Falcons offense misfires, mostly in red zone

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In the old days, the Falcons used to look good in the regular season, then promptly fall apart in the postseason.

Now, they’ve got a playoff win under their belt, but they’ve shifted their mental block to the 20-yard line.

According to Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com, the Falcons made a league-high for 2013 six trips inside the 20, and only got one touchdown out of it in a 30-23 loss to the Patriots last night.

For the season, they lead the league with 18 drives into the red zone, but are fifth from the bottom in touchdown conversions. Atlanta leads the league with 18 red zone drives this season but is fifth worst in touchdown conversion (seven, or 38.9 percent) on such drives.

“We’ve got to be able to put up points, and we should,” tight end Tony Gonzalez said. “We have the players and we have the system to get it done. We’ve done it before in the past. It’s just right now we’re not clicking, for some reason, throughout the whole game.

“We start out good. But, for whatever reason, in the second half, . . . and it’s all of us, collectively. It’s no one person that we’re going to point the finger at anybody. But I’ll tell you what: It’s got to get figured out.”

The problems were enough to be spread around.

Matt Ryan missed far too many open throws, including airballing Roddy White on fourth-and-2 from the 7. There were also too many drops by numerous receivers, and the lack of support from the run game didn’t help.

They might be close, but at 1-3, they’re losing time to fix things.

18 responses to “Falcons offense misfires, mostly in red zone

  1. Something tells me they may be picking in the upper half next year. Maybe by then the rookie CBs will be a bit more comfortable and they can draft a real pass rush.

  2. Talib owned White all night long. Why Ryan thought he could force the ball to an injured receiver is beyond me. They were having real success throwing to whoever Steve Gregory (who sucks) was covering and somehow forgot all about it with the game on the line.

    And just because it’s worth repeating: Steve Gregory sucks.

  3. The Falcons is who I thought they were. I am not a fan of the Falcons but whomever plays Tammy Brady and the Cowgirls, I root for those two to lose. Matt Ryan and the birds should be ashamed of themselves. Tammy and a bunch of kids off the street, beat their a*** in their own house. Geaux Saints…

  4. I was there last night. Tom Brady is freaking awesome. That’s one big reason the Falcons couldn’t win with just 23 points.

    However, the futility in the red zone had that place angry. Fans were getting sick of seeing great football just to see a meltdown in the red zone. I can’t believe that this team is 1-3.

  5. Yes let’s not act like the Pats secondary and Talib had anything to do with the Performance of the Falcons receivers.

  6. In the NFL there is a very very fine line between being a good team and being a bad team. The number one difference is good teams score TDs in the red zone and bad teams don’t.

  7. The Falcons have never been a very good team under the rule of the White Haired fool on the sidelines. In regular season they’ve backed into victories and been exposed for the frauds they are in the playoffs.

    In 2013 the NFL has uncovered the morass that is the Falcons and this team will earn the standings it deserves and it will be under .500.

    Anyone who thinks Matt Ryan in the top half of NFL QBs is fooling himself. This guy has NO GAME and is barely functional inside the 20 yard line.

  8. I’m amazed that nobody is mentioning Belicheck’s game planning. Of course Matt Ryan had some bad throws that might have made a difference, but the biggest factor in that game wasn’t any of the players on the field.

    Belicheck’s game plan for keeping Julio out of the game (for the most part) was brilliant. Their game plan for running the ball against our depleted LB corps was brilliant. They definitely had us out-coached on both sides of the ball. If we didn’t have more healthy talent on the receiving corps this wouldn’t have been close. Credit to Gonzalez for an incredible game and to Julio for making some amazing plays, but Belicheck had our number and he deserves the game ball.

  9. Lifelong Saints fan here. I’m genuinely shocked that our arch nemesis is 1-3. Specifically, thinking that Steven Jackson could push them over the top. I thought the NFC South title would come down to the Monday night game in ATL. I guess not because, as we found out last year starting 0-4, the season is practically over already.

  10. Nothing better than waking up on a monday morning after a falcon loss. The talent is there but having Steve Martin as your head coach is a disaster. I hope he stays. He’ll always be Sean Peyton’s whipping boy.

  11. You guys are missing what should be obvious if you watched the game last night. The Patriots are banged up and they lost a lot of quality players. However, they are 4 and 1. What the difference is the far superior coaching of Bellicheck. Look at New Orleans with Payton back this year!

  12. Why the saints fans read falcons blogs and bother to leave comments is beyond me. It’s like the insecure girlfriend checking out your exs on Facebook. Keep your heads up falcons fans! Ryan is one of the toughest if the line Horsham time we’ll be fine!

  13. Bad timing to have a down season after giving Matt all that money.

    1 playoff win during the Goodell bowl/Replacement Ref year and then tank after the payday.


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