Report: Locker “likely” headed to IR-DFR list


It was clear from the early reactions to Titans quarter back Jake Locker going down that he’d miss some time, and as we reported this morning, it was expected to be at least a few weeks.

A few could be eight, as Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that Locker’s “likely destination” is the injured reserve/designated for return list.

That would get him back for the final month of the season, and with the Titans off to a surprising 3-1 start, that might mean something for a change.

That puts a huge burden on Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has shown flashes of competence in the past. It also makes it hard to judge what they can count on in the future from Locker, who was showing improvement this year.

The Titans aren’t saying much about the right hip injury, but it appears they’re planning on being without Locker for some time.

19 responses to “Report: Locker “likely” headed to IR-DFR list

  1. I feel sorry for Titans fans. I was as big of a Locker doubter as anybody, but he looked like a franchise QB the last few weeks.

  2. We have a great stop gap quarterback in Tampa if you’re interested. He was a little damaged during handling, but he still works.

  3. certain people can talk about durability, but in this case he was hit twice late – and no call/flag.

    that said, other QB’s get hit the same, and stay healthy, so its hard to place why he gets hurt all the time – at Washington he was known for durability.

  4. Locker was playing very solid,smart football and probably won’t get nearly enough credit for it from people who only read his stat lines these first four games. Too many people still buy into the hyper criticism of him coming out of Washington. Yeah, he’s not perfect and his game still has weaknesses to work on. But he CAN play, and play well.

    Now the momentum Locker was building is killed, and that’s really too bad. He’s a great kid who deserved a chance to take this 3-1 start he’s been a huge part of, and see where it led. Here’s hoping they get a handle on what exactly happened to the hip and it’s not something that will hinder him beyond the projected healing time.

  5. How impressive has Locker been this season? For starters, he ranks 5th in the NFL in both Passer Rating and Total QBR and he’s tied for No. 1 with Peyton Manning in the ZERO interceptions category. … Tip of the iceberg.

  6. I feel bad for Locker. The game seems to be just slowing down for him and this happens. No matter the team I just want to see good football all around. Get well Jake.

  7. Titans Quarterback Jake Locker was playing the best football of his Short NFL career… and had the Titans team headed in the right direction…while he is out the best I can see them playing is .500

    It’s too bad… It really is… hard to tell how far he could have taken this team… In 8 weeks of backup QB can have the Titans at a 7-5 record, they still can have a chance at the Wild Card…that’s if the team goes 4-4 while he is out…

    I pray Locker heals fast…

    —Titans Fan Dan

  8. I am a Titans fan but I am worried that they have beat 3 bad teams and now think they are a playoff caliber team. The chargers were ranked 32nd in the NFL in pass defense and the titans only managed to throw one touchdown pass against them. The next games against the Chiefs, Seahawks and 49ers will let the team know where they really stand when facing the best teams. I want them to be a playoff team but I don’t want to get my hopes up to early. Go Titans!

  9. Was that not a borderline late hit? It also looked like the defender led with the crown of his helmet. If this happened to a more established quarterback like Brady, fans would be up in arms regarding that hit!

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