De Smith will visit Buccaneers today

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The Bucs should sell the naming rights to the lingering brouhaha between the team and quarterback Josh Freeman.  Then at least something good would come of it.

From the team’s perspective, nothing good will come of it today.  The organization is trying to figure out how to respond to Monday night’s statement from Freeman, which does nothing to increase his trade value.

Then again, the leaks Freeman implicitly attributed to the team do nothing to increase his trade value, either.  But if any leaking of negative information about Freeman occurred, the pin on that grenade was pulled when the team possibly decided to alleviate concerns about the legitimacy of the captain vote that left Freeman without a “C” on his jersey by sharing with the media some of the reasons why he wasn’t voted a captain.

Complicating matters is that NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith will be making on Tuesday a previously-scheduled visit with Buccaneers players.  Look for Smith, a former litigator, to fire verbal shots at the team, both for the Freeman situation and the still-lingering MRSA controversy.

There’s also a chance players will vent regarding coach Greg Schiano.  His tactics have become a common source of player discontent, resulting in a players-only meeting before Week One aimed at funneling the concerns to the team captains and forwarding them to Schiano.

While plenty of players, as best we can tell, have no issue with the quarterback change, issues still linger between the players and Schiano.

In our view, the best way for the Bucs to focus on turning around a bad situation in the locker room and on the playing field is to get rid of the biggest distraction.  Schiano may not want to give Freeman what he wants, but releasing Freeman and paying the balance of his salary ($6.44 million over the next 13 weeks) could be exactly what Schiano needs to start the process of cleaning up this mess.

Otherwise, Schiano will be even more likely to be the one getting a buyout of his own in January.  If not sooner.

5 responses to “De Smith will visit Buccaneers today

  1. I cannot wait for the team to fire this bum. An average (at best) college coach promoted to the NFL as a head coach? A fooly that was. In order to alienate players, especially the vets, you have to have something that those players can look to and see that what you have done has been a success.

    What has he won? Nothing. Soon the mutters turn to rumbles then rumbles turn to roars, then, well, it gets hard to find quiet. Schiano prays for quiet the way that citizens pray for peace, but as the citizens his prayers will be unanswered and soon the bell will toll on his tenure as head coach of an NFL team. It is only due to the likes of Bobby Petrino and Bill Peterson (Oilers head coach from 72-73) that he won’t be thought of as one of the worst coaches that should have stayed in college.

  2. The Glazers are like evil school children and Schiano is the school bully. Here comes the Superintendent Smith to see who was misbehaving. He should call up the Glazer’s father and give him a report card.

  3. Why shoild we cut Freeman again? Dude is the biggest baby on the planet right now, and has played his way out of millions. He can sit his sad ass on the bench and wait his “turn”. Which will be never.

    -Pissed off Bucs fan

  4. SCIANO HAS TO GO NOW. Bucs will be in freefall until schiano is gone. he already lost the locker room when he fixed the captain vote. Ive said since last years losing streak it was schiano that caused it. now everyone else sees that what I said, is the truth. find a way to get a real nfl caliber head coach. until then, the Bucs will be one of the most dis-functional teams in the league. GO BUCS

  5. I think because PFT insists on using the familiar “De” Smith, they should start using “Rodge” or “Honey Muffins” when referring to Goodell. It’s the only fair thing to do.

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