Report: Mark Sanchez hasn’t decided whether to have surgery


When it comes to news about the quarterback position on the New York Jets, nothing is ever straightforward.

So it should come as no surprise that a few hours after news broke that Mark Sanchez had decided to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery, another report emerged to contradict the initial report.

The new report comes from Chris Mortensen of ESPN, who says Sanchez still has not abandoned his goals for rehabilitating his shoulder and has no definite plans for surgery yet. The initial report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network said that while Sanchez might want to give rehab one more try, he knows that surgery is coming.

Regardless of whether Sanchez has actually decided to have surgery or not, what’s clear is this: Sanchez and the Jets are ready to move on from each other. Although it’s still theoretically possible that Sanchez could return for the second half of the season, there’s almost no chance of that happening. The next time we see Sanchez will be in 2014, with some other team.