Anthony Spencer’s surgery is today, hopes to recover by February


Cowboys defensive end Anthony Spencer is having season-ending knee surgery today. Now the question is whether he’ll be fully healthy before he becomes a free agent in March.

Spencer is having microfracture surgery today, and Todd Archers of reports that the goal for Spencer is to be fully healthy in the January-February range.

That timing is important because Spencer becomes a free agent when the new league year begins in March. Spencer would obviously like to be able to pass a physical and show teams how well he’s moving.

No matter how healthy Spencer is before the start of free agency, however, he surely won’t make as much money as he would have had he stayed healthy this year. Spencer is playing the 2013 season on the one-year franchise tender of $10.6 million, and he’ll have to be ready to take a pay cut when he hits the free market in five months.

12 responses to “Anthony Spencer’s surgery is today, hopes to recover by February

  1. I dont know why anyone would sign him to a long term contract:

    He hasn’t produced really, outside of a contract year. Even then, it’s not like he pulled a remarkable season.

    He isn’t healthy. There’s no guarantee that he even recovers form this surgery.

    He’s admitted to taking plays off.

    If we’re being honest, Spencer got the best of Dallas. His play and attitude clearly show he is Just Another Guy.

  2. Had one good season in Dallas which was 2012, and then like so many NFL players, wanted the bank emptied for him. Lucky to be getting that 10 million. Jerry should have put Spencer on the market before this season.

  3. @grulk you obviously aren’t a cowboy fan. Anyone questing if spencer wasn’t worth it hasn’t got a clue. Spencer was our best olb against the run our best olb in coverage and he showed last year he is a very good pass rusher. Ware gets the sacks because spencer did the dirty work. Last year Rob Ryan wanted to show everyone how good spencer was and unleashed him and can anyone tell me what he did. Basically lead the cowboys d in most categories. I wish these internet trollers would know just a little about football

  4. P@paulsmith107:

    Not sure what your issue is with the Grulk comment. He HAS only had one above average year and that WAS a contract year. He wasn’t worth almost 20 million for the past 2 years and that is just a fact. He is dead on when he says he isn’t healthy and there is no guarantee he will be. And, Spence HAS admitted to taking plays off. He definitely got the best of Jerry for the past 2 years. Just because he was the best defensive player last year (with D Ware, Lee, Carter, and Ratliff all hurt mind you) does not make him worth what he has made. Anyone who gives him more than a 3-4 million dollar signing bonus at this point would be stupid. They didn’t name him “Almost Anthony” his first 4 years for nothing.

  5. The media named him almost Anthony. So he admitted to taking plays off I guarantee that most nfl players take a play or two off. To say he has been less than average is false he has been axactly what he was asked to be a solid olb. Sets the edge covers plays the run better than d ware like I said he did the dirty work. I he was allowed to rush the passer half the time d ware was able to he would have and was a double digit sack person and ware woulda been an 11 sack a year guy instead of the beast he is. Either way he may not have been worth 10 mill but he wasn’t a complete turd like everyone claims he was

  6. Nobody is claiming he is a “complete turd” or “less than average” here. I’ve watched almost every Cowboys game since he arrived and through his first 4 years, the nickname definitely applied. To say that he would equal Ware’s production if the roles were reversed is a HUGE overstatement at best and borders on being crazy. I think even Spencer would agree he is not near D Ware’s league. Ware is as good as it get’s at diagnosing screen plays and stopping the run at the weakside OLB position. He will be in the HOF without a doubt. Spencers name will not be mentioned in the selection committee meetings.

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