Tebow, Irsay only things worth watching in Jacksonville


There’s not that much more to be said about the Colts-Jaguars game. The Colts are winning 27-3 because they are competent at football and the Jaguars are not.

That doesn’t mean there’s not entertainment high above the stadium floor.

For one thing, there’s the obligatory Jacksonville showing of support for Tim Tebow, with somebody renting a plane to fly a banner reading “TEBOW, WHY NOT?” over EverBank Field.

It’s almost a reasonable stance at this point.

Colts owner Jim Irsay is apparently not entertained, as he’s taken to making jokes about hot dogs.

At this stage, watching Irsay trip on processed meat (he didn’t need their free beers) may be the most interesting thing about this game.

27 responses to “Tebow, Irsay only things worth watching in Jacksonville

  1. Tebow to the Steelers instead?


    Maybe the old Tebow magic would keep the Steelers from going 0-16….

  2. I feel bad for Colts fans for having to deal with such an embarrassment, but that’s the curse they have to deal with for the way they got their team. If it were me I’d rather be plagued with locusts.

  3. No no, just Irsay.

    It’s time to say goodbye to Gator Boy (the ex-Florida QB that played for the Gators from 2006-09)!!!

    Media members let it go. Irsay at least had brains to hire Ryan Grigson.

    Tebow can’t read defenses and only wins when the opponent’s QB stinks or Ben Roethlisberger plays on one healthy leg.

  4. Tebow would win more games than the current crew, but with that option, they would not be in position to get Teddy Bridgewater….or Clowney and a QB

  5. So let me get this straight, we will give away free beer to watch this disgusting spectacle disguised as football, yet bringing Tebow onboard is out of the question? At least with Tebow it would be an entertaining spectacle.

    This isn’t about losing for Bridgewater. You have to make a conscious choice to lose. This team doesn’t have the talent to make that choice. And how far are we under the salary gap again?

    Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars to watch this? And that is the real story. How miserable can mgmt make this team before alienating the entire city – enough so it makes sense for a move??

    Losing for LA? Crickets for London? As a FORMER season ticket holder, I wont spend another dime on this team until there is a commitment to winning. If not, who cares if they leave? This team is making a joke out of our city and I’m tired of it.

  6. 950003cups says:
    Sep 29, 2013 3:43 PM
    Irsay needs to stop tweeting when he’s drunk.

    When isn’t he drunk?

  7. The Jags really should give Tebow a try. He was a winner in Denver, and the guys they’re playing now haven’t been winners ANYWHERE. It’s not like he’s going to cost them the playoffs if he plays poorly, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  8. Ok I got it there are some people who don’t like Tim Tebow, that being said let;s look at the facts. Gabbert will bring down the Jaguars in eternal flames, he can’t throw, barely run and has no idea what so ever on how to read a defense. Tebow did bring the Broncos into the playoffs a few years ago so you can’s say he sucks. I think he has not been fairly judged by the Jets or New England. He’s young and need to develop his level of confidence and skill like any other QB in the NFL. Not only can he be a leader for a leaderless team like the Jags but he can run like hell and take a hit and with a offensive line like what we have that’s a good thing. Let’s give him a chance to prove to us his fans that he can bring some excitement to that depressing stadium he can’t make things anything any worse than it is right now. Maybe we are in need of a miracle and know one is in better position to deliver than Tebow for us fans and himself. Gabbert must go maybe he work for a vender and sell hot dogs instead of destroying our team.

  9. Working as intended. Browns win, vikes win, securing that number 1 pick is all they want during the rebuild season, ya they suck but y’all knew that going in.

  10. @gmsalpha lololol, no doubt, the Jags would draft a punter!!!!! They need to record setting punters!!! Join us on facebook people, Jacksonville Jaguars Suck group!

  11. skinsfolife says:
    Sep 30, 2013 11:03 AM
    He is by far the worst owner in professional sports.


    Worst owner in sports? By far?! Colts had the best record in football in the 2000’s. Have won a superbowl. Indy hosted a Superbowl (thanks to Irsay lobbying with other owners). Indy has one of the best stadiums in the NFL and now have one of the most promising young teams in the NFL. These are all examples of how dead wrong you are. He may be the most annoying owner to you… but I guess you don’t like your NFL owners to actually ENJOY owning a football team. Yes, the dude was born with $$$ but who cares? He’s having fun and he puts a great product on the field. If that annoys you, stop reading articles about Irsay. You are just hating on him because it’s the fashionable thing to do.

  12. The Tebow stance almost sounds reasonable at this point. FOR WHO MR. GANTT? That’s right, for the media to have something useless to talk about. The purpose of making a change at any position is to improve the position and the team as well. Going to Tebow would only serve the purpose of satisfying the Tebow cultists and making money. It does nothing to help improve the football because Tebow makes no one on the team better by his being there. Say you bring him in, for what, a few games. Are you really stupid enough to say he’s the long term answer at QB for the Jags? And if the answer is no, then what’s your point! Anyone with a brain knows if they are stupid enough to make this move his knucklehead fans will do any and everything in their power to make sure they don’t go out and draft a real QB to lead the team. WHY? Because do not now and never have cared about football or what’s in the best interest of the Jaguars team and franchise. THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT TEBOW! Trust me on this, Tebow could lose every game he plays and you can bet your sweet ass not one of his insane, unrealistic, non-reality based cultists will want him removed from that job. If Khan makes this idiotic move, HE WILL RUE THE DAY!!!!!!

  13. @quittsburghstoolers says:, YOU HAVE LOST YOUR DAMNED MIND! What the hell purpose would that non-qb serve on the Steelers team? Are you moronic enough to even be suggesting he’s a viable replacement for Big Ben. If you are, you truly are the most ignorant and stupid person on earth. That or you was just trying to make a joke! God I hope you’re trying to make a joke!

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