Titans crush Jets, but lose Jake Locker


The Titans are 3-1 after routing the Jets 38-13 on Sunday afternoon, but any happiness will be guarded in the Titans locker room after watching quarterback Jake Locker carted off the field with a right hip injury in the second half.

Locker went out after twisting his leg awkwardly after being hit by Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson and pinballing off Quinton Coples on his way down. The Titans have offered no update beyond that it is a hip injury to this point.

Locker’s exit did nothing to slow down the laugher for the Titans. Jets quarterback Geno Smith had a nightmare game, throwing two interceptions and losing two fumbles in an effort that was as abysmal as Mark Sanchez’ play in the game at Tennessee last season that got him benched. Smith’s second fumble came when he tried to switch the ball from his right to his left hand behind his back while being rushed by Titans defensive lineman Karl Klug near his own end zone. Klug fell on the ball for a touchdown and a spot on the blooper reel for Smith.

The Titans also sacked Smith five times in a very strong defensive performance that saw the Jets go absolutely nowhere offensively in the second half until things were well out of reach. They’ll now turn their attention to next week’s game against the 4-0 Chiefs, which means a lot more than many people thought it would before the season got underway.

It may be up to Ryan Fitzpatrick to win it for the Titans unless Locker’s injury looked a lot worse than it turns out to be.

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  1. Prayers for a full recovery. I did notice Locker was hurt in the pocket. Despite NFL conventional wisdom, the pocket remains the most dangerous place in sports. NFL conventional wisdom dies a very slow death, if ever.

  2. NFL4days- you clearly didn’t watch the game and don’t know anything, like most Jets trolls on this site. Locker got hit square in the chest by Wilkerson and the shoulder by Coples. He fell awkwardly, end of story.

    And if you are a Titans fan, then just shut it. No team that employs Gregg Williams should be pulling the “dirty hit” card. Especially when the only dirty hit today was Griffin on Hill.

    Sorry the Titans season is over. They have a great defense and Locker seemed to be maturing, but it happens. Spare us the crybaby routine.

  3. Smith gets style points for the behind the back move, but Sanchez is still the king of butt fumbles on comedy value alone.

  4. Bummer for Titans fans, Locker was just starting to show signs of life this season.

    Geno Smith is a turnover machine, Mike Vick 2.0

  5. jr507 im a saints fan lmao. Wilkerson took 3 steps, ducked down, and hit locker AFTER he threw the ball. I don’t have to be a fan or a hater to know a scumbag play when I see it. Go cry in the corner since your clearly so upset over my comment you try and guess my team lol.

  6. Yea, he is a scumbag. Jake was killing them, and Wilkerson put a frustration hit on him. But to say the Titans season is over, is jumping the gun a little. They still have a great defense, and lots of good young talent. Not to mention Fitzpatrick is a 9 year vet who has played decent. I think they can still be a wild card with Fitzpatrick, and who knows maybe jake comes back late season.

  7. I have been an Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans fan since 1978…

    The college I attended was home of former Iowa Hawkeye #97 Karl Klug made the biggest play of his NFL career today a sack/forced fumble/ TD fumble recovery all on the same play for MY Tennessee Titans! A great blow out win BUT a Sweet & Sour win with the Titans Starting Quarterback Jake Locker got hit on an incomplete pass when the lead was 24-6 and did not move, having to be carted off and was hospitalized… hopefully it isn’t as serious as it looked…as he held his hand on his hip…38-13 win is sweet but the injury Locker sours the win…

    The Titans season is not over…if backup QB Fitzpatrick plays Harvard smart and doesn’t turn over the ball the Titans can still go far…lets pray that Locker is back soon..Titans Fan Dan

  8. The only way to have those kind of hits eliminated is if you suspend the player that is a multiple offender, and for first time offenders to suspend them for that game. Until the NFL does that, those type of hits will still go on!

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