Brady on Wilfork: “To say we’ll miss him is an understatement.”


The New England Patriots took a huge hit to their defense Sunday night with nose tackle Vince Wilfork reportedly suffering a torn Achilles tendon. The injury would mean an abrupt end to Wilfork’s season and a major void for the Patriots along their defensive line.

Wilfork is maybe the most important cog in the Patriots’ defense. His ability to consistently occupy multiple blockers along the offensive line frees up other players on defense to flow freely to the football. Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady knows the loss of Wilfork will be a major blow to their defensive front.

“To say we’ll miss him is an understatement,” Brady said in an interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One radio. “His presence in the locker room and on the field is really unmatched.”

Players the size and speed of Wilfork can’t be found on the street so the Patriots will have to find ways to fill the void in more creative ways. Wilfork has been a constant for the Patriots on defense for the last decade. He’s missed just six games since the start of the 2005 season. Finding a way to play without him and remain productive will be a pivotal step for the Patriots to remain as successful after

“I think we’ve learned over the years that there’s not one player that makes the team,” Brady said. “Certainly losing a guy like Vince doesn’t help our team in any way, but we’re going to have to find somebody to go in there and do the job of that nose tackle position and do it to the level that they’re capable of. It’s a team sport so the rest of the team has to pick up the pieces.”

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  1. This is really starting to become ridiculous. Does anybody else wanna get injured while we’re at it? At this point I almost wonder if there will even be a team in week 17. At this point Peyton Manning has no excuse to not win it all this season.

  2. very few D-Lineman that i can say i ‘like’. i like wilfork .. good player and seems like a good d00d

  3. Big Vince is a force of nature. Hopefully he will still be around the team offering his leadership to the young studs on defense, and contributing with his great knowledge of the game.

  4. I am not sure why Wilfork doesn’t have a reputation like Suh, dude is a bad sport. At least Jacobs will rest easy knowing a second eye gouge from this unsportsmanlike jackass won’t be coming this year.

  5. Next man up.

    The Patriots have been held together with band-aids from the start. No excuses. Every player just plays their role.

    The Steelers and Giants seem to make a lot of excuses. That’s probably why they are 0-4.

    Granted every 4-0 team out there has had a pretty easy schedule thus far, but if they can be 4-0 with all the current injuries there’s no reason they can’t overcome Wilfork’s absence.

  6. That’s a kick in the junk for sure…

    Pats fans…would you be interested in trading for Kevin Williams from the Vikes?

  7. Watching Wilfork return an interception is something I will never forget. No matter who you root for, you gotta respect his play.

  8. Vince is their second most important player. As bad as the pass defense has been for the past in the years…vince made the run defense almost dominant. And now that they have finally fixed the passing woes…the run defense is going to suffer big time. This couldn’t happen at a worse time.

    Hate to see star players get hurt.

  9. From a bronco’s fan VW is the most underrated defensive player in the game. He makes linebackers look good the way Brady makes anybody that can pull in a pass. Condolences to Pats nation for the loss of a hell of player and a hell of a man by all accounts.

  10. Terrible loss to the team, get well soon my friend you will be missed.

    On a side note I guess the Big Y is going to have to change the name of their newest pizza, “The Invincible”.

  11. On a fundamental level maybe now they somehow generate a pass rush. VW is a big loss. However, don’t underestimate the BB coaching genius to adjust his top 7 Defense to keep other offenses from scoring more points than NEs conservative yet opportunistic offense.

  12. This guy strikes me as just a natural. I’m sure he works at it but even if he didn’t work at it he’d still be in the league. He’s just a natural NT, the Pats loss in the league’s gain.

  13. This is a huge loss for the Patriots. It’s a great thing that they signed Tommy Kelly, but he is nowhere near Wilfork’s level. Teams will now be able to run up the middle on the Patriots all day, like Atlanta did when Vince was out.

  14. captaineagle, did Atlanta pile up all 58 rushing yrds for the game after Vince was out, or did some come before?

  15. The Big Snack Casey Hampton is floating around still. Give him a call, I’m willing to bet he has a dozen games left in the tank.

  16. The Pats will need a LB (Spikes or whoever) to help out in run support…and then they’ll get shredded by any decent tight end. I do not envy the job Bill has to do to make up for this loss.

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