If any Giant turns on Tom Coughlin, Justin Tuck will punch him in the mouth

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The scoreboard says that the Giants got blown out again on Sunday by the Chiefs, but the game was close deep into the second half before Kansas City blew things open.

One of the key moments in that switch was Dexter McCluster’s 89-yard punt return for a touchdown that opened the Chiefs’ lead up to 17-7 on the way to a 31-7 final margin. Immediately before the fateful punt, the Giants thought they had converted a third-and-17 on a pass to Victor Cruz but a replay challenge by Chiefs coach Andy Reid was successful and the Giants were a little less than a yard short. Tom Coughlin elected to punt, McCluster scored and the Giants were on the fast track to 0-4.

Cruz said after the game that he thought the team should have gone for it even though they were on their own 30 and have had no success on short third and fourth downs so far this season.

“I don’t know,” Cruz said, via Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. “It was Coach’s decision. I’m not getting in Coach’s head. It was Coach’s decision to do what he has to do. He’s the head honcho. He makes the call and I just go out there and abide by his rules.”

It’s not often that you hear Giants players criticize their coaches publicly, but, then, it’s not often that the Giants are 0-4 to start a season. Cruz’s criticism was light, but any player who might want to step things up in that regard might want to keep their head on a swivel to make sure defensive end Justin Tuck isn’t in earshot.

“If anyone turns on our coach, I would be the first one to punch him in the mouth,” Tuck said. “And put that in print. It better not happen, I know that.”

If Cruz’s preference as an offensive player is for the offense to play is as bad as things get, Tuck will probably be able to avoid dishing out any knuckle sandwiches to his teammates. He might even find a way to channel some of that aggression onto the field where it could help the Giants win a game or two and eliminate the need altogether.

46 responses to “If any Giant turns on Tom Coughlin, Justin Tuck will punch him in the mouth

  1. As long as you keep a single lineman between yourself and Tuck, you can feel perfectly safe turning on Coughlin. He won’t touch you.

  2. This is the NFL. Forget the fact you have been a good couch for a decade the team is 0-4 and therefore we need to talk about the team turning on or firing the coach.

  3. All the Giant fair weather fans in the crowd at Arrowhead sure were talking trash on Tommy C… what a bunch of whiners.

  4. Someone should punch Victor Cruz in the mouth….

    No need to Salsa dance after a TD when your team has a record as pathetic as it is

  5. My Giants are done. I’ve been saying that for months. The Manning era is over. JPP, Snee, Nicks and Hynoski were valiant warriors but age and injury has ended their careers. The Nassib era starts now.

    When Tiki Barber retired, the Giants not only lost the second best player in team history and the best running back in the NFL since Walter Payton besides Barry Sanders, they also lost their heart and soul.

  6. maybe tuck should use some of that anger and aggression on the field and try to hit the opposing quarterback once in a while. i was beginning to think that he wasnt on the team anymore

  7. Well I guess he will have to punch every Giants fan in face. This is time of year they flip flop on the team. No lucky Super Bowl run this year.

  8. bearwithjetpack says:
    Sep 30, 2013 2:52 PM
    As long as you keep a single lineman between yourself and Tuck, you can feel perfectly safe turning on Coughlin. He won’t touch you.


    Not if it’s a Giants offensive linemen!

  9. No one goes for it on 4th and 1 from your own 30, down by 3 points with a full quarter left to play. I did like watching McCluster and Bowe salsa dance though. Cruz us a fool! And taking direction suits him we’ll, he clearly lacks leadership skills.

  10. When you win as much as we do and pick in the bottom quarter of drafts for as long as we do, two things happen. First, the talent that got you so far becomes too expensive to keep. Second, by the time you draft their replacements, in our case, all of the stud o-linemen and d-linemen have been picked at the top which leaves only 2nd and 3rd round projectees in the later part of 1st rd. The end result, you hit the wall and have no decent talent in the trenches. Aside from NE and GB who have QBs on another level, teams like us and Pitt can’t overcome this eventual happenstance.

    It’s not the coaches fault. Only so much you can do with an o-line that can’t block and a d-line full of late career, patchwork vets. We’ll be bad these next two years but should be able to rebuild our trenches in time to catch Eli, Cruz, Randle, Wilson in their primes.

  11. Still with Coughlin the man can right this ship if our Oline would block someone! JPP and Tuck have been busts this year I send them a message start Kiwenuka and Moore next week at the ends.

  12. you said “My Giants are done. I’ve been saying that for months. The Manning era is over. JPP, Snee, Nicks and Hynoski were valiant warriors but age and injury has ended their careers. The Nassib era starts now.”

    I am a giants and broncos fan so i bleed blue and orange and have been for 40 years even in France. I love the giants so much but i have to tell you, i agree with you when you say Nicks, JPP, Snee, etc are done. yes you are right. However, Eli Manning is not done. he is the only guy who cares, that is why he got upset last week and cried because he tries so hard and cares and got frustrated. he throws balls and no one catches them. that is why the interception rule needs to be changed. if a QB throws a ball directly at a WR and he does not catch it and some yahoo from another team bloques and catches it, a QB cannot control this external variable. as a prof who does quantitative research, this makes no sense to have this kind of rule without this variation. Eli Manning is still an elite QB and he always will be. He is doing well but remember it is a team effort. He cannot do it alone.

  13. What’s really funny here – indirectly, because it has nothing to do with Tuck bustin’ heads – is that even at 0-4, the Giants are not out of contention for the NFC East. No team is, no matter how bad they look right now. 7-9 just might win this division.

    The division is just that pathetic.

  14. @ justinstuckrule – The Giants won 2 superbowls since Tiki left. JPP is still in his young 20’s coming off surgery, Nicks has had 2 bad games and Hynoski is a fullback…please stop with your nonsense

  15. elmerbrownelmerbrown says: Sep 30, 2013 3:24 PM

    More like hit him with a 5 ,,,,,,,,,$5 footlong !

    I just gotta say that was pretty dang funny.

  16. Funny how you don’t hear ANY players coming to the defense of the hack down south, the Jerk from Jersey, Greg Schiano!

    Oh and our Freeman + Schiano trade is real, please please please. It can’t get worse for you right? Right? AND if you do this now we’ll throw in Dave Wannstedt AND his ‘stache (he’s our special teams coach you know — oh you didn’t — yeah it’s true).

    Come on Giants fans, you’re sick of losing, lets make a deal!

  17. Justin Tuck is still in the league?

    Huh !!!!

    I thought he retired. Maybe it’s just that I hadn’t heard his name mentioned this year.

    I guess that happens when your team is eliminated from contention by week 4.

  18. As a Jets fan who finds Coughlin irritating and overrated, I nonetheless say bravo Justin.

    Tuck has always been the man and I wish the Jets had someone step up and threaten the rats we dealt with the last two years (although it may have been tough to punch the imaginary sources Manish Mehta and Rich Cimini fabricate).

    He may not be the player he once was, but Tuck is the type of player and leader everyone – even fans of the in-town “enemy” – respect. The locker room should follow his lead.

  19. AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA SHUT UUP!!! Tuck is a CLOWN who is past his prime and ready to go finish the rest of his career in obscurity in Oakland, Arizona or some other god forsaken city with a crappy NFL team….. oh wait, he’s already in NY…. Never mind. He still needs to shut up though.

  20. Mr Wright 212 – glad to see you were able to read half of the first sentence I wrote. apparently after that your head started to hurt and you had to sit down and play with your blocks.

    My point was Tuck should be commended and not skewered for his leadership. Sorry I didn’t use small enough words for you to follow along.

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