Rex Ryan: “Not a thought” about benching Geno Smith


Jets quarterback Geno Smith had a frightful game against the Titans in Sunday’s 38-13 loss, committing four turnovers that turned into 28 Titans points and looking just as overmatched as Mark Sanchez did during his own nightmare game in Tennessee last season.

After the game, Jets coach Rex Ryan said Smith would start next Monday against the Falcons while also saying that pointing to the fact that Smith is a rookie is an excuse whose statute of limitations is running out. On Monday, Ryan said that there was “not a thought” about benching Smith at this point, which isn’t a surprise given that Matt Simms is the only other option at the moment, while stressing the need for the quarterback to stop turning the ball over.

“You can’t buy experience,” Ryan said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “With that being said, we still have to do a much better job with Geno in particular [thinking], ‘I have to protect the football at all costs.’ You can’t be nonchalant about it. You have to protect the ball. You can talk about it until you’re blue in the face. But when it happens, now you see it over and over. That’s the way we can improve.”

Early in Sanchez’s career, the Jets grouped plays under a red-yellow-green code in hopes of keeping Sanchez from taking unnecessary risks that would result in turnovers. Smith’s issues aren’t quite the same — both his fumbles came from carelessness with the ball while his interceptions didn’t come on especially egregious throws — but the Jets could look into some similar attempt to limit the downsides that come from defending short fields all day long.

If they do, they’ll just have to hope it works better than it did with Sanchez or days like Sunday could come more often than the franchise would prefer.

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  1. Through an admittedly short four games, Geno is averaging 8 yards an attempt, so forgive us Jets fans for just being glad that it’s possible to improve on Mark Sanchez’ 6.5 career YPA average.

    The interceptions don’t really bother me – I’ll gladly take a rookie who can make plays down the field in exchange for a few interceptions. The boneheaded fumbles, on the other hand, are inexcusable. Just tuck the ball Geno!

    But I for one am still on the Geno bandwagon. At the very least it’s a lot more fun to watch a QB who can complete passes more than 8 yards downfield

  2. The real truth is that Ryan would replace him in a nanosecond if he had someone REMOTELY capable as a back up. But Rex made that an impossibility with his deft handling of Marc Sanchez in the pre-season.

    The Jets are going to finish something like 5-11 and Idzik will “Jet”tison Rex and his bravado like he wanted to this season.

    He got to paid millions this year to take the hit for the Jets rebuilding program. He will be someone’s DC this time next season.

  3. The kid is on pace for 44 turnovers…44.

    2.75 a game.

    The picks I get but the guy needs to hold onto the ball and stop with the fumbles. I don’t see any reason to stop playing him but he needs to start improving soon.

  4. This is a rebuilding year, not a superbowl year. People should have understood that in the beginning. We’ve seen the heights G.Smith can get to, he makes perfect throws and great reads when he has the time. He has a beautiful downfield throw and great completions. His lows however are pitiful. Those are things he can work on.

  5. You actually can buy experience…it’s called signing a veteran to play until your drafted chosen quarterback is ready.

    It’s been done a million times.

  6. What idiot asked Rex that question? Don’t get me wrong, I will drive the Rex Ryan Hate Bandwagon, but what bottom-feeding troll asked him if he would bench his rookie quarterback in favor of Matt Simms? At 2-2, are the Jets going to the playoffs if they start Matt Simms? What kind of terrible question is that?

  7. As the Jets slide further and further into irrelevance, it’s amusing to think they could actually go backwards from where they were last year at the QB position and that there are probably many more butt fumble moments ahead!

  8. Rex had 5 years to build a respectable team he didn’t, now he is paying the price along with all the jets fans. We can only hope that Idzick can clean it up .

  9. Not thinking of benching Geno? A statement made moments after Sanchez informs you he is having season, or career, ending surgery.

    Big surprise.

  10. Geno Smith was a waste of a pick. All he has shown is that he can make accurate throws when given time and when he has spotted an open receiver.

    Except practically every QB prospect can do that. What separates the good QBs is the ability to make reads under pressure and know when to make throws into coverage. Pocket presence is everything. Successful QBs always have pocket presence whereas QBs without it are usually destined to fail.

  11. Broncos fan here. Give this kid a break. Geno shows promise. Look what Manning, Elway, Aikman did in their first year. Getting shoved in a starting QB role for a rookie has to be super tough. Let this guy play and learn.

  12. Geno Smith is the kind of QB who gets coaches fired. Which I am sure warms the hearts of most Jets fans.

    He shows flashes of brilliance that make you think he can be special, but makes so many boneheaded errors on the field that you wonder if can ever be depended upon.

    That decision he made to try and transfer the ball from his right hand to his left BEHIND HIS BACK IN THE END ZONE is the perfect example of what I am talking about.

  13. Benching Smith doesn’t make sense at all. He’s going to struggle. He’s a rookie and that team isn’t very good. The fact that he has them at 2-2 right now is surprising considering what a veteran quarterback with playoff experience was able to do with the same weapons. Let him play out the string and take his knocks and he should come back better for it.

  14. Jets fan just continously prove their ignorance regarding football and their idiocy regarding life in general on this forum.

    Last week, Geno took advantage of the Bills being depleted a 6th string CB being bumped to #2 and took advantage of the fact his defense played an outstanding game to eek out a win while still throwing two TD’s. And if you read the comments of Jets fans you would have though Geno went 50-50 with 10 TD passes. Now Jets fans trash him a week later.

    And then you wonder why your team and you as a fanbase is considered a circus and a joke to everyone else.

  15. How many fumbles did Geno have in his college career …. 59.
    Why would you think it would be different in the NFL?

  16. His upside is huge. Once they get him to understand that possession of the rock is the most important thing going, real progress will be made.

  17. I sure hope the Jets don’t fire Rex. If they do, the humor content in PFT will drop radically. No one else can provide weekly, sometimes daily, slapstick comedy like Rex.

    I sure hope Jerry Jones doesn’t ever die …

  18. really. YPA? that is what the geno fans are holding onto? he is on pace for an amazing amount of INT’s and Fumbles, self created 2 point giveaways.

    he isn’t very smart, and this will get a ton of thumbs down from jets fans, but this is simply a fact. he fumbled a ton in college, this won’t change.

    geno will lose his job next season, when rex is fired and a new coach brings in his guy. its just bound to happen

  19. Rex would ride an 0-16 season, with the worst passer rating for his QB before he would admit to making mistakes. He never benched Sanchez when he needed to, so why would anyone think Geno would be benched. Geno is the GMs baby and unless he gets hurt, will play the year out, if nothing more than to stroke the GMs ego about his pick.
    Geno doesn’t seem like the type to improve from week to week. He already thinks he’s good enough.

  20. So, according to the great football minds who comment PFT threads, if a ROOKIE QB in his first 4 games doesn’t look like Peyton Manning right away, he is automatically a bust.

    Give me (and Geno) a break. The Jets are doing the right thing and seeing what they have in Geno for the future. The 2014 QB class looks pretty good, but lets see if Geno picks it up 3 months from now before you label him an auto-bust.

  21. Finally coming up for air after that one!!! No excuses!

    Thought we had something to build on after the Buffalo win! I’ll give Geno one more game to see if he can reverse his ‘apparent’ regression. I’m at a complete loss as to what he was doing in that one fumble where he was lilly gagging along like he was tip toeing through the tulips or something???

    Defense was competitive. Too many turnovers in short field to overcome.

    Offense would be pretty good with a serviceable QB.

    My only complaint is the that these refs are horrendous & are ticky tacking taking over the games or just plain making the games unwatchable!!! Missed calls, bad calls, Inconsistent alls. Not to say that first crown of helmet to Hill if called would have made the outcome any different, but it definitely set the tone of the game.

    With everything put into that new rule during preseason what is up with all the bad or non calls around it? Pretty pathetic!

  22. I do not think Geno is ever going to be that go to guy. Just don’t see him having football savy. I still say he can’t read defenses and never will aka Travaris Jackson.
    Sooner or later the interceptions will catch up to him and the Jets will have to deal with reality.

  23. Here are the stat lines for Peyton Manning’s first four games:

    Game 1: 21/37 (56.7%) – 302 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT
    Game 2: 21/33 (63.6%) – 188 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT
    Game 3: 20/44 (45.4%) – 193 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT
    Game 4: 19/32 (59.3%) – 309 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT

    What do you say we give the kid a shot and let him learn past the first quarter of his rookie year?

  24. celriot1 says:
    Sep 30, 2013 6:54 PM
    Here are the stat lines for Peyton Manning’s first four games:

    Game 1: 21/37 (56.7%) – 302 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT
    Game 2: 21/33 (63.6%) – 188 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT
    Game 3: 20/44 (45.4%) – 193 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT
    Game 4: 19/32 (59.3%) – 309 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT

    What do you say we give the kid a shot and let him learn past the first quarter of his rookie year?

    How many times did Manning try transfer the ball from his throwing hand to his non-throwing hand behind his back in his own end zone during those games?

  25. “Not to say that first crown of helmet to Hill if called would have made the outcome any different, but it definitely set the tone of the game.”
    Agree that the refs are as bad as the sub refs they had a couple seasons ago, but it all sorta balances out. The jests defender also used the crown of his helmet to smash into J. Lockers chest and then the other defender lowered his shoulder to smash him into the ground. Neither of those guys got called either.

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