PFT Live: Buccaneers talk with Rick Stroud, PFT Planet calls and tweets

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The Buccaneers hit the bye week with an 0-4 record and they started making moves on Tuesday to reshape the roster for their next 12 games.

Cutting wide receiver Kevin Ogletree and safety Ahmad Black weren’t the moves people have been waiting for, though. Everyone’s curious to see what the Bucs will do with their disgruntled quarterback Josh Freeman and Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times will join Mike Florio on PFT Live to discuss that situation. Monday’s leak about Freeman being in Stage One of the league’s substance abuse program touched off another round of bad feelings between the two sides with the Bucs reportedly cold-calling the entire league in hopes of finding someone to take Freeman off their hands.

Florio will also be taking and answering questions from PFT Planet. You can send them in on Twitter — @ProFootballTalk — or give a call to 888-237-5269 to let us know what’s on your mind.

You can watch it all live at noon ET by clicking right here.

7 responses to “PFT Live: Buccaneers talk with Rick Stroud, PFT Planet calls and tweets

  1. problem is not the qb situation its the head coach in my opinion, the guy is there for amost 3 yrs. now , no progress what so ever…

  2. It is clearly a coaching problem. Freeman has regressed as a QB. How can someone be so good so young in 2010 and not get better? He has had poor coaching and has not improved as a player. Look at the talent on Tampa’s offense…. loaded with pro bowl players and struggle to score more than 10 points a game? It is nonsense.

  3. What are the chances that either one of these players is the cause of the information being leaked out of the locker room?

    However in Ogletree’s case, it was probably because he is a worse WR than Tebow is a QB.

  4. What a piece of trash Schiano and his lackeys are, leaking medical info from nearly 2 years ago to try to further smear Freeman.

    Schiano, you college hack, please take a time machine to the morning of January 28, 1980 and then make your way to the Sunshine Skyway bridge. Get there early.

  5. You think Tony Dungy would handle things like this? Dungy would have been blessed to have a QB of the caliber of Freeman when he was starting Trent Dilfer and Shaun King.

    Schiano has already proven himself to be a lair and an overall piece of s.

    To the idiots saying Freeman sucks lets look at last year, when playing in an offense from 1986, what were his numbers. 4,000+ yards passing, 27 TDs and 17 INTs – and he started the season as a 24 year old. Yeah he really su… how about you stop being a bunch of puppets.

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