Buccaneers dump Ahmad Black as well


Kevin Ogletree isn’t the only player leaving the Buccaneers during their bye week.

The Buccaneers confirmed that Ogletree was released and announced that safety Ahmad Black has also been let go as the team makes some roster moves in the wake of an 0-4 start. Black was a fifth-round choice by the team in 2011 and will be subject to waivers as a result of his limited service time in the league.

Black has played all four games this season, starting twice and recording 12 tackles. His most notable moment came in Week Two when he pasted Saints tight end Jimmy Graham with a shot to the head on a play that drew both a flag and a $21,000 fine. Starting safety Mark Barron hurt his hamstring in Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals, but the Bucs must feel okay with the other options on hand in the even he’s not able to play after the bye week.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times also reports that the Bucs are expected to promote wide receiver Chris Owusu and re-sign wide receiver Tiquan Underwood. That would fill the two open roster spots, but there may be more changes coming to a team whose record explains why they’re needed.

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  1. Owusu was the best receiver behind Williams and Jackson during the preseason. Didn’t understand why he didn’t make the squad to begin with.

  2. The Ogletree move I expected, he was flat out terrible, but I’m a bit surprised by the Black release. I wonder if he was causing trouble in the locker room? I know the Bucs need a third wideout badly (along with a TE), but cutting Black is a mild head scratcher.

  3. Bucs fan here….

    On the record, I’m not happy with the Freeman benching and don’t think Glennon is the answer.

    That being said, its about time. Ogletree couldn’t catch a cold (killed many drives for Free early in the season w/ passes that hit him square in the numbers). Black was expendable.

    Owusu was tearing it up in training camp, but wasn’t really showing much during the preseason games, so the jury is still out on him.

    Still like what i saw from Underwood last year, but he needs to stay focused.

    Theses are 2 good signings considering these are the guys that Glennon had been throwing to for most of training camp and the offseason, so they should have some familiarity with each other.

    I just hope this isn’t some basis for getting ready to try to move Jackson (as reported could might possibly maybe happen, from this site).


  4. Black was the reason they lost that game last week. You could see the Cardinals making every attempt to throw his way once Barron went down. Banks bailed him out on that amazing one hand INT or he would’ve gave up a TD

  5. Black is going to have like 20 waiver claims. I hope he makes it to the Eagles but I’m sure the Jags will get him.

  6. It is always a head scratcher to me that we assume we know the answers to every decision. One word: Tape. Did anyone ever think personnel decisions come from studying tape, and not just what you saw while watching a game?

  7. At first I figured the Bucs would turn it around but this is just a mess. I don’t really blame Schiano though for the reason that the Bucs ARE ALWAYS a mess. The Bucs are basically the red headed step child to the Glazers and even with a superbowl they’re less relevant and actually sell less tickets than the Jags.

    That’s just the Bucs for you. A representation of the ownership, or in this case lack. No matter what they do that will forever be true unless they change or sell them.

  8. You got to get rid of the festers. Schiano has a few non compliers and they have to go.
    If I’m him I too am fighting to survive and getting rid of those I feel are trying to take me down.

  9. lgbarn says: Oct 1, 2013 9:37 AM

    Owusu was the best receiver behind Williams and Jackson during the preseason. Didn’t understand why he didn’t make the squad to begin with.

    Replace [preseason] with [training camp] and you would be correct.

    Owusu, for some reason, couldn’t turn what he was doing on the practice fields into production on game days. Reading articles on JoeBucsFan during training camp, you would here nothing but good about Owusu. Catching everything Free threw his way. Handling punts like a BOSS.

    But when it came time for the game, he just couldn’t show up. Hope he pans out, though. looks like he runs nice routes and has decent speed.

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