Darren McFadden reportedly avoids serious hamstring injury


The Raiders lost running back Darren McFadden early in Sunday’s loss to the Redskins with a hamstring injury, but a report on Monday indicates that McFadden escaped without doing major damage to himself.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that McFadden “avoided serious injury” during the game. There’s nothing more specific than that regarding his condition, although Rapoport add’s that “we’ll see” about his status for the Week Five game against the Chargers.

Such waiting are nothing new for the Raiders with McFadden as every year seems to bring a different injury that leads to guessing games about whether or not he’ll be in the lineup from week to week. With the bye coming in Week Seven and that history of prolonged absences, McFadden and the Raiders could opt to play things cautiously.

If McFadden is out, there’s a good chance that the Raiders will be down two backs since Marcel Reece’s knee injury was believed to be more serious than McFadden’s hamstring on Sunday. Rashad Jennings, who ran for 45 yards on 15 carries with McFadden out on Sunday, will be the first man up in the backfield should McFadden be sidelined.

33 responses to “Darren McFadden reportedly avoids serious hamstring injury

  1. Great move picking up Rashad Jennings. He’s not a home run hitter, like McFadden, but he’s very good.

    Reece is a big blow, there no replacing a guy like that.

  2. Maybe if the Raiders play their games on a Football field instead of a baseball diamond, it might alleviate some of the injuries these backs are having. McFadden played for years for Arkansas without having any major problems. He would probably be more productive playing for a team that has the same coach for more than a year and a team that shows promise rather than promising it.

  3. I love the haters….poor guys are so lonely on their teams pages , they need to come here to be heard……Glad to know DMC just tightened up , we need him healthy, and I for one want him back next year at the right price.

  4. 12 man league, and I took him with our mr irrelevant pick, fitting that he’s fulfilled his inability to produce.

    What will happen 1st; the faidets win 8 or more game or McFade’n makes it through a year if football?

  5. I think McFoot saw that Flynn back there was a recipe for him to have a long day, risking serious injury trying to block for the fool, and decided to take a breather on the sidelines and wait for Pryor to come back next week so he had some help… was hoping the same was the case with Reece, but it doesn’t sound like it. Which is too bad.. it seems to form though…. they just extended Reece, so of course he blew a tire. Sad fact is they weren’t even making good use of him this year… he was awesome when he got to touch the ball.. but they only gave him 3 touches a game…..

  6. DMC your not going to get paid if you dont play, I would like to see him get traded to the falcons for a frist rounder, I rather see the Raiders go with Latavious Murry he is set to come back week 7.

  7. Who cares at this point. Raiders are rebuilding. He can’t be seriously considered as part of that rebuilding situation. Unless he really cheap which it’s looking like he will be. Dude has NEVER EVER played through any discomfort. I gave up on him a long time ago. I thought he would have a good yr because it’s a contract yr. But alas same old DMAC

  8. Unfortunately, McFragile has never been worth what the Raiders already have into him. No team is going to give the Raiders anything meaningful for a guy who has never once played an entire season. In fact, there’s no “best-bet” for them. It would be one thing, if Oakland was in a place to be a contender. Then you could argue that you simply ride him into the ground, at all expense. But the team is almost already out of the playoff race, so I have no idea what they do with the guy. Maybe they can trade him to the A’s? Can he hit a baseball?

  9. Outside of 1 carrot on a stick fluke season, the only thing DMC has accomplished is how to be consistently fragile.

  10. If only Michael Bush was still with the Raiders, I wouldn’t concern myself with what a bum McFadden is. I still like McKenzie, but if he re-signs McFadden to a new deal in 2014 then that opinion will instantly change forever.

    For classic Star Trek fans:
    McFadden=Dunsel=a part which serves no useful purpose

  11. They should have given Taiwan Jones a legitimate shot at RB. Man, you could put on a show by getting Taiwan the ball in open space, kind of like Percy Harvin. Jones has the talent, they should have let him start a few games.

  12. I’m tired of McFadden being hurt. He only hurts the team. Why didn’t he warm up before the game instead of goofing off. That’s what warm ups are for so not to get hamstring issues. He needs to go. I used to support him, but am sick of all the precious parts of him always broke.

  13. Some dude tried to claim DMC was the last pick in a 12 person league?? Hey buddy, you and your 8 stuffed animals and 3 blow up dolls don’t count as an actual league. A starting RB last pick. What a fool!

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