Report: Pryor showed concussion symptoms last night

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There’s a reason there were conflicting reports last night about Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s status — it kept changing.

According to FOX’s Jay Glazer, Pryor began showing concussion symptoms last night, after initially being cleared.

That led the team to an about-face, with coach Dennis Allen telling the team meeting that Matt Flynn was going to be the guy.

If there was concern about the handling of Pryor’s concussion on the field last week, there should be more given the now-he’s-well, now-he’s-not status this week.

6 responses to “Report: Pryor showed concussion symptoms last night

  1. Theres only 1 Superhuman and his name is Robert Griffin the third period. The rest of these RGIIIWannabes around the league like Pryor, Wilson etc…are pretenders who came into the wrong era if they think they’ll ever be at Robert Griffin’s elite level. #RGIIIbestQBinFootball

  2. They had no choice at all. In this climate where it seems like half the country is suing the other half over anything, they can’t play him unless it’s 100% clear that he’s ok.

  3. Dennis Allen sees a competitive advantage in not announcing his starting QB refer to week 1. There’s more legs to that angle than the concussion but it’s not nearly as sensational.

  4. I can believe that the symtoms come and go like that. I was in a car accident once where i was knocked out cold for a short amount of time. I think I flew across the front seat, hit the side of my head on the passenger side door where the meets the door (not wearing seat belt). Anyway, doctors checked me and cleard me to go home. Of course i had my sister give me a ride to a friends house that was having a party, and all night I had this coming and going sensation that I was going to puke, but i never did. I wasn’t drinking or anything, but man it felt weird. I’m guessing that was post concussion symptons, but hey, what did the doctors know 23 years ago? Not much.

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