Disagreement in Tampa about why Freeman wasn’t on sideline

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The Buccaneers lost a game in the final minutes for the third time this year when the Cardinals came back from 10-0 down to win 13-10 on a Jay Feely field goal.

So things didn’t change that much in Mike Glennon’s first start as the quarterback in Tampa on the field. They didn’t change off the field, either, as the tortured relationship between former starter Josh Freeman and head coach Greg Schiano took another turn for the worse.

Freeman was inactive for the game and watched in a suite rather than on the sideline, a decision that Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, was mutual after the game. Freeman didn’t comment on his way out of the stadium, but Stroud reports that Freeman’s agent said that Schiano’s statement was a “lie, obviously.”

Freeman’s made no secret of his desire to get out of Tampa as soon as possible and he doesn’t appear to be averse to using acrimony as a way to grease the wheels. In addition to stoking the fire with Schiano, Freeman also reportedly missed several meetings last week.

Things got a little uglier on the Freeman front Sunday, just as they did for the Bucs as a whole in their fourth straight loss.

53 responses to “Disagreement in Tampa about why Freeman wasn’t on sideline

  1. Schiano has completely destroyed this team…. The guy is out of control….

    Srsly …he is a complete liar and nobody respect him in that locker rm..

    It difficult to embarrass a buc fan but I am embarrassed

  2. A MUTUAL decision was it? Something does not pass the “common sense test.” What do the Bucs know that they are keeping internally, away from the public? This has escalated much too quickly and seriously to simply be a personality conflict. More details MUST be following.

  3. Has there ever been this much drama surrounding the benching of a fifth-year starting quarterback who has never made the playoffs and went 0-3 with a sub-50% completion percentage?

  4. What would have been the point of him being on the sideline? He was benched and deactivated. He knows the head coach doesn’t want him on the team. I’m surprised he even showed up at the stadium..

  5. If I was in Freeman’s situation I wouldn’t be on that sideline either. He doesn’t wanna be on that train wreck of a team and they clearly don’t want him. The only thing the bucs seem to be able to do these days is get penalties and dish out concussions. Revis should stayed in NY.

  6. Freeman is doing himself no favors.

    It’s not difficult to look like the good guy when in a pissing match with Greg Schiano but Freeman is on the verge of appearing as the bigger dope.

  7. This is really ugly. Schiano no longer has his scapegoat though, so unless there’s obvious improvement soon (highly unlikely), his days are numbered.

  8. How much can a team fine a player for missing a meeting? Don’t be stupid, Josh. You can live the rest of your life comfortably on the money the Bucs still owe you. Don’t give them an excuse not to pay you.

  9. Trade or Cut Freeman already… for a couple cheeseburgers on the Dollar menu…it’s obvious the team played better without him…and this situation will only get worse…as time goes on… Cut your losses no matter how many $$ millions … I predict Freeman ends up on the Vikings or Cardinals…

  10. Doesn’t matter how bad the head coach is, you don’t engage in a power struggle unless you’ve got mucho game.

    You have to be good enough to make other team owners and management consider you potentially more valuable than a head coach. There’s only a handful of players in the league who meet that criteria, and Freeman ain’t one of them.

  11. Thank God Schiano put Glennon in as the starter. He’s gonna help TB win a bunch of games, just like he did today…oh, wait.

    Schiano’s “my way or the highway” approach + Freeman issue + (0-4) record = unemployment line after Week 17.

  12. Freeman should take the high road like Alex Smith did last year. I believe Smith earned more respect throughout the league after his demotion than he ever did as a starter. He earned a second chance and has made the most of it so far.

  13. He sucks as a qb. Never should have been taken that high. Who does he think would want him as a starter? Jacksonville?

  14. What an immature jerk Freeman is.

    He should be trying to stay professional. By doing so, another team might potentially want him. Instead he’s hurting his future stock and comes off looking like a spoiled brat who doesn’t get what he wants, no matter how much of a prick Schiano may be.

  15. Yea go ahead and get yourself suspended by the team so they can stop paying you…..sometimes an agent needs to tell a player to sit down shut up and collect your money…..the kid is young enough to wait until the offseason……and stop the damage to your reputation, who wants a problem QB?

  16. Look, Greg Schiano doesn’t come off as a likable guy, and his coaching staff has to take a fair amount of responsibility for the horrible offense…but, the Schiano defense is fantastic, Revis, McCoy and Lavonte David are studs and they play hard on every snap.

    At what point does it fall on Josh Freeman to be a professional football player? He missed the team photo, played horribly in three games, missed several team meetings this week and conducted an unauthorized interview; all a slap in the face to both coach and organization. Let’s also not discount his alleged off the field issues, which I won’t mention here but is clearly affecting Freeman. Josh Freeman has been incredibly disrespectful to his teammates, and only they know how far back these issues were impacting the team. Clearly it was enough of an issue for Josh to lose his captain status, not some ridiculous rigged vote conspiracy.

    So, yeah, maybe at the end of the season Schiano is fired. The only silver lining is the likely high first round pick to use in a QB rich draft, and the team has enough talent where a change in coaching and a new QB could result in the Bucs becoming next years Kansas City Chiefs. It’s not as unlikely as you’d like to think, haters.

  17. I remember when Revis was bragging about the environment in Tampa being better than it was in NY. He’s on the perfect team. Schiano must be a cousin of the Ryan family. I love it when loud mouths lose.

  18. @ bdluckyshot, you are 100% correct!! And why Josh’s team feels the right move is to burn bridges in order to force a trade is the dumbest thing possible! Other GMs are watching how he’s handling this situation and I doubt seriously this is a market for Josh as a starting QB in the NFL! He and Mark Sanchez (both drafted in the same year) days as starting QBs in the NFL are OVER! Josh is destined to be a backup QB and has proven to be a spoiled and pampered! This season has been a complete disaster as there has never been this much drama in Tampa Bay football history! I fault the owners because they should have squashed this back in the summer but allowed it to ruin the season before it began! Schiano deserves 50% of the blame and Josh deserves the other 50%! These two clowns ruined a promising season…..

  19. I dont blame Freeman…. If you dont want me, I dont want you… Freeman is aware at this point he’s gone & he can hold his nose no longer around the crap Schiano is shovelling. I know a good real estate agent in Tampa Schiano. If you’re smart….

  20. Freeman doesn’t have the resume to force his way out of Tampa by being a bad teammate.

    If he wants out and never work in the NFL again? Yeah you’re doing it the right way but if he thinks he’s an NFL QB with a future – it’s dying and quick.

    Combine his actions with production and what you have is a guy who’s not going to get a call until someone gets hurt and there’s no one else on the roster. And even then he might just be a guy to try out and not get the gig.

  21. Freeman regressed long before Schiano came and most of those on the team know that. Freeman is the not the superman people thought and expected.
    His problem is he got on that ‘don’t blame me blame someone else bandwagon and poor me.
    Schiano wasn’t buying it and neither did GM. Freeman declared war on them thinking he would get team support that never happened.

  22. Someone should tell Freeman and his agent that the best way to get a new job is NOT by trashing the old boss. I don’t know if Schiano is a liar or not, but I do know if I’m in the market for a QB I don’t want one who trashes his HC.

  23. @thegregwitul

    You make a great point, but the only issue: how could Schiano and Dominik not have planned for this? The allegations of Freeman having off the field issues, did this happen all the sudden? If it’s that bad de-activate him for the season, make a statement. If there is a history of conduct, why didn’t they move him in the off-season, acquire for a veteran QB? The move of benching Freeman works with a veteran, not a rookie. If Glennon would have made that much of a difference then the move should have been made in camp. Had Freeman gone rouge, Schiano could have united the team (a reaction I think he was hoping for to justify the move). He doesn’t appear to know what he’s doing. Palmer, Cassell, Fitzpatrick, Hassellbeck the move makes sense with those guys. Schiano is winging it or he’s clueless on how to lead men. Frankly, if he doesn’t think Glennon can win now, your rebuilding. And if Tampa is now rebuilding, the entire off season and was poorly executed. Make the most of what assets you have and look to the future.

  24. There seems to be quite a bit of ‘Schiano is a liar’ smoke out there. Enough to make him seem borderline pathological.

    I mean, would anybody be surprised if Schiano DID rig the captain’s vote as a means to undercut Freeman.

    Freeman’s agent, although certainly self-interested, actually used the word liar, which is a little unusual for an agent-kind of a red line to cross.

    In the preseason, Lawrence Tyne’s and his wife seemed to think that Greg Schiano was a liar.

    John Feinstein reported about an incident when Schiano was at Rutgers in which he was accused outright of being a liar.

    The Bucs desperately need to fire him as soon as possible. A hard ass, my way or the highway taskmaster that had a .500 record in college is no a recipe for NFL success. This is a real turning point for this franchise.

  25. has anyone actually stopped to think that maybe, schiano sabotaged freemans development intentionally? after all freeman had a amazing year in 2010, then morris lost the team in 2011….. and although freeman regressed slightly that year he was still considered by almost every expert to be a franchise q.b. out went raheem in came greg! suddenly freeman continues to regress, schiano intentionally hired mike sullivan knowing what kind of offense would come along with him, he knew it didn’t fit freemans strengths, and then when freeman still showed signs of being decent last year schiano drafted a q.b. to create controversy while “claiming” freeman was the bucs starter. this past off season he continued to make the same claims all along giving glennon the majority of the playing time not allowing freeman time to shake off the rust. then during the first 3 games this year the offensive play calling has been one dimensional, and lacked any check downs and required freeman again to stand in and make long throws from the pocket! no wonder why freeman is in open rebellion his coach has been sabotaging him from day one. and the rest of the locker room is very quickly joining the revolt. freeman may be beyond repair as a buc, but he is not the one that should be released! schiano is!!!!! before other key players start to jump ship!!!!! the biggest mistake was the schiano hire in the first place, fire him let wanstad finish the year as interim h.c. and then hire lovie smith. release glennon, resign freeman if he will resign and draft manzel bring in a west coast style o.c. that will let freeman scramble and throw on the run, or can build a offense suited to manzel! after all the defense is no fixed. lovie smith is a tampa 2 guy, and loves man coverages so revis will be used properly and after this week i think we may have a budding 2nd shut down corner in banks……. this team has way to much promise to waste it on schiano, he has failed and needs to go!

  26. what new team is going to want a player who’s causing as much trouble and purposely missing meetings the way freeman is? public pouting is so unattractive and self defeating, especially if you want a new team to pay you the millions you expect! obviously not a well thought out plan on freeman’s part…dumb!

  27. @mikem767

    I agree 100% coach Schino (spelled wrong but I dislike the guy so much I am not bothering to look it up) ruined Freeman because he wanted him to fail for 2 reasons:

    1.) he wanted his guy from day one but the problem is that the guy that drafted freeman is the GM so that was not going to happen. He has went out of his way to make freeman look bad and to turn that team against him.

    2.) Stirring up issues with Freeman has given him better job security he has a built in fail safe now so come end of the season he can say well we didn’t do well because Freeman let us down and forced my hand at the QB it’s not my fault it’s his

    Schino or whatever you call him is a poor coach that never really did anything to deserve being on this level. The Bucs should have beaten my saints a few weeks ago but lost out because a total lack of discipline. That is all on coaching.

    The buccaneers deserve better and most of all the city of Tampa deserves better. I hope Mr. Glazer kicks both of them to the curb and opens his fat wallet and goes and gets a top flight coach.

  28. Thank You Bucs!
    -The Jets Organization

    Please tell me how Revis’ departure helped the Jets Organization? Last time I looked they hadn’t on a game this season

  29. Forgive me, but what does Revis have to do with a whiny underperforming baby QB?

    Revis is doing what he was brought here to do, shut down receivers. There is no one to point the finger at on the defensive side of the ball. They are doing what they were brought here to do.

  30. “I can’t believe any team in the league will have any use for this anklebiter.”

    Are you talking about Freeman or Schiano? Nevermind, that statement seems to apply to both of them.

  31. 3 NFL teams in the state and two of them really stink. Telephone call for Mr. Tebow as even his circus could not make things worse for the Jags or Bucs. After this Freeman won’t have a chance at indoor football.

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