Cowboys wideout issues go beyond Williams’ fumble


Terrance Williams was getting all the pep talks and insulation, but he had plenty of company as a Cowboys wide receiver failing to produce.

Between the injury absence of Miles Austin, a number of drops, some solid Chargers coverage and Dez Bryant going invisible for long stretches, there was plenty of blame to go around.

But after fumbling the ball away into the end zone late, Williams was just the most obvious. Owner Jerry Jones dropped by for a pep talk, after director of player development Bryan Wansley escorted him off the field offering encouragement.

“Just feel like I was trying to make a play and it didn’t turn out that way,” Williams said, via Calvin Watkins of “I wanted [to score]. I just feel like I let a whole bunch of people down. So it’s going to be kinda tough to get past it but I have to move on.”

But there were also drops by his friends, and even though Bryant caught a pair of touchdowns, it wasn’t enough. Three of their four drops came on third downs, and the Cowboys were just 3-of-9 in that category. And when they needed him the most, Bryant went missing, targeted just three times in the fourth quarter, and not touching the ball from the 12:00 mark until garbage time (24 seconds left).

“That’s what this game is, like I said before, we got too much talent on this team,” Bryant said. “That’s the great thing about it, everybody can make a play. Everything went well. We all as one. We just got to continue to execute the best way we possibly can.”

And that togetherness keeps Williams from being the only one to blame.

28 responses to “Cowboys wideout issues go beyond Williams’ fumble

  1. The NFC East officially belongs to the Redskins. The Cowboys are a bumbling, laughter of sadness just in our way. Kiss the lead goodbye in 2 weeks. You will never be atop the East in the RGIII Era. Deal With it. #GodsTeam>AmericasTeam

  2. You have to give the rookie credit for trying to make a play. He will learn from this and only continue to improve. The defense must also improve, its not like they were playing the Raiders yesterday with Flynn and NO McFadden.

  3. Regardless of the coverages placed on Dez, the coaching staff has to find a way to give him the ball. They should use bunch formations, put him in motion, etc. Saying he disappeared is very short-sighted.

    Any who, as a Cows fan, it is unfortunate that I have admit that this will probably be another 8-8 season — and that could win the pathetic NFC East. The Cows are consistent at one thing: being inconsistent.

  4. “Togetherness”…as in “we’re all going down with this ship, together.”

    But if all it takes is a pep-talk from ‘ol Jerrah to make the booboo feel better, happy for ya, rook…

  5. Yes, you gotta find ways to get your best player the football. Not creative enough on offense. Yup..definitely looking at 8-8 again. At least all of the other teams in the East blow.

  6. Don’t make excuses for the Cowboys they showed excactly who they are…and as for staubach12ismyidol’s comment, i’ll say this much if you watch enough Charger games you’ll see they aren’t much different than the Raiders…already this year they’ve had leads and blown them, lost to teams they should’ve beat and a coach with no NFL track record, oh yes they are very close to being like the Raiders.

    On any given Sunday any team regardless of record could win…remember it’s a marathon not a sprint so all these teams that have jumped out all flashy, let’s see where their at 10-11 weeks from now…

  7. lesliedevereaux says:
    Sep 30, 2013 9:16 AM
    Any who, as a Cows fan, it is unfortunate that I have admit that this will probably be another 8-8 season — and that could win the pathetic NFC East. The Cows are consistent at one thing: being inconsistent.


    I think you need to take a look at the standings league wide before saying the NFC East is pathetic, have teams in that division started off well? Maybe not, however, most divisions are any different are far as their records…sure there are still some undefeated teams but look at the rest…

  8. The Cowboys are overrated. They’re not as telented as many would like you to believe and certainly not as well run. If you look at quality teams such as the Patriots, they can still win with 2nd and 3rd rated receivers and castoffs from other teams. Unfortunately, the Cowboys are going to continue to be the average team they really are and no amount of hype from Jerry (the problem) will change that.

    By the way, this is coing from someone who has been a Cowboys fan since 1972. Thanks, Jerry.

  9. Clay is a bust! It’s time to bench him, has been terrible this year!
    Vanilla play calling!
    Too many underachievers on this team…

    I’m ready for the romo era to end. Nothing personal against romo, just need a fresh start…

  10. Add Witten to the mix–his drop over the middle on 3rd down was HUGE! The ball hit him right in the chest. Let’s not forget that we were outcoached defensively about 80% of the snaps. It all adds up….

  11. I’m trying to figure out if logicalvoices is really that diluted or if he/she is just a troll.

    A week ago, you’re ready to swear off football and the Redskins all together. This week, they struggle to beat the RAIDERS (I’ll say it again, the RAIDERS), and suddenly you’re their biggest fan and they’re a Superbowl contender again.

    Even IF they win the NFC East, we all know the NFC East is GARBAGE this year. Get a clue, and worse yet, stop being a fair weather fan!!

  12. Huge Cowboys fan here but unlike a certain Redskin fan, I am a realist. Sloppy play all around yesterday especially in the second half. Defense couldn’t stop a crossing route, receivers dropping passes, and of course the big fumble.

    I still believe they will be in the playoffs but its only because of the division they are in.

    Dreading next week, its going to be a sickening game if Peyton does what he has been doing the last four games.

    I don’t believe its time to panic in Dallas, but I do believe this week was a wake-up call.

  13. Dear Terrance Williams,

    You aren’t at Baylor anymore.

    You aren’t playing against Wofford or Louisiana-Monroe anymore.

    You are not simply more talented than the opposition anymore.

    Even a BAD team in the NFL is the best of the best and the Chargers are not a bad team.

    You MUST have good fundamentals and in the NFL, there are two things that you absolutely HAVE to do:

    1. Catch the football.
    2. Hold on to the football.

    If you cannot do these things, you simply will not be around very long regardless of how talented you are.

    You have a lot going for you and you have a golden opportunity right now on the World’s biggest stage. As the saying goes: You cannot run before you can walk. You are trying to run. Please learn to walk first.

    Thank you.

  14. Logicalvoice is a 9 year old that gets everyone pist. He uses words like superhuman referring to his fragile qb and best team ever referring to redskins. He is just a child with no friends and lives in delusional world . Don’t make fun of him, have faith he will some day grow up and be completely embarrassed of his younger years and become a productive member of society. Or I am completely wrong and he takes immense amounts of crystal meth. Either way NFC east doesn’t look that strong this year but lot of games to be played . And Barbie griffin won’t finish year.

  15. coloradocowboy says:
    Sep 30, 2013 10:51 AM
    Dear Terrance Williams,

    You aren’t playing against Wofford or Louisiana-Monroe anymore.

    La-Monroe did beat Alabama not too long ago.

    But the point is well made.

  16. Stop listening to Logical Voices he isn’t a Redskins fan, no true Skins fans would say the things he does.

  17. Why did we abandon the run? Murray ran well and consistently gained 4-5 yards per carry. When he carries 20+ we generally win. Coaching is all we lack. I wish Jerry had given Sean Peyton part ownership to come coach. RUN THE BALL!

  18. Dallas needs a better running game period! I am certainly dreading next weeks match up, it could get pretty bad but then again I like to think that Peyton hasn’t seen a D that is as good as ours ( front 4 ). Non the less I believe Dallas does win this division this year no matter how sloppy it may be!

  19. Williams really isn’t ready yet and I am not sure why the coaches/owner are pushing it. The position was in good hands with Beasley and Harris but for some reason they are determined to put a rookie out there who is having to think too much right now.

  20. It’s very simple. I cannot harp on it enough. With the amount of talent on this team..offense and defense..there is only one logical explanation for losing that game. Coaching. Romo played well but the play-calling is still terrible. Why are we not running screens to Dez to get him the ball and stacking our physical receivers and running crossing routes is beyond me. Belicheck is 4-0 with literal no-names on his offense because he enstills a specific gameplan for each team in brady that brady then in turn displays on the field. It seems like we run a bunch of plays with no correlation. That goes for offense and defense. Its pitiful. Some things got to change and in my mind its gotta be Jerry, we are simply wasting all of this talent and it’s very frustrating.

  21. I’m just surprised you guys haven’t found a way to blame Romo for the drops yet.

    Yes they do have to find a way to get Dez open, but the worst thing is having Romo try to force it to him. Romo has done a great job of protecting the ball this year.

  22. I am a cowboy fan back in the early, cowboy days. Well too tell you the truth I’ll be dead in heaven, bfor I see another SB… It hurts so bad….lol

  23. To all my Redskin fans. How can you gloat about a lead when you barely beat the Raiders. Hell, some high school teams could beat the Raiders . Finally, remember the Eagles game, you guys got the hubcaps beat off of you. Maybe congress can lock up the budget and demand a win with the eagles next time.

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