching circles and can bring in a good staff. Del Rio would be great, but Hue Jackson’s offensive playcalling is very well-suited for the college game. Al Davis was right about Lane Kiffin when he fired him. He was also right when he made Hue Jackson the last head coach that he hired. Hue Jackson is what the Trojans need right now.

  2. Del Rio is a pretty classy guy, and is probably better suited for the college landscape. The guy used to wear suits on the sideline at the Jaguars game. But I think his understanding of offense is a little too old school to make for success at the pro level. Those Leftwich and Garrard Jaguar teams were talented and well coached but they were playing a style of ball that was outdated.

  3. I’d call Herm Edwards. He’s a man of high integrity and would be a great leader of young men on and off the field.

  4. Only one dude scummy enough to quit a pro team mid-season to take a college job — bobby petrino!

    If the expectation is he won’t leave, then there is no news to report unless he actually intends to leave!

    nothing to see here,just move along.

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