Three games could be coming to London in 2014


This year, the NFL will play two regular-season games in London for the first time ever.  The first one came today, when the Vikings held off the Steelers, 34-27.

Next year, that number could expand by 50 percent.

Per a league source, the NFL could decide to add a third game as early as 2014.  The decision will be driven in large part by the success of the two games played in London in 2013.

At their next meeting on October 8, owners will be briefed on international business, with a focus on London.  Key points will include fan base, sponsor base, and TV deals.

As Peter King of mentioned during Football Night In America, Jacksonville’s interest in playing two games in London (one “home” game, one “road” game) could be diminishing.  The team’s experiences from their recent two-game West Coast swing (at Oakland, at Seattle) has shown the organization that long road trips aren’t much fun.

Then again, getting blown out every week isn’t much fun, either.

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  1. Roger Goodell…If he’s not trying to screw the Redskins, he’s trying to screw the game we grew up with. Does he not know Europe won’t accept American Football? Worst commish I’ve ever seen in sports. #GoodellruinedFootball

  2. NO! NO! NO!

    Just support international teams. Maybe have exhibition games after finding out where to put them. Maybe support the football championships but stop with this London thing to try and pull in more money.

  3. Great game there today, fans really into it and quite a lot of noise for a neutral venue (though it was probably 60/40 in favour of Minnesota).

    The only issue is still, why would fans over here change their allegiance from a US team they’ve supported for 10/15/20/25 years to a new UK based team?

    There’s no way I stop supporting Baltimore, even if a London Legions team appears 5 mile away.

  4. To those of you who think the Viking fans outnumbered the steelers fans in england are sorely mistaken. The steelers outnumbered the vikes 3-1 easily. However the rest of the england fans were given Viking flags to wave and cheer for the home team (vikes) heck even the British steeler fans were waving vike flags. While the Brits do have a passion for the NFL, they still haven’t quite grasped the games nuances, and the fact of what side to cheer for. They cheered for th vikes because it was labeled a vikes home game,a Nd all of the purple vike flags were given to EVERY fan who entered the stadium.

  5. I’m one of the few who support the idea of a London based team. I think it’d be good for the NFL to have a team based in the 12th most populated metropolitan area in the world. They speak English, it’s not like moving a team to Mexico City. London is a wonderful city, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

    I think the Jaguars should move there, the Bills to Toronto, and the Raiders to Los Angeles. I personally want the NFL to thrive financially, but that’s just my opinion.

  6. Roger Goodell and his money grabbing owners are greedy and selfish. I can’t stand any of them ans most fans agree with me. They don’t care about fans, they care about their pockets and pockets only. It’s a real shame too because history shows that you can’t oversaturate a product like sports and keep it relevant. Eventually the old , white, greedy owners will kill the golden goose due to their never-ending greed. Most fans are not wealthy , but the owners couldnt care less if you are broke or poor. Theyll just move your team to London if you reject their power.

  7. No! Why is Goodell insistent on moving games to Europe? The players, generally speaking, don’t want to go, the fans lose home games, and the Brits could care less… kinda like me and soccer. They could play the world cup in my back yard, literally, and I still wouldn’t watch.

  8. I don’t mind games over there, unless it’s my team who has to play in one of them. They should do it by a lottery system, putting only the teams in the hat who fail to sell out their home games consistently.

  9. Do not, I repeat do not take a home game from Green Bay. Unlike some franchises, we ALWAYS sell out our stadium. We could care less about the European market.

  10. Bengalguy. If they moved the Steelers and all their fans to London, who would fill your stadium once a year? Your Bungals surely can’t.

  11. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Why must Goodell carry on this ridiculous crusade to put NFL football in a place where it is not welcome? When fans here in San Antonio are practically begging the league to place a team here. American football just will not succeed in a country where soccer and cricket are the national past times. San Antonio is ready, willing and able to support a franchise now. I’ve supported this current commissioner since he took over the job but this is the last straw. Goodell has got to go. And the sooner the better.

  12. onbucky96 says:

    Do not, I repeat do not take a home game from Green Bay. Unlike some franchises, we ALWAYS sell out our stadium. We could care less about the European market.

    Too bad you cannot grasp basic English. If you could care less, why don’t you? Oh that is right, you are from Wisconsin.

  13. It’s incredibly insulting and ignorant to say we haven’t grasped the games nuances – in fact nearly everyone in the stadium has a very good understanding of all the rules, comparable to the level of fans I’ve seen at games I’ve attended in Oakland, Washington and Tampa Bay.

    Most of the fans at Wembley are NOT Vikings fans, but that’s the whole point. The Vikes were the ‘home’ team which basically means everyone cheers for them unless they are a Steelers fan. However, the young kids, or novices that are watching it for the first time might think “hey, that #28 is amazing, I’m going to support Minnesota now” which is precisely the point.

  14. What compensation does the “home team’s” city get from these games in London and they lose a home game? The bars, restaurants, hotels, parking lot owners, etc., that lose out of a weeks earnings while the NFL flaunts it’s games abroad? You know? The same cities/ states that finance billion dollar stadiums for these over-paid owners? Oh yes? It’s all about greed.

  15. Its only a matter of time before we have 2 games a year being played in Honduras. This is just getting ridiculous.

  16. I hope the Vikes return in 2015. I couldn’t go this year or next due to saving for a wedding.

    I’ll tell the old lady that were going to backpack Europe and start in London .. cough for a Vikings game 😀

  17. Keep a snapshot of all the down fingers to this idea of a London team…very similar to the opinions held on the Redskins name. Time for the media to program the masses.

  18. Britishraven. My apologies if you thought I was trying to insult the British fans. What I was trying to say was that the British fans are very passionate about the game, and I was just trying to stress to those who thought the Viking fans outnumbered the steeler fans were incorrect because all of the fans who were not steeler fans cheered for the vikes. I was at the game and the stands were filled with fans wearing gear from every NFL team and all of those fans cheered for the vikes waving Viking flags that were on every seat. Even packer and lions and bear fans were cheering for the vikes. Something that would never happen in the USA. It would be like raven fans cheering for the steelers. Sorry if I offended you

  19. Go ahead roger flood london with american football.When it starts getting stale and you cant sell out the stadium you can blackout the home team back in the states. :0

  20. We can’t even get a preseason game here in LA, yet they award London two regular season games, and next year a possible third? Give us all a break!!!

    If the NFL want to put a couple of preseason games in London, that’s ok~barely. The people in London probably don’t care if it’s a preseason or a regular season game. Still, it takes revenue from the home cities that depend on those games for a bump in business. Today, Minneapolis was robbed of that revenue because it went to the NFL and London!

    Stop forcing the NFL on London, and spend more time trying to get a team, or some games back in the entertainment capital of the world~LA.

    If they polled all players, it would be unanimous that they’d rather come to Cali in the winter to play than flying across the Atlantic Ocean.

    Finally, the thought of a Super Bowl in London means taking millions of tourist and revenue dollars out of an American city. This outsourcing of our greatest American products has got to stop!

  21. Why is everyone so threatened by this? If youre on the east coast, the difference between a trip to san diego and a trip to london is negligible. Youre not the one who has to make the trip, though if you did maybe some culture would rub off on you. It’s my impression that there is a great interest in the nfl over there. I wonder if people would freak this much if honolulu got a team or if this is just nationalism run amok. Also, I find it amusing how some of you think that Goodell does anything that the owners don’t want and that some others seem shocked that the owners want to maximize profits. Um, hello. Anyway, we’ll all keep lining up to watch this ‘ ruined’ game either way.

  22. “Roger Goodell…If he’s not trying to screw the Redskins, he’s trying to screw the game we grew up with. Does he not know Europe won’t accept American Football? Worst commish I’ve ever seen in sports. #GoodellruinedFootball”

    While I am not really advocating the push on Europe I can say that from speaking with a friend in London it is quite popular there. The tickets for todays game were very hard and expensive to obtain and people were quite excited about it. They want it and will support it. England is not really Europe. Neither the English or the main landers think that is the case.

  23. “The people in London probably don’t care if it’s a preseason or a regular season game”

    Don’t we?

    The NFL’s reasoning is clear -it exists to make money. The US market is pretty much at full saturation so to continue to grow it needs to look outside the US. The UK has proven itself to be receptive to the NFL and has a large, and growing fanbase. Therefore the NFL correctly reasons that growing the game in the UK (and the rest of Europe) will lead to higher revenues and profit.

    LA has proven it doesn’t care about the NFL and it doesn’t have a stadium anywhere near the level that Wembley is, or our Olympic Stadium for that fact.

  24. Roger Goodell is the ONLY person connected with the NFL who wants the NFL in London.

    How about we do this, Roger sets how many games HE wants played in London, then ALL NFL teams who HAVE NOT been forced to play in London the last few years all get put in a hat and their names are drawn, then THEY play in London!

    I seriously doubt old Roger wants to risk seeing the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, New England Patriots or Dallas Cowboys lose a “home” game to London, does he?

  25. “Seriously, does anyone want this besides Roger Goodell?”

    “Roger Goodell is the ONLY person connected with the NFL who wants the NFL in London.”


    Are fans seriously this stupid? Do you people REALLY think that Goodell is the only one pushing you this? I’ll tell you someone else that wants this – in fact, I’ll tell you 32 “someones” that want it: the 32 NFL owners.

    You clowns need to understand something – Goodell does not make any decision of his own will. Everything he does is at the bidding of the 32 owners. The 32 owners hired him. The 32 owners are his bosses. The 32 owners are the ones that tell him what they want, and he does what the 32 owners tell him they want.

    Ergo, the 32 NFL owners want a team in London. This isn’t some personal quest of Goodell. This is what the 32 NFL owners want.

  26. I have no problem playing one game a year in London. However, the idea of a permanent team in London may be the dumbest thing the NFL has ever thought of. Here’s why:
    1. Fan Base- As a fan of both the NFL and BPL, I can tell you that Brits are vehemently loyal when it comes to their sports teams. Fans will not ditch their team because of a new team in London unless they are not fans of a team already.
    2. Quality of Play- If a team moves to London, it will be a struggling team that puts a poor effort on the field. Sending the Jaguars to London will not grow the game. The novelty will wear off and poor team will not fill Wembley. Same would hold true for an expansion franchise.
    3-Logistics- Probably the most simple reason. Think about it. There is a 6 hour time difference between London and the East Coast. If the London Jaguars were on during prime time, it would be 2:30 AM in England. And if you don’t have them play prime time games, they don’t have to deal with the short week everyone else will from Thursday Night Football. If the London team plays at 1pm or 4pm local time, it would be early in the morning in the United States, meaning that fans of the away team will have to be up bright and early to watch their team(especially West Coast teams). These games would also directly compete with Premier League games, a battle the NFL will lose easily in London. The London team would be forced to travel stateside for every road game. They would either constantly be flying or spend weeks away from their families. West Coast teams playing in London would face a 9-10 hour flight and vice-versa. Also passport issues will arise for the many NFL players with criminal records trying to get a Work Permit from the UK Home Office in order to play for the London team, which will restrict who they can sign in Free Agency.

    Overall, It just cannot work out. Keep the one game a year but nothing more.

  27. Most people are labelling Goodell selfish and money grabbing for attempting to expand the game to other fans outside the US. Let’s look at the facts, the game has sold out 7 out of 8, the UK has a NFL fan base and they are asking for more games.
    No offence but it sounds like the US fans are the selfish ones for not wanting to share there games and teams. If you are not willing to share the game aboard stop calling the Super Bowl champions the World Champions. As much as I know the USA doesn’t equal the World.

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