Steelers lose Ramon Foster to chest injury

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The problems are piling up for the Steelers’ offensive line.

Starting guard Ramon Foster exited today’s game in London with a chest injury, and the team announced that he will not return. There’s no word on the exact nature of the injury, but the fact that he has already been ruled out for the rest of the day today suggests that it’s not minor.

The Steelers’ offensive line, which lost center Maurkice Pouncey early in the first game of the season, has struggled all year. Losing another starter is going to hurt.

Pittsburgh’s defense isn’t playing particularly well, either, and the Vikings lead 20-17 in the third quarter.

17 responses to “Steelers lose Ramon Foster to chest injury

  1. Look, the Steelers are going to get it together; that’s guaranteed. This is a team that finishes, not starts. Pittsburgh: City of Champions.

  2. LOL!!!

    Steelers are getting DESTROYED by the team the Browns beat last week.

    The Bubby Brister Era has returned.

  3. Its going to be a long, long season. But we need to let this offensive line grow and mesh together. We may end up at 3- 13 or 2- 14 but there will be some growing pains. We do have to cut Haley. Come hell or high water we don’t abandon our team. Who cares who dey are or mr. Unibrow and sweet pea drama. Kick us while we’re down cuz when we get up we whipping your a$$.

  4. Don’t be to sure about that… Musgrave will get complacent, and start running a boring and vanilla offense. Then it won’t take long and Ben will have Pitt right back in the game. Remember, our stupid Vikings gave the game away to Chicago and the brownies the past two weeks because our defense couldn’t stop a high school team let alone an NFL team. So Pitt isn’t out of it yet. A whole quarter to go.

  5. “Here We Go 0-4, Here We Go!”

    I looked at their remaining schedule & right now it doesn’t look too good for them getting even 1 win this season. Today was Pittsburgh’s best chance for a victory. Maybe they get lucky & steal one from the Browns.

    But by New Year’s Eve, we may be chanting “Here We Are 0-16, Here We Are!” lol!

  6. Have only been able to track the game on gamecast, but it looks like a game that will reflect the season as whole. The Steelers ‘transition’ will continue this season as it began last season. I believe it will include a ‘transition’ to a new OC. I bet some Steeler fans wish B.A. was still around 🙂
    Truth is they’re stinking it up on both sides of the ball and this season will amount to try-outs to see who will still be with the team come next season.

  7. Didn’t I tell you guys earlier that the Vikings will give this away? 1:18 left and Pitt is at the 32??

    Vikings 0-4

  8. Finally it has to happen….After 20 years of being considered a contender the Steelers are gonna have a terrible season. All the haters line up, get your shots in. Fact is though the Steelers will rebound and be a championship contender again. Its their pedigree unlike the team you support which may give you a little hope every few decades.

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