PFT Live: Freeman situation getting even uglier

Rick Stroud from the Tampa Bay Times joins PFT Live to discuss how the inevitable divorce between Josh Freeman and the Buccaneers continues to go from bad to worse, which side will ultimately win this ugly battle, and why Tampa has gone on a string of releasing players.

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  1. @rodh32340 says:

    That’s what that GM, coaching staff and sycophants like Chris Mortenson want people to believe. But it is nothing like the Vince Young. Vince insulted his coach and organization in full view of everyone. Josh has not been insubordinate, undermining, publicly negative, or any other of the things attached to VY. He just wasn’t that creepy coach’s guy from day one. And all of the negative stuff has come form him and the management camp. I can even understand why Freeman was not motivated to win for Shiano. All Shiano did from day one was let Freeman know he was not his choice. And totally demoralized him. What a loser Shiano is, But I bet every team in NFC South hope the Glazers stubbornly keep him. One less fool to worry about.

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