Report: Vince Wilfork tore Achilles tendon


The Patriots improved to 4-0 on Sunday night in Atlanta, but they may have lost a key member of their defense for the rest of the season on their way to the victory.

Fans in the Georgia Dome booed when defensive tackle Vince Wilfork went down with an injury early in the contest because they decided he was faking an injury to slow down a Falcons drive, something that made them look silly when Wilfork was carted to the locker room. The Patriots announced that Wilfork has an ankle injury and he was seen leaving the stadium on Sunday night in a walking boot.

Those quick to boo fans look even sillier now that Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reports that Wilfork has torn his right Achilles tendon. If the injury is as severe as reported, Wilfork will be lost for the rest of the season. He was primarily replaced by undrafted rookie Joe Vellano, who had a sack on Sunday night, but the Patriots might look for other solutions to deal with a long-term absence.

Losing Wilfork would make for a major change to the New England defense. Wilfork hasn’t missed a game since 2009 and just six games over the course of his career, providing stability as the unit around him has turned over multiple times.

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  1. They booed when the Pats were on OFFENSE and a lineman went down.. and of course the Falcons furious comeback took place in front of about 15,000 fans left in attendance. Atlanta really lived up to their reputation on Sunday night.

  2. Wasn’t the result of contact or getting rolled up on, but before it happened, it thought it looked like Vince is trying to support a little to much girth weight these days.

  3. As a Patriots fan, I’d rather have lost the game and not lost Wilfork for the rest of the season.

    Either way… this is football…people get hurt. Time for the rest of the D to step up – and it appears they are.

  4. Vince,
    Pass “the Force” on to whoever replaces you this year. Be on the sideline to inspire him. And kick him in the pants if you see him not doing the job. Get well soon, and be ready for another run next year.

  5. As a Pats fan, this is truly heartbroken. One of the best defensive players in the league and on our team, gonna be tough to adjust. Get well soon, Wilfork!!!

  6. HUGE loss for the team.

    It’s a shame that every single player who goes down now gets booed. That’s the fault of players who have been taking ridiculous dives and I hope they are happy that now, because of their chicanery, legitimately injured players have to hear boos until the cart comes out.

  7. I’ve hated the Patriots for a long time, but anyone who doesn’t respect Wilfork or understand what a huge contributor he is to his team doesn’t understand football.

    Wilfork, Justin Smith, and JJ Watt are the class of the league on the D line right now, and it always sucks to see one of the best players at any position go down.

  8. Sucks to see him go down, as a Miami fan it won’t hurt our chances but as a hurricane fan I’d rather see him out there. Could this be the end of his career? That’s a big man that needs to recover on that tiny tendon =/

  9. Once again we have set new highs for fan stupidity and new lows for the respect and appreciation our men perform on the football gridiron.

    We are truly turning the clock back to Roman gladiator days. And if we actually dislike this post, then we all need to take a look in the mirror

  10. As a ravens fan when this happened to suggs I was devastated. Gotta love vince wilfolk tho, great player and great dude. Heres to a speedy recovery for the big man from THE U!!

  11. It sucks when any athlete has a serious injury, but if this happened in Philly, BSPN and every other national outlet would be villifying us. But since its atlanta, where there passion lacks, they get a pass. A fan was murdered by another teams fan in MLB, but that barely gets a mention on the east coast.

  12. Vince Wilfork made approx. $500,000 for playing last night. The average fan in attendance paid $100 for the privilege of watching Wilfork play last night. Also for the privilege of booing whenever they damn well feel like regardless of the opinion of the armchair pontificators and failed attorneys at the football propaganda arm of NBC.

  13. This is a devastating loss for the Pats defense. Wilfork may be the most underrated player in the NFL. Maybe he can call Ray Ray and Suggsy to find out what they used to both cheat their way back on to the field in record time.

  14. offthelows says:

    I don’t deny that booing an injury is a classless move, but I’m unaware of this so-called reputation that Atlanta fans have apparently picked up…

  15. Karma is a b***h. Wilfork has been one of the dirtiest players in the AFC for years but since he is on the Patriots the league overlooked that.

  16. Im a Denver fan but I hate to see a player get hurt like this. The Patriots are playing good football. This is a huge loss for them. It sucks when any of our teams has a player get hurt like this. Its part of the game but its still just a game. Hope he gets well soon and can play to his high level.

  17. This gentleman is a true class act and sincerely nice individual. Prayers for your speedy recovery, Vince!

  18. Yeah offthelows, that is exactly what I was going to say. How stupid are fans booing an injury to an offensive lineman? That is just too funny. Were the Atlanta fans booing Vollmer for slowing down his own offense? Duh.

  19. offthelows says:
    Sep 30, 2013 6:44 AM
    They booed when the Pats were on OFFENSE and a lineman went down.

    And they booed when Wilfork went down as well.

  20. Still think he was faking ATL fans? Idiots! What have we become as a society when we burn jerseys in parking lots, and boo injuries of opposing players? Burning Schaub’s jersey. All we are missing is a few guys firing AK rounds into the sky on a pick up truck and we’re no better than these “terrorist” nations we so despise. Disgusts me! And I am not a fan of either team btw.

  21. That’s a gigantic crap on a victory. Next man up but we might need to have 12 guys on D because it will take 2 guys standing side by side to replace him.

  22. not a pats fan, but am a big wilfork fan. maybe my fav NT in the history of the game, and it sucks for all fans that we won’t get to see him the rest of the year

    get better big man

  23. Not a Pats fan, but I will actully miss Wilfork. One of the only guys on the team who actually displays a personality.

  24. Even if you hate the Pats, Wilfork is one of the most down to earth NFL players out there, not to mention actually quite funny.

    Oh, and he’s a beast of a DT. This is a huge blow, not only for on the field, but leadership and morale off the field as well.

  25. sepl12 says: Sep 30, 2013 7:03 AM

    and there goes any of our delusional thoughts of a super bowl. maybe illogicalVoice will be right.

    I really can’t stand fans like this. Losing any player of Wilforks caliber sucks but it happens.

    The Patriots have certainly been hard hit by injuries this year but they’re 4 – 0 and keeping pace with Denver. Ask Houston if they’d trade positions.

  26. Big loss, not only on the field, but as a leader. Wonder if Casey Hampton is in any kind of shape, and if he still wants to play. He was more of a cap casualty in Pitts, although he is 36, and always had trouble staying in shape. Armstead(wk 10) and a bunch of UFAs aren’t gonna cut it.

  27. Don’t blame the fans for booing …

    The Patriots have demonstrated a “win at all cost” approach to football games and this extends beyond the rules and ethics.

    Yes, they’d fake an injury to slow down a team and they would also whine when someone does it to them.

    The Patriots are just like Rick Hendrick’s teams in NASCAR – being good is only as effective as the energy to hide the cheating.

  28. Hate to see anyone suffer this type of injury but especially big Vince. Hope he can come back from this and that it’s not a career ending injury.

    Oh and to the guy above, seriously, you’re comparing the Patriots to a Nascar team? Go back to your Mom’s basement.

  29. Countmahdrof: amortizing his annual income over 16 games is like saying he works 16 days a year. Regardless- your comment about fans having the right to poor taste/judgment is telling. You are among them, I assume?

  30. Philly Phil: cheap shots? Really? While I’m a big fan of the eagles you might want to look a bit more closely at your own team before talking karma.

  31. Not a fan of either team but the fans’ reaction shouldn’t be a surprise. ATL was running a fast-tempo offense and the average fan knows that the way to nullify that is by faking an injury.

    They didn’t boo him when he was carted away. That would be distasteful AKA Philadelphia-ish.

  32. That’s just too bad. His leg looked just like Dan Marino’s 20 years ago when he tore his. Just looked so innocuous.

    And can fans stop booing guys that they THINK are “faking injuries”? It isn’t nearly as widespread as media outlets and sports talk radio have led you to believe.

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