John McClain tackles the turmoil in Houston

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What’s going wrong with the Texans?  Plenty.  What’s going right?  Not too much.

For far more details and information and assessment, we yield the floor to the great John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, whose overall assessment of the franchise currently isn’t so great.

But it would be great if you’d listen to what he says, whether you’re a Texans fan looking for a silver lining or a non-Texans fan interested in a little Schaubenfraude.

15 responses to “John McClain tackles the turmoil in Houston

  1. The O-Line ain’t helping Schaub.
    11 sacks in 4 games.

    The loss of Kevin Walter was big, too.

    People underestimate the value of wide receivers who are consistent with their routes.

    The Texans could have fit him under their cap.

  2. That Green Bay game had multiple issues, one of which being head official Jerome Boger. He not only hates Houston – to the extent of the debacle that was the Colts game in 2011, not to mention costing Houston a game, at home on MNF, only to high-five Titans QB Vince Young on camera seconds later.

    I don’t play the Refball card often, but Houston has never won a game that Boger’s been officiating in his entire career.

  3. Texans QB must have a case of the Andy Daltons. They both laid big eggs this weekend. Personally, I think the O-line was a problem in both cases.

  4. I’m a Cowboys fan. When Schaub threw the pick-6, I texted a buddy that’s a Texans fan and said “Dude, you just got Romo-ed.”

    That INT was inexcusable. You could see the pressure walking down pre-snap. He turned his back to the pressure on the playfake (which he should have audibled out of), then threw the ball anyway, into the teeth of the blitz, and right into the hands of Richard Sherman.

    The OT suplex sure didn’t help HOU’s cause either. The ref blew the whistle at LEAST three times. You can’t drive the guy back 5 yards, spin him, and bodyslam him and NOT expect a flag. One of the stupidest late hits I’ve ever seen.

    Houston has no one to blame but themselves.

  5. There were a million factors in the Texans losing that game. The suplex didn’t help but didn’t cost us the game. The pick 6 cost us the game.

    It was a horrible play call. We complain that Kubiak isn’t aggressive enough and then bitch when an aggressive play call bites us in the ass. But this one was just stupid. You have to pick your points though. Run the ball, force them to use their last timeout, punt it deep, and lean on your D that had played OUTSTANDING most of the day.

    Schaub is not going anywhere unless he gets hurt… he keeps wasting awesome defensive performances like the last 2 weeks, JJ Watt just may make that happen.

  6. I actually thought this yesterday afternoon. Couldn’t the Buccaneers try to at least see about getting a 7th for Freeman and agree to pay half or most of that salary and send him to the Texans. No joke. I think the Texans may want to consider it. Schaub isn’t the answer for them either. Maybe Freeman could have success-maybe not–but he wouldn’t be Tampa’s problem anymore. Take what they can get and move on–that is what they should try to do before having to just outright cut him. I thought the Texans all afternoon and to me, it makes some sense and could work.

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