Rivers on record pace thanks to pocket patience


With three starting offensive linemen inactive because of injuries and a fourth getting hurt during the game and replaced by a guy they signed Wednesday, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers had every reason to run.

The fact he didn’t shows that Rivers is well on his way to becoming the Rivers of old.

The Chargers quarterback set a record in Sunday’s 30-21 win over the Cowboys,  completing 35-of-42 passes for 401 yards and three touchdowns. That 83.3 percent rate was the highest in league history for a quarterback who threw for at least 400 yards. He also completed 83.3 percent last week (a mere 20-of-24).

The key for Rivers is standing in the face of the rush that is certainly coming, and delivering anyway.

“I ain’t allowing myself to leave the pocket,” Rivers said, via Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego. “I’m just not going to do it, because nothing good usually happens. I have to stay in there, . . . and whatever happens, happens. If they get you, they get you.”

On Sunday, he was the one doing the getting, picking apart the Cowboys when he went up-tempo, and throwing darts while under pressure.

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  1. Dallas’ defense is a joke. The offense is worse. Great, we beat the Giants and Rams. Both have proven they are bad teams.

    I don’t know why the team cant handle winning. Its like they don’t take it serious or something after a win, and they get to thinking they are better than they are.

    As a fan, its incredibly frustrating. I support the team, win or lose, but it gets harder and harder to have any faith in them that they can win.

  2. 30 -21 not 30-23 don’t worry it’s jus the score of the game that’s all.

    Hey toronto joe c’mon say something funny about the PR c’mon joe make a joke you loser

  3. Mccoy has helped resurrect Rivers. I didn’t think Mccoy was serious when he said how high of completion percentage he expected out of Rivers before the season started.

  4. Rivers – 0 Super Bowl appearances

    Eli – 2 Super Bowl MVPs

    No matter what these guys do in the REGULAR season, it won’t change the fact that Eli > Rivers and always will be.

  5. Chargers fans don’t want to talk about Super Bowls because their trophy case is empty.

    Best to talk about the regular season.

    Choo choo!

  6. 0 rings.

    I call him Phyllis Ringless.

    He will never win a Super Bowl.

    He will go down as a loser who never got it done.

  7. Rivers and the Chargers are still trailing two 4-0 teams in their division. They’re not making the playoffs this year.

    Eli and the Giants are 2 games back of the division lead just like they are.

    In other words, both the Giants and Chargers are essentially in the same position despite their records.

    Keep in mind – Chargers still have to play the Broncos TWICE. That’s 2 losses right there. They have to play the Chiefs TWICE. Giants just went through their most brutal stretch of the schedule including games vs. the Broncos/Chiefs. Everything from here on out is much easier schedule-wise.

  8. joetoronto says:
    Sep 30, 2013 11:40 AM
    Chargers fans don’t want to talk about Super Bowls because their trophy case is empty.


    Not true you pathetic loser. Our trophy case has a 1963 AFL Championship over the Boston Patriots, multiple AFC-W titles and 1994 AFC Championship, which led to our Super Bowl appearance that year. The only empty thing in this discussion is your apparent common sense. Until you get some, don’t talk smack around here. Okay loser?

  9. Difference between Eli and Phyllis?

    2 rings and 2 SB MVPs

    Get back to me when Phyllis does something – anything – significant. You know, like win a Super Bowl. In other words, never get back to me because that’s never happening.

    Eli is polishing his rings right now as we speak. Making sure those things are always looking as shiny as possible.

    Let Phyllis and his nutjob fans celebrate a 2-2 regular season record that will lead to nothing by season’s end.

    Eli > Phyllis forever and always. Get that through your heads.

  10. Beating a less than mediocre Jerry Jones Dallas team is not a time to start thumping your chest. Until Dallas can work its way through the Jerry Jones era, they are and will continue to be a doormat.

  11. Rivers may be playing well, but he still throws like a girl.

    Even my wife laughed when they showed his highlights yesterday. She turned to me in astonishment and said “how on EARTH does that guy not get laughed at every time he throws?”

  12. @ braxton 29: one AFL championship, a bunch of failed playoff runs, and an abject Super Bowl loss to the 9ers?

    You’re bragging about that pathetic record?

    This is a new low.

    Even Eagles fans don’t brag about their THREE NFL championships, two Super Bowl appearances, and countless playoff appearances.

  13. I hate when this happens with discussions like this people ignore Rivers just threw 83.3 completion percentage discussing Rivers Vs Eli at this point is silly. Both still playing and got some years left nothing is written in stone either way

  14. Joe’s right Charger Fans, but don’t fret, there is an easy solution. Just take a page out of his playbook and root for a team that’s already got trophies. It doesn’t matter if you have any connection to the team’s city at all. If they’ve already won a SB (and have pretty colors) pick em. And then you’re a winner, just like them!

    joetoronto says:
    Sep 30, 2013 11:40 AM
    Chargers fans don’t want to talk about Super Bowls because their trophy case is empty

  15. As a football fan, it is more frustrating to have the Cowboys shoved on the national audience. For a team that doesn’t make the playoffs, they surely have a lot of SNF and MNF games (admitted they are the Yankees of the NFL; having said that the NFL is built on parity, hence people will watch less glamorous teams (Bengals, Lions) which are good)

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