Breno Giacomini has knee surgery


The Seahawks look like they’ll have to play without right tackle Breno Giacomini a little while longer.

Coach Pete Carroll said during an appearance on 710 ESPN on Monday that Giacomini had surgery on his aching knee. Giacomini missed Sunday’s 23-20 overtime victory over the Texans as a result of the injury, leaving the Seahawks without three of their original starting linemen with left tackle Russell Okung and center Max Unger also on the sideline.

Carroll said it was a cleanup procedure to remove loose bodies in the knee. Carroll offered no specific timetable for Giacomini’s return, but hopes that it will be weeks rather than a month or more before Giacomini is able to return to the lineup.

The Seahawks started seventh-round rookie Michael Bowie in Giacomini’s place. The offensive line struggled against the Texans, allowing Russell Wilson to be sacked five times and hit twice as often. The group finished better than it started, though, and Bowie will likely get a few more chances to acclimate himself to the NFL game in the coming weeks.

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  1. Seahawks are missing Breno’s blocking and protection skills but not his personal fouls. In defense of Breno, he has reduced his propensity for flags this year.

  2. “Lots of O-Lines struggle against the Texans.”

    And yet we still won by physically beating them down in the 2nd half.

  3. EJ Manuel had that surgery in mid-August and made it back in time for the first game of the season. Hopefully, this will play out similarly.

  4. Just hope the sea chickens keep loosing players to truly see what they are made of. Personally I think they are made up with manure that is generated out of their coaches mouth.

  5. Djasonoma

    Wow. Theyre 4-0 after playing games without Chris Clemons, Bruce Irvin, Avril week 1, Okung, Unger, Breno, Harvin, Sidney Rice banged up. Obviously they can overcome adversity you moron. Just wait until week 11 when this team is fully healthy and running on full cylinders. Yikes

  6. Djasonoma. Lets get this straight. You want the Hawks to keep losing players so you can see what they’re made of? Without their players? I think most people would agree that to see what they’re made of you’d need to match up to their players not their backups. Or are you saying the only way to match up is to play against our backups? Your comment makes no sense, and oh, you may want to floss that manure from between your teeth – FYI.

  7. I didn’t notice Bowie too much so that speaks volumes for his play. Sadly I did see Carpenter/McQuistan getting blown by for sacks like they weren’t even blocking. Carpenter looked good this year so that was surprising. I hope it just had to do with Unger being out. Yesterday there were 3 bad snaps with Wilson under center and that can’t happen. Breno can take his time but Max Unger is needed back against the Colts.

    That fan is clueless if he doesn’t realize how many players Seattle has been missing on this 4-0 start. The only manure I see is your post.

  8. Dj is obviously a worthless sack of trash just trying to ruffle some feathers. Pay him no mind. More than likely another pathetic whiner fan that’s still upset because his team can’t even hold a candle to ours. Let him sulk in peace. I’m sure his mommy cleaned the basement for him to cheer him up.

  9. Enjoy your 1/4 season title, maybe hang a banner
    So you have something to be proud of. Prolly in a couple years they will be the OKC Seahawks, maybe make a Super Bowl again and loose

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