Chip Kelly denies he has become a conservative coach


Chip Kelly built a reputation as a gambler at Oregon, succeeding by taking chances at times when other coaches would have played it safe. But that’s not the Chip Kelly we’re seeing in the NFL.

Most notably, Kelly has stopped going for it on fourth down. As a college coach, Kelly had a more aggressive approach on fourth downs, but on Sunday, when the Eagles had a fourth-and-6 at Denver’s 37-yard line while trailing 21-13, Kelly took a delay of game penalty and then punted. That would seem like a perfect time to go for it, but Kelly said he didn’t even think about going for it in that situation.

In the next breath, however, Kelly denied that deciding to punt — and deciding to attempt field goals at other points in the game — was a reflection of conservative play-calling.

“I didn’t consider it at all,” Kelly said. “I don’t think that’s conservative. I think at that point in time when we made those decisions, we were trying to get points.”

Although the Eagles went for it on fourth-and-1 and got a first down on their first drive of the season, in the opening Monday night at Washington, Kelly has gone for it on fourth down just once since that very first drive. It sure seems like Kelly is becoming a conservative coach.

More importantly, Kelly has become a losing coach. After losing three in a row, it may be time for Kelly to start taking more chances.

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  1. Kelly’s offense seems to work in an NFL environment, but the problem with Kelly are these weekly HC decisions on clock management, when to punt, when to call timeout, etc. in ways that make you think he never anticipated having to make these decisions, as if he never actually watched an NFL game before.

    I think Chip Kelly would be a much better OC than a HC in the NFL.

  2. Gimmicky Chip is in way over his head. FILTHadelphia fans are already crying because they see Andy Reid building a dynasty team and wish they had him back.
    3 more weeks and bricks will begin crashing through Chips home windows, courtesy of the classless fans.

    KC Chiefs will be playing in multiple Super Bowls while FILTHadelphia will be mediocre for years.

    Andy is laughing loudly in KC, as the other 31 teams also.
    Fans wanted Andy gone, KC thanks you.
    Now look what you got.

  3. Its only 4 games folks. Do you think the Birds were going to go 10-6 or 11-5??? REALLY. The defense has to be rebuilt, we have new coaches, new schemes, new system and many new players. The QB is not going to be the starter next year, we still need defense pieces, could not fix all the Andy Reid mess in one year. Its a process folks. Losing Maclin was a major loss, Cooper is not a #2 receiver. RELAX people, RELAX……:)

  4. He inherrited a roster full of 4-12 talent, especially on D. Relax. The team will look completely different in 24 months. We dont have a franchise QB and regardless of what you read and hear, Vick is not a perfect fit. He’s neither smart or accurate enough to run this offense.

  5. Really? After 3 games –“Kelly has become a losing coach” Really?

    Michael David Smith: He’s the coach of a team with a losing record. Therefore he’s a losing coach. Doesn’t mean he isn’t a good coach, doesn’t mean he won’t be a winning coach three weeks from now. But right now he is a losing coach.

  6. He’s just the latest college fad. Soon his shine will fade and they’ll all talk about the good old days under Andy Reid.

  7. This guy seems to be getting crucified by the first month. Maybe their problems have to do with the fact that they’re not exactly the greatest team all around and add to that the fact that Denver has put up an average of almost 45 points per game.

  8. He’s not gone conservative. It’s just that reality has set in. This is the NFL. This is not Oregon and this is not the NCAA.

    He’s not playing Nicholls St and you don’t have the athletes in Philly that you had in Eugene.

    You’re not playing a 12-game season, he’s playing a 16-game season plus 4 preseason games.

    You don’t have 85+ players to work with, you have 53, same as everybody else.

  9. The team is losing because of defense, not Kelly’s playcalling. What is scary for Eagles fans is that this team could actually fall backwards into winning the division and not being able to have the draft picks to draft a quarterback and secondary.

    How long of having a horrible secondary do you need before its just building instead of rebuilding?

  10. He should just go to USC. no one remembers Saban as the Dolphin coach……And who wants to be conservative??? They ruin everything…….now if you will excuse me my 30 year old butt has to look for insurance on the new exchange……just like I voted for….

  11. Just on a quick glance I thought that the title of the article read “Chip Kelly denies he’s a coach.”I get a feeling that by seasons end alot of people may feel this way.

  12. So taking chances is the key to success, Michael? Is that right? So when Kelly went for 2 in the first quarter down 10-6 to Chiefs, you supported it? Seems like taking chances is always a winning proposition now, does it?

  13. smarterthanyou, andy reid is to blame for the present condition of the eagles defense; thanks andy!

    second, if you watch football for entertainment (like I do), you’ve gotta love Chip Kelly and despise Andy Reid (like I do). so i’ll take the 1-3 exciting eagles any day over the snoozefest 4-o chiefs.

  14. Hello. He inherited a 4-12 team. He’s 1-3 yes but watch out he’s capable of being 6-3 going into Green Bay. This is the NFL not college this is a 16 game season. Kelly is adapting to the roster he has

  15. Rick Spielman is a Magician said: A lot has changed since the first half of the first game of the season.

    Not really Rick, Eagles offense is still dominant and the defense is still bad. Let’s see how different the outcomes is when Philly plays the losing teams remaining on the schedule.

  16. This guy REALLY seems to lack insight into himself and/or his motivations/actions. (Or else he lacks honesty. Or both.)

  17. Listen, I love Andy Reid, I appreciate everything he did for the franchise, but this is a squad that Andy drafted and supplemented with his own guys in FA that went 12-20 over the last two seasons.
    He left a tire fire in Philadelphia, especially on defense- there is not a single playmaker on that side of the ball
    Give Chip more than one draft and one FA period to build the team before you start burying him.
    Before the season, everyone was ready and willing to give him a chance to rebuild- then they win one game, and it’s “SUPER BOWL! YEAH!”
    Three games later and you’re declaring him a “Losing Coach?”
    Let’s not forget the Broncos are probably the best team in the league right now, and they would have beaten probably anyone in the league. The birds are not on that level yet.
    Let’s all relax here for a second.

  18. sbaltimore, hey, your team’s HORRIBLE and your 22 MILLION dollar QB just threw 5 INTs, YES FIVE!!!

    Have fun though! We Eagles fans are taking are lumps, and the main reason we’re 1-3 is b/c of ANDY DAM REID! He left us in shambles and inherited a good team in KC, but have fun losing in the playoffs, forever!

  19. Why is everyone hating on the Eagles? I am a Broncos fan and have watched 3 of the Eagles games this year. The combined record of the teams they have lost to is 10-2 and they could have easily have won the game against the Chargers. As much as you all hate to admit it Michael Vick played great football against Denver last week. Look for the Eagles to win a shootout against the Giants this week and to win the hopeless NFC East.

  20. raiderufan says:
    Oct 1, 2013 11:15 AM
    But he didn’t deny he’ll be USC’s next coach

    I’ll also bet SoCal is looking a lot better to him these days. The good life, and he can renew the inherent potential talent advantage he no longer has at this level. Seems like an obvious prospect.

  21. My prediction will come true! Chippy won’t last a year in the NFL. His gimmick doesn’t work. Kudos to him for taking the eagles money. College football he we come lol

  22. There are a lot of people saying it is the defense that is so horrible, well it is both sides of the ball that are horrible at best. To have the talent that we are supposed to have on offense and not even mange to score more than 13 points is ridiculous. The multitude of problems extends beyond just the players. Every member of that organization shoule be embarassed to say they are an NFL team. The lack of talent on both sides of the ball coupled with bad, unprepared coaching is an embarassment to the league. Sure the Jags are horrible, but at least they are honestly and not because they just do not care. To be a NFL player and be so pathetic that you could not even compete with many college teams is a disgrace. Yes McCoy is having a great year, but one player cannot get it done and it starts with making the players responsible for their poor play. Bench them and put someone in there that can get it done. As far as Mr Kelly being conservative, no he is not conservative, just scared because he realizes that he does not have enough pieces to even run a basic offense that can sustain a drive. Some say they are rebuilding….right…you do not rebuild with the “talent” that is currently on the roster. I do not believe that this team would have won more than 5 games this year, but to be this bad is beyond words and every player should be embarassed and asking for forgivness of all their fans.

  23. So we’re a game out of first in the NFC Stinko division? We could easily win the next five straight. How many combined wins do the Giants, Bucs, Raiders and Cowboys have? I rest my case?

  24. Are you people really serious?? You all can make all the lame excuse that he inherited the current roster, but u sound dumb! He built the defense through free agency..he doesn’t have the same scheme or secondary from last year..HE PUT THE DEFENSE TOGETHER!! You can also make the claim that it’s not his offense that’s the problem, but he “rebuilt” the offense under what he wanted. He doesn’t have a number 2 receiver since Macklin went down, he doesn’t have a number 2 receiver because Macklin went down & he decided against finding another number 2 to put on the roster. His knowledge of the game is horrible & he is a better than good OC in this league.

    And for u half wits saying he’s gonna be a one and done in the league to leave for USC..he has a ban on him for the foreseeable future from infractions at Oregon. Bottom line is..Andy Reid was horrible at play calling in the redzone and clock management…so is this guy!! The team needs to get Roseman outta here & should’ve hired Lovie Smith..because just like last year, the offense is really not the problem, the defense is. Chip Kelly built this defense to protect a huge lead, they are not built to play in an actual close game

  25. I’m not a big Chip Kelly fan, but SERIOUSLY…this team has virtually NO TALENT. Give them some time to develop the younger guys.

  26. Logicalvoicesays is Mike Shannahan and Smarterthanyou is Kyle Shannahan in disguise. Redskins are relevant? Yea and Bruce Allen likes Indian cuisine.

    Philly just finished the toughest part of their schedule this year so no worries about finishing strong this year. Redskins are about to go on another 0-3 skid.

  27. Gimmicks don’t work? Leading rusher in the NFL? Top 3 receiver in yards, top rushing team in yards…yea looks like the offense is irrelevant lol. They have a problem scoring points not moving the ball.

    Defense is the problem. But ill sit back and let the Redskins and Giants fans explain to us how to play defense this year.

  28. I’m frankly pretty happy with the Eagles so far this year. We’re 1-3, but one of those losses was by a field goal and the other two came from teams that look really legit (Chiefs and Broncos). The schedule for the rest of the year looks a lot more manageable. We’re a work in progress. It’s not like Chip Kelly can just wave a magic wand and turn a 4-12 team into Super Bowl champs.

  29. Andy inherited a 2-14 roster and now they’re 4-0, 3 games of which are from the NFC East.

    Coaching matters. KC was tired of Marty Schottenheimer and his ability to only get KC to the playoffs, Philly now did the same thing to Reid that KC did to Schottenheimer, and 15 years later, KC fans still regret it.

  30. All you Philly fans wanting to continue to blame Andy Reid…not sure that is helping you all out. If you all didn’t like what Andy was doing while he was there, maybe that problem falls on who Andy’s boss was? Still, you guys acted like you were getting the best thing since sliced bread when Chip was hired during the off season. You all were very proud to say how KC go the shaft hiring Reid. KC was getting laughed at by Eagles fans. Who is laughing now? From where I sit, looks to me like Andy Reid wasn’t your problem. Remember Eagles fans, when you point the finger, you have three fingers pointing right back at you!

  31. Smarterthanyou says: Oct 1, 2013 11:03 AM
    Andy is laughing loudly in KC, as the other 31 teams also.
    Fans wanted Andy gone, KC thanks you.
    Now look what you got.

    Calm down before you have a heart attack. You seem like your own biggest fan “LOLOLOLOLOL”?

    I will be the guy to say “told you so” when KC makes the playoffs and fails. Reid is a great regular season coach but you are screwed with him in the playoffs lol.. goodluck

  32. Why does he keep reminding me of Buddy Ryan?

    (which is a scary thought because after Buddy the Eagles had Kotite, so if history repeats itself…)

  33. Never seen a first year Coached picked apart so much after only Four Games. If he keeps going for it on 4th Down,He’s a gimmicky College Coach. If he doesn’t,then he’s becoming Conservative. He can’t win! He’s REBUILDING a 4-12 Football team that has been in decline the last 3 years!

  34. Eagles fans are really funny. I’d heard about them…but this is a good glimpse into what people have been saying about them for years.

    As for 23rdusernameused…

    HOW many Lombardis do the Eagles have again? Right. That’s what I thought. Enjoy YOUR season. It should be pretty similar to the last year.

    (And HOW many one and dones have you guys had? And even when you did manage to advance…it was always the bridesmaid…never the bride, wasn’t it? I know. It hurts. Get over it. Maybe one day your team will be able to hoist the “WORLD CHAMPION” moniker. Until then, enjoy your college coach.)

    (And while Harbaugh was only your Special Teams Coordinator, it must kinda sting a little to look down the road and see the Eagles Annex sporting it’s second Super Bowl ring.)

  35. I keep seeing posts where people are blaming the defense: Hate to rain on the parade, but Kelly’s offense directly impacts their defense. Their drives are so fast, they literally gas their own defenders. The adjustment I haven’t seen Kelly make yet is occasionally slowing things down just to give his defense time to catch their breath. Denver had like three TDs in the second half coming off of Eagle 3-and-outs.

  36. As an Eagles fan, even at 1-3 we look like we’re moving in the right direction. Offense looks great. Stupid penalties and bad times are only thingsthat’s really hurting us on offense.

    The defense isn’t terrible, but the secondary is the worst in the league. But I knew that going into the season and I think most Eagles fans did too. I’m impressed with the play of the LB’s. D-line shows a lot of good, young talent too.

  37. What is this great team you all claim Andy Reid inherited? They were 2-14. Chippy had the same opportunity with the Eagle roster that Andy had with KC’s. I think Chippy is just in way over his head.

  38. “What is this great team you all claim Andy Reid inherited? They were 2-14. Chippy had the same opportunity with the Eagle roster that Andy had with KC’s.”
    Man, do I WISH Chip had the opportunity to draft Eric Berry, Brandon Flowers, Tamba Hali, and Justin Houston

  39. “What is this great team you all claim Andy Reid inherited? They were 2-14. Chippy had the same opportunity with the Eagle roster that Andy had with KC’s.”

    LOL… Reid can’t draft to save his life. example: Danny Watkins, Brandon Grahm, etc. We also switched from a 4-3 to a hybrid scheme. What’s your point? The chiefs had a better roster in place when Reid arrived plain and simple. Enjoy the playoffs chiefs fans. Then enjoy the choke and crash.

  40. Rome wasn’t built in a day… It’s a process, the roster was an absolute mess. They have about 5 NFL caliber starting players on defense. 7-9 would be a success this year.

    Everyone needs to relax…

  41. I think he has no idea what he is doing in the NFL. first he goes for 2, in a terrible situation, down 10-0, against KC, fails.

    then he is down 14-6 early, after defending what he did against KC, does Kelly try for the 2 to tie it up or does he go against what he seemed to claim his strategy was? they kicked

    I think Chip Kelly is not long for the NFL. he even looks lost on the sidelines, out of place, I am not sure he is even close to a fit.

  42. reid can’t draft to save his life? OK, that is totally fine, and again to the philly fans who seem to totally miss this point: John Dorsey is the man in charge of those decisions. not andy reid. so again, just stop. if you wanted to claim reid had final say, then you have to look at the 7 waiver additions KC made who are all contributing. someone is doing something right in KC

  43. Franchise tagged Brandon Albert. Top overall pick in the draft. Alex Smith, Dunta Robinson, Sean Smith. Hali, Flowers, Poe, Berry, Houston, Charles, Bowe… Yea it doesn’t seem like Aandy Reid inherited a team.

    Funny how’s there’s 8 new starters on the Philly D and 2 for the Cheifs. Yea Andy Reid didn’t inherit a better team.

  44. Isn’t funny that you guys only blame Andy Reid for the players on the defense? I’m pretty sure all but one guy on the offense was Andy Reid’s doing as well. Typical Philadelphia fans…something goes wrong and you try and pin it on someone somewhere else

  45. “It is the D… It is the D…”.. Really? That defense is pretty solid for the most part. I can’t think of one Defense in the league that can play 40 minutes of a ball game and remain fired up for the last 10 minutes.

    The problem is that the Offense turns the ball over too much. The Offense cannot get first downs enough. The Offense has a hard time putting a drive together. In short, the Offense fails to win the TOP battle week in and week out.

    The problem in Philly is that they have no viable option at the QB position. They are pretty much stuck with a couple QBs who could not even make a roster anywhere else in the league. They have great RB, good receivers but the ball is not getting where it is supposed to be on a regular basis. Vick and Foles are not the answer. Who is their 3rd string guy? They got a guy on the practice squad? That is the question people should be asking.

  46. You people are the bunch of loosers! YOu call yourself fans? After one bad play you all boooo hooo the players! Why don’t you try getting behind them and giving them some support? And after three games lost your condemning the coach? What!! Do you want him to give up and quit right away? WHY!!! Because thats what you losers did all your life, quit as soon as stuff got difficult? Well thats why you never got anywhere in life!! CRY AND RUN PEOPLE CRY AND RUN!!! It’s easier than putting a little effort out. Thats what our society has become!

  47. He’s a deer in the headlights. The reason he kept trying all of those risky plays in college is because they always worked.

    Guess he didn’t realize that the worst defense he will ever face in the NFL is better than the best defense he ever faced in the PAC 10. 90% of the defenders his players faced are now working at Walmart. He should keep that in mind moving forward.

  48. skinsfaninphilly says:
    Oct 1, 2013 12:10 PM
    And for u half wits saying he’s gonna be a one and done in the league to leave for USC..he has a ban on him for the foreseeable future from infractions at Oregon.
    Oops, good catch, except it’s only an 18-month “show cause” period, which I presume means he could leave Philly for college after 2 seasons. USC will be filled, but there should be other interesting opportunities.

  49. “I will be the guy to say “told you so” when KC makes the playoffs and fails. Reid is a great regular season coach but you are screwed with him in the playoffs lol.. goodluck”

    Good luck with Vick in the playoffs!

    Vick is a career 2-3 in the playoffs, reid record is better than that. In Vick’s only postseason game in Philly he gave the game away late. If we are going to be real, mark Sanchez has been a much better postseason QB than Vick. Sanchez has last second drives in both AFC Championship runs. Vick blows in the playoffs.

    Silly Eagle fans….

  50. Eagles fans are total hypocrites. They did nothing but complain about McNabb year in and year out, then, when he was inducted into their ROH, they acted as if he was the second coming of Johnny Unitas. What a bunch of tools.

  51. My fellow Eagles fans, (at least the vocal ones),
    sicken me with their hypocrisy and just plain lies!
    “Don’t the Eagles always start 1-3″…Uh, nope. In fact last year at this time the Eagles were 3-1 under Reid.
    “He is coaching a team with 4-12 talent” Seriously? Because thatbis not what you anti-Reid fans were claiming when you demanded he be fired.

  52. to the people beatifying andy reid: look at the philadelphia defense. built by andy reid with the exception of barwin, chung and bradley.

    by far the worst defense in eagles history for two consecutive years. way worse than hogan, logan, and outlaw….and to the previous poster, yes it was a team with 4-12 talent. saint william of parcells taught us long ago, it is what it is. we were ready for andy to go because he couldn’t tell a talented defensive player from a barn door.

    andy passed on eric berry when he needed a safety. he passed on earl thomas as well. the eagles haven’t yet had an nfl quality safety since dawkins and mikell left. so hold the train on carrying andy to canton, like st. bill also taught us.

  53. “to the people beatifying andy reid: look at the philadelphia defense. built by andy reid with the exception of barwin, chung and bradley.”

    Along with Eagle management, a lot of the players drafted & the decisions that were made were completely agreed upon by Banner & Reid & then when Banner left, Roseman & Reid. You state the last 2 years of Eagle defenses are by far the worst in team history, well Roseman has been the GM during those years. What makes you think Roseman knows defensive talent?

  54. “Coaching matters. KC was tired of Marty Schottenheimer and his ability to only get KC to the playoffs, Philly now did the same thing to Reid that KC did to Schottenheimer, and 15 years later, KC fans still regret it.”

    Not like Marty did much in San Diego afterwards. Some coaches just don’t have “it” in them to get to the top.

    OT: Never wanted Chip in the first place. Guy was basically the WC version of Steve Spurrier. Should have hired McCoy (look at what Philip Rivers is doing over there) or Bradley (to keep the defense at a 4-3 were it should be. Another bad call by Kelly). Oh well, hopefully Chip takes the USC job and Roseman gets his ticket out of Philly and the rebuild can finally begin.

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