NFLPA files grievance against Bucs on behalf of Lawrence Tynes


After kicker Lawrence Tynes was placed on the non-football injury list by the Buccaneers in the wake of contracting a MRSA infection at the team’s facilities, Tynes argued that the Bucs decision was the wrong one.

“This whole thing is wrong,” Tynes said at the time. “My biggest emphasis is I don’t want this to happen to any current or future player. I’m going to fight this thing as long as I have to, because this team should not be allowed to do this to players. If I drop a 45-pound plate on my foot while lifting weights in the weight room at the facility, it’s IR. So I just don’t understand how my situation is any different. I went to work, I kicked, I practiced, I cold-tubbed, I hot-tubbed, I showered for all those days there. I come up with MRSA and it’s a non-football injury? They’re basically trying to exonerate themselves of this, and I’m not going to allow it to happen.”

The NFLPA isn’t interested in allowing it to happen, either. NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith was at the Bucs facility on Tuesday and announced after the visit that the union has filed a grievance against the Bucs on Tynes’ behalf. Placing Tynes on the NFI list rather than injured reserve allows the Bucs to withhold Tynes’ salary (although they are paying him) and other benefits that he’d be entitled to if he were on IR.

Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times reports that Smith said the grievance is designed to address “significant concerns about the manner in which that player and perhaps other players’ safety was handled by the team.” Smith also said that he hopes going this route helps protect players from similar problems in the future.

31 responses to “NFLPA files grievance against Bucs on behalf of Lawrence Tynes

  1. Glazer/Schiano To Do List:

    1) Screw Tynes
    2) Screw Freeman
    3) Screw Tampa Bay

    Two down… one to go.

  2. Soon, reports will surface that Tynes is in Stage One of the NFL’s substance-abuse program.

  3. This is not about Schiano and you know it. That said the Glazers are asa bad as the Culverhouses. I hope we are not relapsing into obscurity? I wonder if these current problems are not a way to move the team. Afterall. we are paying for RayJa. They better not leave us now.

  4. This is the kind of situation the upon which the NFLPA should take very firm action.

    It is not simply their efforts to stiff Lawrence Tynes that suck so bad, but also what seems to be a coverup of a situation that is very hazardous to the health of the players.

  5. doctorrustbelt says:
    Oct 1, 2013 4:13 PM
    Glazer/Schiano To Do List:

    1) Screw Tynes
    2) Screw Freeman
    3) Screw Tampa Bay

    Two down… one to go.!

    Nice!, but they already screwed Tampa Bay by forcing the city to pay for 100% of the stadium, even though their daddy is a multi billionaire.

  6. This organization is a rolling, non-stop grease fire. I’m done with them. It’s humiliating to support them.

  7. And this is why even in professional sports unions are a good thing. Certain political groups like to tout unions as worthless and only helping the lazy workers. Well in this case who else is going to stand up to a giant organization that has the “right” to withhold his pay? It’s certainly wouldn’t have been the easily replaced kicker. As crazy as this sounds, even corporations should be held responsible for treating their employees poorly.

  8. I believe Tynes is right . Many fans don’t realize this can impact his
    Pension rights . However if the arbitration process requires a medical
    Expert to testify or write a report it may harm Tynes efforts.
    In many cases of infection it is difficult to identify the source . Although most of us are pretty sure where his infection came from , that might not be enough. A medical expert has to identify the source
    With a reasonable degree of certainty. That is near impossible in infection cases. I would guess that the NFL does not want lawsuits in this area. That is maybe why there will be a fight. It would be consistent
    With how the Goodell led NFL has been. Too bad it is just cheap and bad business to treat a player like this.

  9. cheapglazers…. I feel your pain.

    As soon as I set that post…I wonder about Tampa Bay’s stadium.

    GOOGLE: Wall Street Journal/Bengals Stadium Deal

    You guys got off easy!!!

  10. Immediately upon purchasing the Bucs in 1995, new owner Malcolm Glazer declared Tampa Stadium inadequate and began lobbying local government for a replacement.When the community did not move quickly enough to suit the Glazer family, the new owners openly contacted several other cities around the U.S. about possible relocation.
    The city of Tampa and Hillsborough County came up with a plan to fund a new stadium as part of a “Community Investment Tax”, which was voted on in a referendum in September 1996. As part of the campaign to pass the referendum, Glazer promised to pay half the cost of the new stadium if fans put down 50,000 deposits on 10–year season ticket commitments. The drive fell 17,000 deposits short, the offer was withdrawn, and the Bucs did not pay any of the stadium’s construction cost.

  11. On September 3, 1996, the voters of Hillsborough County, Florida approved, by 53% to 47% margin, a thirty–year, half–cent sales tax to build new schools, improve public safety and infrastructure, and to build the Buccaneers a $192 million new stadium ENTIRELY with public money.The team signed a stadium lease in which the local government must pay for almost all of the stadium expenses while the franchise keeps almost all of the proceeds.

  12. I bet if someone searched Schiano’s house, they would find Freeman’s medical records, Mortensen’s address, and a bottle of the MRSA virus.

  13. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bo Jackson came out of the woodwork to dump all over the Bucs. This is beyond ridiculous at this point.

    Having said that and for what it’s worth, Tynes was the source of the MRSA infection, as Carl Nicks returned to full health after a couple weeks. I’d still have placed him on IR, the last thing this team needs is an injured kicker crying foul play. C’mon man.

  14. My understanding is the Bucs medical facilities are better than most teams. I think Tynes will have a hard time proving that something the Buc medical staff did caused this. I want the guy to get better, but it’s kind of difficult to feel bad about a guy making 500k for doing nothing.

  15. briang123 says:
    Oct 1, 2013 5:13 PM
    Someone needs to tell Tynes that he needs to accept being put in the ObamaCare exchanges like the rest of us.


    I think all the government workers sitting at home are going to thumbs down this.

  16. Scumbags in charge. They have some good players too. It’s a shame. Tynes has every right to be furious.

  17. I just don’t understand why the Bucs would put Tynes on the NFI, other than trying to cover their butt. Putting a player on NFI screws with their service time & directly effects their pension & veteran minimum salaries.

    I don’t usually support the NFLPA, but in this case, the NFLPA needs bring the hammer down on the Bucs.

  18. It takes a big brass set for some clown to declare, without a shred of credibility or evidence, that a specific player is responsible for this outbreak…

    Scratch that, it takes a tiny set and a tiny brain.

  19. I love this franchise. After the Chiefs and Colts they have my loyalty. These past few years have been really tough too watch though. Ever since Gruden left they seem to take pride in being an average at best franchise. Schiano is a joke. The Glazers have lost their minds since they purchased the UK football club. I agree Josh Freeman isn’t the future qb required to compete for a championship but he is a professional so please treat him as one. This entire situation with #5 is reminiscent of Steve McNair and the Titans. Schiano has to go! Now! You guys have a pirate ship! I’m ready for mutiny!

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