“Coliseum City” could be key to new Raiders stadium in Oakland

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The Raiders want a new stadium.  The Raiders need a new stadium.  The team’s current stadium is outdated, has a dirt infield, and periodic plumbing problems that threaten to turn the Black Hole into a brown mess.

The Raiders have no interest in sharing a stadium with the 49ers, the NFL has no apparent interest in returning to Los Angeles, and owner Mark Davis still wants to build a new stadium in Oakland.

A new venue in Oakland isn’t as hopeless as it seems.  According to Matthew Artz of the Oakland Tribune, a Dubai financier and a major privately-held real-estate firm has interest in bringing the long-discussed “Coliseum City” to life.

A partnership between Rashid Al Malik and Colony Capital LLC plans to work with the City of Oakland to conduct a stadium feasibility study.  As originally envisioned, Coliseum City would have venues for the Raider’s, baseball’s A’s, and the NBA’s Golden State Warriors.  Even with only the Raiders (the A’s and Warriors apparently want to build elsewhere), interest exists in pushing the project to reality.

“I’m thrilled,” Oakland mayor Jean Quan told the Tribune.  “They are very successful and they have very deep pockets, so they can probably afford to do the project exactly how we would like it.”

Oakland City Counsel was scheduled to talk about the possible venture in a closed session held on Tuesday.  A public discussion of the project currently is scheduled for October 8.

The plan surely has a long way to go, but any plan even in the early stages is better than no plan.  And no plan is what the Raiders and Oakland have had in recent years.

45 responses to ““Coliseum City” could be key to new Raiders stadium in Oakland

  1. This would be huge for the Oakland Raiders but also for the city,fans, people, jobs and so much more.

    These investors have deeeeeeeeeeep pockets, it will happen.

    Came out of nowhere, great for Raiders!

  2. So they will be the Raiders again? in LA? Because they cannot be the Rams again unless the hapless Rams can shift back to LA.

    I also think that the Cardinals should be in St. Louis and the Oilers back in Houston. This is my fantasy but I stand by it.

  3. Ive said this numerous times (see below) but the A’s and Warriors NEED to get on board. It would be a damn shame if they all end up leaving. if eah team paid 20% couldn’t the NFL help out like they do with other teams ? If all 3 teams put up $ it would keep the cost of taxpayers to a minimum.

    nativeraider says: Sep 9, 2013 1:34 PM

    I know this is just dreaming but I wish the RAIDERS, A’s and WARRIORS would do a joint building of a sports complex of stadiums/arenas, plus building of shopping areas. They would split the cost 3 ways and hopefully then the city would help out with the guarantee that all 3 teams would stay in Oakland forever, since theres talk all 3 teams could potentially leave the city. People need to makes moves or the Raiders are going to LA, Warriors to SF and A’s to Fremont. Then Oakland as a city will struggle more economically.


  4. Ummmm…..how come “Coliseum City” makes me think of the movie “Escape from New York?”

  5. well all things said I think the A’s and Raiders will stay for sure if they both get a new ballpark. Great for them, the fans, the developers, and the city…everbody wins.

    the warriors are the funny ones. They are currently only second to the Sacramento Kings in new season ticket holders with 2900 new season ticket holders this past year, even though they raised their prices by 20%. What is really odd is they are also in second place with total number of season ticket holders at 13,600 and growing. (most teams set a goal of 10,000). I can understand wanting a state of the billion dollar venue on the waterfront of the bay built on private money, but it is probably a pipe dream.. Avg 19,000 in attendance last year, they might just want to stay put as well, but reality is new owners bought the team to own their own venue to make money on concerts, concessions, etc… when games are not being played

  6. “Feasibility Study” is developer code for “Pay us millions to tell you you can’t get it done”
    You can bet on that one…
    Just some vultures looking to get their hands in the city coffers via the inept political leadership.

  7. These investors with supposed deep pockets (best to check for magic beans first, and city and state handouts will have to be part of any deal) have likely never set foot in Oakland itself.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    Sharing a football only stadium with the 49ers is likely the best idea for them to be playing anywhere within 100 miles, in the next decade.

  8. nomoreseasontix says:
    Oct 1, 2013 8:08 PM
    “Feasibility Study” is developer code for “Pay us millions to tell you you can’t get it done”
    You can bet on that one…
    Just some vultures looking to get their hands in the city coffers via the inept political leadership.


    I thought the City of Oakland already had a budget in place for that. Environmental impact and planning. Most of that has been done.
    I think you might be wrong on your statement.

  9. when I was a kid watching sportscenter I always thought “golden state” was a college and they were showing crappy college highlites hahahaha I didnt care thats why I never noticed why they were playing NBA teams. Nobody cares abput that garbage sport anyways haha

  10. “Mayor” Quan is a hack, the least effective mayor in the history of that city. The Warriors are moving to SF, there is no doubt about it. I think the Raiders will stay in Oakland, which I hope they do, but this huge project will be a bust. Too much crime, the retail spaces will not be filled. The best bet is a useable, simple plan to build them a new home.

  11. Warriors have no interest in this, they want to be back in SF and in their new palace on the Bay. The A’s are pretty ready to move on out of Oakland too.

  12. As a fan from LA,I hope this deal gets done.the raiders started in oaktown they should stay in oaktown.it just wouldn’t be right for us to take something that is not ours.


  13. why so they can NOT sell out that one as well? MLB should give the A’s a new stadium they are the real winners in Oakland

  14. the mayor and the city council of Oakland are so incompetent (and greedy) that I doubt this will get done, which is too bad

  15. So glad these losers left SmelL.A… The further, the better. Chargers fans do NOT want the Rariders back in So Cal, so I genuinely hope you get your new stadium.

    On a related note, crime is down in So Cal for 15+ years while crime in Oakland skyrockets.

  16. Maybe the new place will have both a baseball diamond and a basketball court laid out on the field.

  17. Sounds too good to be true. I wonder what these people with deep pockets really want out of the deal.

  18. whatever it takes, as long as … the games are blacked-out here in the Bay Area. last Sunday, almost the entire country was able to watch Peyton Manning; unfortunately, Bay Areans were stuck with Matt Flynn.

    why, oh why, does anyone buy a ticket to a Raider game?

  19. I’m pretty sure at this point that Rashid Al Malik is about to be the majority owner of the Raiders, with Colony Capital, LLC will build the “Coliseum City” design they want but I still think the Warriors move to San Francisco by the beautiful bridge and the 3rd tier teams logos with a basketball and “SF” is a sign they will become the San Francisco Warriors again.

    Oakland A’s are destined to San Jose and MLB will be ridiculous not to do it. They’ll make a same deal as the Orioles originally rejected the Washington, D.C. team but enough money made it happen, it will happen here. San Jose A’s will exist.

    I think if this money project is real, they’ll stay the Oakland Raiders because the foreign investor sees the benefit of it. If the other two teams leave, you can have practice facilities and USA (Kid) Football pee-wee camps for it.

    I’m sure the Raiders get a new updated practice facility. In the end of the day it leaves the Chargers and Rams in the NFL mess.

    I think San Antonio has a real shot of bringing the Chargers over and no division realignment. St. Louis and the Rams I think will stay because the owner is from there and until every exhaustingly meeting shows that this team may not be that longer.

    I think the NFL doesn’t return to the NFL but eventually a team will make the League for their hand. They already have a “Jaguars” site in Wembley and in an American way, they want to tie it to Austin Powers. True.

  20. If the NFL was really that innovated, they would take 2 and I mean 2 regular season games and make it the “International Series” then you make 1 game the “London International Series” and the other the “Los Angeles International Series” next.

    Then the NFL can meet in the middle and tell every NFLPA member that they give you that chance and bonus, put it on NFL Network and their team will have no trouble of figuring it out.

    You still have your two biggest franchise relocate to another couple of Mid-American cities, whatever. The NFL has nothing to lose because it has a hardcore base like in the USA for the EPL or Champions League.

  21. For most of you who live no where near the Bay Area I can assure you that if Mayor Quan is in any way involved with this project it is doomed.

    This woman defines incompetence. She is to being a mayor as Mr. Magoo is to being a fighter pilot.

    Regardless, from SF I wish the Raider Nation the best of luck in this venture. No group of loyal fans deserve it more.

  22. ppc50 says:
    Oct 1, 2013 8:36 PM
    “Mayor” Quan is a hack, the least effective mayor in the history of that city. The Warriors are moving to SF, there is no doubt about it. I think the Raiders will stay in Oakland, which I hope they do, but this huge project will be a bust. Too much crime, the retail spaces will not be filled. The best bet is a useable, simple plan to build them a new home.
    You must haven’t ever been to East Oakland. There’s a retail center right by the Coliseum with thriving businesses and minimal crime.

  23. The Chargers were just offered a deal from Colony Capital LLC back in Sept 2013. So looks like they are trying to help the Chargers and Raiders get new stadiums in California.

  24. Just pack up and move back to LA and build a palace like Jerry Jones has in Dallas. It’s a no brainer move. The NFL in the 21st century is about marketing and money. Why give up the # 2 market in America if you can take it? Then the Raiders can attract big time FA’s with the revenue to build a winning franchise again that will be feared in the NFL .

  25. I’dike to see the raiders go in a different direction with their stadium. Lately it’s been smaller stadiums with more Luxo boxes for the ultra rich corpo dicks. If they could build a huge stadium with cheap tickets they would have a unique fan experience that would be affordable to all. Unfortunay the outdated tv blackout policy makes this impossible.

  26. Only a Mayor like Quan could potentially blow the multibillion dollar NFL industry and hundreds of billion dollars of industry that this the third largest investor in the world plans to give Oakland. I think its great for Oakland, the Raiders and the investors. It seems as if they have their sights set on the entire area between Coliseum BART and Oakland International Airport to develop a high tech business park and hotels that are in the most ideal location.
    Anybody familiar with the Bay Area understands the proximity of that location and how public transportation friendly it is. Face it, Downtown SF has nowhere left to expand, and Silicon Valley is too far and San Jose is a growing gangland ( which is why so many high tech jobs left to go to SF ). This area of Oakland has the potential to seclude itself and be successful, and if a foreign investor needs to throw in a billion $ to help build some stadiums, so be it.
    I suggest the A’s and Warriors reconsider Oakland because their plans for SJ and SF are impossible to happen. The Giants will never give up territorial rights to San Jose, nor should they. And the Warriors need to look at California law that another fellow oaktown greek assembled in the 60’s. The late senator Nick Petris created Save The Bay, what the Warriors want to build on the the pier is illegal. If they choose to leave,then forget them, the Raiders is all we need anyways.

  27. mistake in this article. it isn’t that the Raiders have no interest in sharing with the niners, it’s more that the niners don’t have interest in sharing with the Raiders

  28. As a homeowner in Alameda County and Los Angeles, I have to say this is a great idea. The Raiders, A’s, and Warriors belong in Oakland. No one wants the A’s in freaking Fremont. We are on the hook for paying for the renovations to the Oakland Coliseum that Al Davis didn’t chip in even a penny.

  29. Oakland is prime real estate and a beautiful area. No excuse for what has been allowed to happen to it. The execution of this plan would be huge for the economy and it’s citizens all around. Rooting big time for this, Oakland and the bay area deserve this. It’s time to make a difference.

  30. Actually weren’t the Ram’s originally Cleveland’s?
    (or am I just older than anyone else?).

  31. colony capital was part of the built petco park in san diego for the padres and is also part of the chargers gameplan in getting their downtown stadium as well trying to develop an entertainment district in downtown san diego identical to LA live!.

  32. kinda crazy that the two rival teams could maybe get new stadiums with investments from the same company colony capital. along with building petco park colont capital was part of the building of the new yankees stadium as well.


    “The Chargers would like a new stadium outside the coastal zone, and the organization proposed a “multi-purpose facility east of Tailgate Park” downtown.

    Away from the coast, Fabiani said San Diego would have a “convention experience that is more integrated into San Diego’s restaurant and shopping neighborhoods.”

    Another memo obtained by 10News is from Colony Capital LLC, an investing firm in San Francisco. It also was sent to the Coastal Commission and urges an alternative to a Convention Center expansion.

    “The multi-use facility of the kind the Chargers and Colony are contemplating will vault the San Diego region into competition for the largest and greatest events,” Colony’s letter said.

    Kansas City based developer Populous also sent the Commission a letter that asks for an alternative to a new Convention Center.

    Populous was asked by the Chargers to evaluate a good space for its proposed “multi-purpose” facility — whether 250,000 square feet of convention space could also be used for events like the Super Bowl, the NCAA Final Four, concerts and political conventions.

    “Our research and past experience has shown it is possible to do this and do it well,” the memo from Populous said.

    Populous has build things such as the new Yankee Stadium, Wembley Stadium and PETCO Park.”

  33. Hell is going top freeze over. Florio has finally come to grips with the facts: the NFL has no apparent interest in returning to Los Angeles.

  34. Nice!. . .but please dump the original embarrassing plan of a 53, 000 seat stadium and come up with a bigger stadium.

  35. If they build a new stadium they can upgrade to automated tarps so that when the concerts are over and the football season starts they can just hit a button and cover half the seats.
    They should keep the old mausoleum and convert it to a waste treatment plant.

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