Chris Johnson to fantasy owners: I didn’t ask you to draft me

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Some NFL players embrace fantasy football, play fantasy football and even say they’re motivated by drafting themselves in their own fantasy leagues. Other NFL players find fantasy football to be an annoyance, and wish fans would shut up about it.

Titans running back Chris Johnson is in the latter group.

After Johnson was held to just 21 yards on 15 carries in Sunday’s win over the Jets, he lashed out on Twitter at the fans who had complained to him that he was hurting their fantasy teams.

“Public service announcement: I can care less about fantasy football. Key word fantasy. As long as we win I’m happy. I rush for 200 n lose y’all happy,” Johnson wrote. “U r the head coach n the owner of ur fantasy team so u should be mad at urself I didn’t ask any of u to draft me so if I’m so sorry y start me.”

Johnson is right that he didn’t ask anyone to draft him. Of course, he did ask the Titans to give him a huge pay raise, and after they gave it to him his performance declined, and through four games this season he’s averaging a career-low 3.3 yards a carry and a career-low 3.0 yards a catch and has yet to reach the end zone. So while the fantasy owners who drafted Johnson may have no reason to complain, the actual owner of the Titans may be feeling like he’s not getting his money’s worth.

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  1. Even with poor numbers, Johnson draws a lot of defensive attention and therefore still contributes significantly to winning. They did win with his numbers, right?

  2. Titans are 3-1. I don’t think the Titans owner is complaining about anything right now. As far as Fantasy owners go, I’m sure CJ is trying his best to get the yardage. It’s not like he is purposely trying to sabotage your fantasy team. The main goal of all NFL players should be to win games not pad their personal stats for fantasy owners.

  3. There’s only one player who repeatedly brings up fantasy football, and it’s Chris Johnson. Seriously, dude. Nobody cares. And nobody drafted you to win fantasy football championships, because you’re just not that good. Get over yourself and start worrying about your team’s success instead of what a couple Titans rubes think.

  4. Chris Johnson still plans on breaking Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record, but there is a catch; he’s going to take three seasons to do it.

    Good luck, Chris!

  5. I really hate Twitter and what it’s doing to the English language. My eyes hurt trying to read that garbage. “I didn’t ask any of u to draft me so if I’m so sorry y start me”. What?

  6. I hate when fantasy owners get mad when a player doesnt get them points. Football is Football. It’s NOT about “Fantasy Points”. Go play World of Warcraft or somethin.

  7. Wish he would have mentioned my one fantasy team name that drafted him during his rant. I could have sold some t-shirts and #1 foam fingers. lol

  8. In related news, Johnson has formally changed his nickname from “Every Coach’s Dream” to “Every Fantasy Football Owner’s Nightmare”…

  9. Too many people care way TOO MUCH about Fantasy Football. I enjoyed it for over 10 years, but it gets stale after a while. Real football has, and always will super seed fake football. I’m surprised more players haven’t said things like this.

  10. Chris Johnson’s team is winning, that’s all that matters. Not about how much he makes or how much stats he makes. The funny thing with the media is if he was on pace for 2,500 yards and they were 0-4, he would be called selfish and all about money.

  11. Some ppl do take FF way to seriously but Johnson has pretty much been garbage since his pay day he’s had a couple good games but not worth what he’s paid it’s to bad he looked really promising the first couple years

  12. Low commitment once he got paid. Another classic example of the power of keeping employees hungry for winning/performing at their peak.

    As for his comments…dont be such a tool CJno2K….pissing on fans and telling them it’s raining will only make them despise you, esp when you want their support in 2 years when you are out of the league and wishing anyone would still follow you.

  13. Grown men playing make believe using other grown men as the objects of their fantasy…
    I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

  14. Why on earth would someone complain to a pro football player on twitter about their fantasy team?

  15. And I was the first person and most aggressive person to lambaste the team for signing that deal in the first place. I knew immediately it was a bad deal, but the team still hasn’t figured it out. They aren’t too smart over there in Tennessee.

  16. If you play Fantasy Sports, and you complain 1) in person to the player about their performance about pretend games b) take to social media to complain to the player about pretend games, everybody hates you. Your friends, family, co-workers all hate you. In fact people in your league despise you for being “that guy” and the only reason you’re in the league is because they were short a person.

    Don’t be “that guy” that takes the land of make-believe too far.

  17. I’m a self admitted Fantasy Fb player who happens to have CJ on my team. IMO players should be trying to pad their stats in order to get more money down the road and also helping their team win games. Nothing more.

  18. I thought I was getting Chris Johnson of the Atlanta Braves when I put the name on the board. His fantasy football production is only slightly less than CJ2K’s at this point.

  19. Johnson isn’t the reason the Titans are 3-1… far from it.

    Their defense has made a significant step up and Jake Locker has looked much better.

    Plus, probably the biggest reason they are 3-1 is they’ve had a relatively easy schedule so far.
    0-4 Pittsburg
    2-2 Houston
    2-2 San Diego
    2-2 NYJ
    6-10 combined record…

    Their next three, 4-0 KC, AT 4-0 Seattle (thats a loss, better bring ear protection), & SF. 10-2 combined record….

    With no Locker… they’ll probably be 3-4 fairly soon.

  20. He’s right but he already shot himself in the foot two years ago with his self-dubbed nickname of CJ2k followed by a holdout followed by dissapointment, drop-off in production and real-leauge football value to his team, and seemingly a general drop off in skill level.

    The guy made it clear two years ago it was all about him, so while he shouldnt care about fantasy, he should understand that by talking himself up people drafting him was going to be a side effect whether he likes it or not.

    For the record, I dont buy for one second that hed be happy rushing for 35 yards on 20 carries every week as long as his team was winning.

  21. Chris Johnson had ONE (1) great season, then decided to hold out for more money, and now realizes he is just an ordinary RB. Now, he HAS to make excuses for his suck performances.

  22. Jackie Battle looked better than Johnson and now that Locker is hurt the Titans are going to need a capable RB more than ever. If CJ can’t get it done, they need to forget about salaries ans ego and play Battle…

  23. Fantasy football is fun. It’s really nothing ” fantasy ” about it. It’s about your ability to prognosticate player performance.

    Don’t get mad at C Johnson. You should have known that he needs a coach like Heimerdinger(RIP) to maximize his talents like McFadden needs Hue Jackson…if you’re a good prognosticator. Blame yourself not CJ.

  24. My fantasies don’t involve dudes. And Chris Johnson is 100% correct. He may “talk funny” and all but, his logic is sound.

  25. That’s sad he even feels he needs to address this. That’s the problem with the NFL, too worried about Fantasy Football and not the fans who love football for football

  26. This is why I only draft good character guys for my fantasy football team.

    Come back Barry Sanders, all is forgiven.

  27. Anyone who drafted CJ to their fantasy team didn’t do their homework, and earned whatever disappointment he brings them.

  28. Finally, he is saying something I can get behind.

    Wait for it …

    Props to Chris Johnson.

    -Titans Fan

  29. I have him on my team & couldn’t agree more. He has no obligation to fantasy players. However, as a titans fan I can complain all I want. His $10 mil a year could be better served getting some of other great players on the team.

  30. @logicalvoice says:

    “Top 5 RBs in Professional Football – Alfred Morris, Jamal Charles, Matt Forte, CJ Spiller and Marshawn Lynch. In that order.”

    What a homer…What happened to A.P & Shady McCoy???

  31. If i was the Titans owner I would be complaining even with a 3-1 record. I am paying this bum how much money so that players like Alfred Morris and Bilal Powell can have more rushing yards while playing less games. Another dud season and he will get his walking papers.

  32. Y’know, what a lot of people don’t realize is that most of these guys are puppies in their 20’s and are prone to saying dumb things at the wrong times. Heck, I didn’t develop any real sense until after I turned 30… and there are those who will disagree with even that.

  33. I play FF and i did draft CJ knowing that he is a boom or bust RB. It is what it is, people complaining about FF players who underpeform should a) get a life or b) should have known what u were getting..

  34. salscobrakai says:
    Oct 1, 2013 12:26 PM
    The fact that the man has no grasp of the English language is enough of an excuse for fantasy owners not to draft him. Hooked on Phonics CJ.

    You don’t know much about Twitter, do you?

  35. “I can care less about fantasy football.”

    C’mon man, in a tweet specifically trying to say you couldn’t care less you say you could? That’s just dumb.

    To the point though, he’s right. He has no obligation to anything or anyone but the team….and they should be pissed! $10 mill and even more headaches for next to nothing in return.

  36. Low commitment once he got paid. Another classic example of the power of keeping employees hungry for winning/performing at their peak.

    People say this all the time about him and I just don’t see it. My biggest complaint about Johnson is that he hasn’t developed better receiving skills (I assume, since they have never expanded his role as a receiver), which would open up a lot more possibilities since he’s not big enough to be the prototypical power back who runs over people all the time. He occasionally gets some looks as a receiver, but nearly enough to make him a consistent threat that way. I think that’s his real limitation,especially in fantasy terms.

    But he also doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the excellent dirty work he does as a blocker (goes against the claims that he’s selfish/not a team player) or for how much attention he draws from defenses who are willing to sell out against him/the run and force the Titans to beat them through the air. Like the Jets, last week, who even brought it up post game that they didn’t want CJ to beat them but they probably were surprised by how Locker was able make plays against them in the first half.

    And despite the slow start from a YPC standpoint, IMO he’s in a much better position now under Dowell Loggains as OC than he was in Chris Palmer’s offense. Palmer’s approach was frustrating to watch, and way too predictable. I think a lot of guys on the offensive side, including CJ, will benefit over the longer haul with Loggains in charge.

  37. Can everyone please stop attacking fantasy football as if the people who are into it aren’t real fans.
    They are bigger fans than you, b/c they watch every single game, with a vested interest. We get it, you’re a “truer” fan b/c you eat, breathe and sleep for the one team you truly care about….so if that makes you feel better so be it.

    The NFL is about offense, and scoring points. Fantasy football is about offense and scoring points. NFL is no longer about the team, and the rules reflect that, so get on the fantasy bandwagon, b/c real football ended in the 90’s.

  38. Someone needs to explain to him that using the media is a double edged sword.
    You cant come out and exclaim you are going to have a 2000 yd season and be the best rb around and then get mad when people come back at you when you havent performed as you bragged you would.
    T he fact that fantasy football exists just shows how many more eyes are watching you now with more scrutiny……deal with it and get your head back into the playing field and earn your money!

  39. hilarious that ppl still are in disbelief over CJs grasp of the English language. Wow.

    You could have meaningful dialect with a 18 month old that just learned to say mamma

  40. Did CJ2K forget about the interview he gave ESPN back in March about this season:

    “This week during an interview with Trey Wingo on ESPN’s “NFL Live,” Johnson, 27, said that he was “very confident” he will have more rushing yards in 2013 than Peterson.”


    “Johnson went a step further during a subsequent interview with NFL Network, saying he could break Dickerson’s 29-year-old record of 2,105 rushing yards.”


    “Every running back’s goal is to break that record,” Johnson said. “You want to break 2,105. I believe I can do it.”

    21 yards per game is a great start to this Chris!

  41. trollingforjustice says:
    Oct 1, 2013 1:35 PM
    …..and by the way, those who bash fantasy football do so because they are to lazy to take the time to maintain and manage a team for 16 wks
    It’s because their out of touch. If you’re not in a fantasy football league you’re losing. Get with the times.

  42. I went to college with this guy. And the sad part is, he actually went to class.

    He’s right, but what he should do is get off of twitter if he doesn’t want to hear it. There are 32 NFL teams. Chances are, most of the people complaining aren’t Titan fans. If you still want twitter, toughen up.

  43. Fantasy football is for fans of teams that stink so they can have a reason to watch after week 4.

  44. If you drafted this guy you haven’t been paying attention. He is like Steven Jackson, some times you’ll get good points, most times you won’t get squat. You need to look at the system he is in and the talent around him.

  45. I get where CJ?K is coming from, but there’s a couple of things he needs to keep in mind:

    1. The NFL aggressively promotes fantasy football, has its own leagues through its website, runs commercials showing Trent Richardson, Matt Ryan, and Julio Jones carrying their fantasy owners on their shoulders. Literally. This is the club you belong to, dude, so maybe not so much with the fantasy-bashing.

    2. He signed up for the Twitter account. What did he think was going to happen? It was going to be all happiness and love, especially when he — once again — started off the season with a whimper? Is he saying that there aren’t any Titans fans giving him grief for his lack of production, only Fantasy owners?

    That said, anyone who took him in the first 18 slots deserve what they’re getting. They overpaid.

  46. iamcline says: Oct 1, 2013 12:33 PM

    Too many people care way TOO MUCH about Fantasy Football. I enjoyed it for over 10 years, but it gets stale after a while. Real football has, and always will super seed fake football. I’m surprised more players haven’t said things like this.


    “Super seed”? Please tell me you didn’t really type that.

  47. Ever since he had the oline from 5 years ago that you could run a bus through, CJ has been horrible.

    He got paid, and he has to be the worst back from getting any additional yardage from the first contact.

    This guy needs to personally pay his offensive line from 5 years ago, and give them a few million, BECAUSE THAT’S HOW HE EARNED IT.

    Truthfully, I can’t believe the Titans are paying him the millions he gets, for the little he produces.

    CJ, you can’t hold Peterson’s jock…..and it’s not even close!

  48. Anyone who has a fantasy team knows Chris Johnson is not one of the better RB’s to go with, he’s too inconsistent to start. Maybe if one of your starters has a bye week or is temporarily injured, that is about the only time you use Chris Johnson.

  49. Fantasy football is almost 100% pure luck. Over the years I’ve seen people who auto drafted win the entire league, people who know nothing about football or the players win the entire league, etc.

    It’s the main reason I’m not even wasting my time playing it this year. People who think it’s mostly skill are kidding themselves and more of a nerd than they even think.

  50. @logicalvoice says:

    “Top 5 RBs in Professional Football – Alfred Morris, Jamal Charles, Matt Forte, CJ Spiller and Marshawn Lynch. In that order.”

    HA Alfred Morris and Forte should NOT be on that list.

    How can you include them yet leave out Peterson, McCoy, and Foster? You must not watch too much football.

  51. If CJ had Peyton Manning for his qb like he does on 5 of my fantasy teams he would’ve gotten a talking to from the sheriff a long time ago.

  52. I play fantasy football and enjoy following other players/ teams I normally wouldn’t pay much attention to other than my team and alums from my college. However, I would never ever dream of bashing a player because he didn’t “get me enough points”. That’s just stupid.

    People who do that are the same ones who scream and yell at a 15 year old umpire at Little League baseball games. They’re Over the Top guy.

  53. Actually CJ2k, it’s COULDN’T care less. I’m sure if you COULD care less, you certainly would. As for fantasy, I benched him and got a decent day by the Jets relative newcomer to the backfield. It will be hard to start CJ again unless it is against the Jags.

  54. For a team who tells you that they are going to run most of the game, I think he’s doing pretty well. Sure, his performance has declined and he could be doing better, but he’s also a speed back who is rarely injured, which is really rare.

  55. You are right CJ, it is my fault for drafting you. I could have had Reggie Bush. But it is still your fault for stinking up the joint. 15 carries for 21 yards against the Jets??? R U kidding me??? I thought RBs were supposed to be washed up at age 30? Looks like you chose to be washed up a few years early…. How bout’ you shut up and try to actually score a touchdown for ONCE. Isn’t that what you are paid MILLIONS for???

  56. Logicvoice’s real top 5 rbs

    1. Stephen DAvis
    2. Skip Hicks
    3. Terry Allen
    4. Trung Canidate
    5. Pop corn Vendor at RFK

    TOp 5 QBS

    1. Gus Ferrotte
    2. Heath Shular
    3. MArk Rypien
    4. Doug Williams
    5. Hog-etts

    Top 5 Wide receivers
    1. claerence Verdin
    2. Demond Howard
    3. gary clark
    4. Michael Westbrook
    5. Pa announcer at RFK

    GET my drift- this guy is delisional and any top 5 RUnning back list with out AP now is CRAZY

  57. “No player this side of Albert Haynesworth has ever mailed in a career so blatantly after getting paid.”

    I disagree. Shaun Alexander and Larry Johnson both dissapeared quickly after getting paid.

  58. Here, I’ll handle this in a way CJ understands.

    U gettin’ paid, U gettin’ carries, U team winnin’

    Why U Mad Bro?

  59. “No player this side of Albert Haynesworth has ever mailed in a career so blatantly after getting paid.”

    “I disagree. Shaun Alexander and Larry Johnson both dissapeared quickly after getting paid.”

    And I’ll disagree with both of you.
    Mark Sanchez got paid, and never showed up.

  60. All of what CJ (he WAS 2k, never will be again) says is easier to digest if you keep in mind he probably has the education of your average 6th grader at best. The boy is stupid is what I’m getting at.
    He will never get within 600 yards of 2000 again in his careet.

  61. Those of you defending your fantasies about other grown men are pathetic. One of you humps went so far as to say Fantasy Football pretenders are bigger fans than those of us who simply appreciate the game. Every (real) football fan I know can have an intelligent, informed conversation about all 32 teams… except Packers fans. If it’s not about their team, they don’t watch or care.

  62. trollingforjustice says:
    Oct 1, 2013 1:35 PM
    …..and by the way, those who bash fantasy football do so because they are to lazy to take the time to maintain and manage a team for 16 wks


    LOL or maybe. Just maybe they have better things to do. I’d be embarrassed to type what you said above..

    Also, someone said FF players bigger fans because they watch the game with a vested interest. This made me laugh even harder. I watch every game that’s available in my market because I like football. You apparently need incentive to watch 2 random teams because you have some dude on your lame-o fantasy boy team. And to me, your viewing purposes are skewed. You only care about stats at that point and not who wins or loses. Ya – “real KEWWWL.”

  63. Could you imagine having literally 100s of thousands of people you don’t know either criticizing you online and or reaching out to you on social media to criticize your production at work (which they follow to the second) because it affected a game they played with friends in their spare time that literally had zero consequence to the rest of the world?

    Give me CJs salary and ill gladly take whatever online trolling, it would just get really old after a while

  64. Chris Johnson = one hit wonder.

    That being said, if you drafted him years afterward that’s your bad.

  65. @logicalvoice, that thing Alfred Morris kept dropping in the opening game was Lesean McCoy’s jock strap he couldn’t carry it.

  66. I drafted him because in a 12 team league running backs are hard to get, that said i dont start him much.

  67. I personally do not get how these people who play fantasy football get so upset. They just said they play fantasy? Let them have a good time at it if that is what they enjoy about football. However, do not tell me that I am not a true fan of football. I purchase the rewind so that I could watch all the games each week. I even will rewind a play and watch it from different perspectives. That is what I enjoy. Just because I love football the real game not fantasy does not make me a less informed fan. In fact I am probably a much more informed fan due to the fact I know about different defenses and defensive players as well as offensive ones.

  68. It’s “I couldn’t care less…” CJ. “Couldn’t” not “can.”

    If you “can care less,” then you are saying that you actually do care about fantasy football you dolt…

  69. May be someday in the near future I will draft CJ as my #1 RB, from the Toronto Argonauts, in some Canadian Fantasy Football League…

  70. I’m a Titans season ticket holder who passed over CJ in a league with 2 starting RB slots and a RB/WR/TE slot.

    Who did I get? Ray Rice, MJD, and Stephen Jackson … the grass isn’t any greener over here. 🙁

  71. Oh god, its the CJ debate again. I still can’t believe people still get emotional about this guy. I’m a Titans fan. And its very clear to me, and should be to all other Titans fans. By year’s end, CJ will have ripped off a couple long runs, which will have him between 1200-1300yds, somewhere around 4.5 a carry, and around 5tds. His critics will say, “take away his long runs and he’s just an average back.” His supporters will say, “his numbers say he’s a top tier runner.” He is what he is. He’s gonna produce. He’s just not gonna produce in a very frustrating way for the average fan.

  72. I don’t play fantasy sports. I think they’re lame. But from what I understand about FF, it seems to me that CJ would be awful. Not because he’s not a good RB. But because its almost impossible to predict when he’s gonna produce because the bulk of his production comes on just a handful of plays. He could be playing against the best defense in football. And if he happens to get into the secondary once all day. But if it happens when the Titans are inside their own 20. His stats are gonna say he had a good day. In turn, he could be playing against the worst defense in football and get into the secondary 3-4 times. But if that happens when the Titans are inside their opponents 20, he’s not gonna finish with moster numbers. Plus, he comes outta the game in short yardage. So to me, from what I understand about FF, he seems like I guy I would stay away from.

  73. The truth is whether you watch or follow football for the love of the game or for fantasy purposes it’s still a game and we pay their salaries. They are there purely for our entertainment however we get it from them.

    Chances are that without the popularity and entertainment value of fantasy football Chris Johnson would not have received the salary he is receiving currently.

    No one ever said they had to watch football or follow football purely for the game itself. If people went to the horserace track just to watch the horses you wouldn’t have anyone in the stands.

  74. logicalvoicesays says: Oct 1, 2013 12:25 PM

    Top 5 RBs in Professional Football – Alfred Morris, Jamal Charles, Matt Forte, CJ Spiller and Marshawn Lynch. In that order.


    Top Five most annoying/goading Posters on PFT:
    1) logicalvoicesays
    2) logicalvoicesays
    3) logicalvoicesays
    4) logicalvoicesays
    5) logicalvoicesays

    In ANY FREAKING Order!!!!

  75. This is Chris Johnson’s final season with the a Tennessee Titans unless he turns the season around..

    If you watch his carries, he goes down very easily and just lays down to not get hit if he sees a crowd of 3 defensive players in his path…

    The 58 yard run for a TD he had in the preseason came against the Washington Redskins who have the 32nd ranked rushing defense…
    I have not seen anything that impressive in the regular season from CJ yet… He has been a slow starter during the regular season the last 3 seasons…

    He better pick it up or he will be gone after this season with a market that isn’t that good for Runningbacks in the NFL right now…

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