Bennett inspired teammates by returning to sidelines


The Seahawks feared the worst when defensive end Michael Bennett was taken off the field on a stretcher.

So it stands to figure that they played their best when he walked back into the stadium.

According to Todd Dybas of the Tacoma News-Tribune, the Seahawks gained an emotional lift when Bennett returned from the hospital and came back to the sidelines rejoin his teammates.

It was an emotional time for us as a defense,” cornerback Richard Sherman said. “He’s kind of the spark plug in our defense. He came back [to the sidelines] with tears in his eyes. It kind of got us teary-eyed, it got us emotional, it got us ready to go. Because guys you grind with, guys that you fight with, you never want to see them out of the game. You never want to see them carted off in that kind of way.

“It’s hard on your heart.”

Bennett was doubled back awkwardly, and it appeared he suffered some kind of neck injury. But after being taken to a nearby hospital for tests, it was revealed to be a strained muscle in his lower back.

“They were just really concerned because it was close to his vertebrae,” Carroll said. “They weren’t sure what it was, so they took good care of him.”

While they don’t know yet whether he’ll be available this week, getting back on his feet clearly inspired his teammates.

14 responses to “Bennett inspired teammates by returning to sidelines

  1. Now that we know he’s going to be ok, when should we expect the Seahawks to announce the Michael Bennett Pez Dispenser Promotional Giveaway Night?

  2. @whatjusthappened: No. Actually, the team just bucked up & WON in the face of tremendous adversity & against the very best punch the Texans could throw. All week long the Texans were describing this game as perhaps the most important of their entire season, so they gave it their best shot against a SEA o-line which was down an All-Pro C, a Pro-Bowl caliber LT, and a mean as nails RT.
    Our D shut the Texans out of the entire 2nd half & our O & D scored 23 unanswered points.
    Put simply: you’re wrong. Have another sour grape, pucker-mouth.

    U mad, bro? GO ‘HAWKS!!!

  3. This is a great story glad Bennett didnt suffer a severe injury hes a very quality player on a great defense. As for Richard Sherman gets a bad rap for his trash talking he backs it up every time. If you ever hear another teammate talking about him its always good things.

  4. @ghosthawk Why waste your time? @whatjusthappened isn’t even a clever troll. That was amazing game by an amazing team. I was at work with everyone huddled around the big screen. Sherman’s pick 6 was the highlight of the day, Bennett returning truly was inspirational. Indy here we come! Go HAWKS!

  5. So, so far all we’ve heard is how the Texans ‘lost’, not how Seattle ‘won’…
    If this had been the Bronco’s or the Pat’s, it would be being herald’ as the ‘Greatest Come Back Ever!’
    The excuses for the Texans losing…
    Shlubs pick 6…
    Cushing getting ‘Knocked Out’ of the game…
    Personal Foul for ‘body slamming’ Baldwin shouldn’t have even drew a flag…

    Doesn’t matter, 4 – 0!

    Go Hawks!

  6. I agree Michael Bennett already earned himself a new contract with Seattle. He has every pass rush move and is just as effective as DE/DT. Seahawks have been looking for inside pressure the last two years and he provides it. Big Red and Clinton McDonald have been doing their job as well inside. Can’t wait to see them on the field with Bruce Irvin at Sam Linebacker. Go Hawks!

  7. So glad Bennett’s injury was less severe than it looked and than was feared. It would have been completely understandable had he remained in the hospital, so it speaks volumes that he battled to get back to the stadium to be on the sidelines with his team. Sherman’s words embody the fierce loyalty this Seahawks team has for each other.

  8. whatjusthappened you say? One of the best AFC teams lost to one of the best NFC teams while at home, and if you want to talk PED’s just ask Brian “PED” Cushing, when he wakes up that is. Besides, did anyone else notice that JJ Watt almost single handedly won the game for the Texans just like Matt Shaub “for President” lost for them in the final minutes. Besides, it was just two good teams playing a great game and, well you lost. Get over it

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