Philbin on pass protection: “It’s a big concern”

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It was hard to tell last night if the loudest sound was the Dolphins falling back to Earth, or Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill going down again.

Tannehill was dropped for four sacks by the Saints, which actually lowered his average per game. But he’s still on pace to be sacked 72 times this season, which would be a new franchise record.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin noted the situation (trailing big, had to pass), but admitted there’s reason for worry.

It’s a big concern,” Philbin said, via the Palm Beach Post. “We got down by 25 points I believe. In the first half they really hadn’t hit Ryan at all. We had a very good running game, we were protecting the quarterback, we were throwing the ball relatively well, we had good balance. Then when we got down 35-10, that’s when the onslaught began. Eighteen sacks (in four games), that’s 4 1/2 a game. Too many.”

Tannehill has showed impressive poise this year, but left tackle Jonathan Martin has not displayed the same kind of progress in his second year, moving from right tackle to left.

The Dolphins took financial deep breath when deciding to let Jake Long walk in free agency, thinking last year’s second-rounder could hold up well at a much lower cost. And while Martin’s not the only culprit, the Dolphins line has to improve, and quickly, if Tannehill’s going to be well enough to build on his own momentum.

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  1. Once the mistakes started they never recovered.
    Clearly, not ready for prime time yet.

    Bree’s is something special.

    BTW- Jake Long is NOT the answer… have you seen him play this season? Parrot Broken record.

  2. If Tannehill keeps getting hit, he will get David Carr Syndrome, and that means the Fins will need another QB in about 2-3 years. The O-Line needs to improve, and the QB can’t hold the ball too long on some throws or fumble it on others.

  3. Martin played poorly at RT last yr. What were they thinking. It was clear coming out of USC that he didn’t have LT feet. Tyson Clabo also a big concern on the right side, He got old fast.

  4. there are more problems than the line for this joke of a team…..tannehill can’t throw the ball and mike Wallace is a primetime chump…..back to the drawing board for such a crummy team

  5. And that’s why you HAVE to take a decent LT when one becomes available.

    They made a huge mistake in not ponying up the cash for Brandon Albert when he was available.

    Typical of the Fins front office with that boob Jeff Ireland making decisions

  6. Wait until they play an elite defense. It’ll get MUCH worse.

    You can’t go on the cheap with O-lines. This has been explained to fin fan many times now.

  7. Unlikely to be sacked 72 times this season, because at this rate, he would probably not be able to finish the season.

  8. T-Hill can throw the ball fine, dudes. Now holding on to it is another question. Try watching what you plan on critiquing before you critique it. Weak… Look at T-Hill’s completion % & yards per comp relative to the rest of the league. Then look at sacks & fumbles, of which can be attributed to him as well as O-line.

  9. Just like many other teams who think they will improve or stay the same when they let a proven player go to rely on a younger unproven player (Cards have done this forever and see where that has gotten except for the Kurt Warner years when Warner put the team on his back and dragged them into the Super Bowl), the Fins will regret their stupidity for letting Long walk and getting their QB hurt.

  10. They weren’t better than one of the best teams with one of the best QBs in one of the hardest places to play on one of the hardest stages to play.

    That said the O-line was abused as soon as the turnovers began. Avoid the turnovers and the line can live until next offseason.

    That was likely the toughest team the Fins will face this year. The rest of the schedule is really looking to be favorable to the Fins. Not saying any game is a W but all seem to be teams that are not in the upper tier like the Saints seem to be.

    Losing Wilfork has really made me feel better about those two Pats games as well as the Ravens showing last week is making me feel good about this Sunday. Cincy losing to the Browns makes me feel good about thr Bengals game and we’re lucky the Chargers will travel here.

  11. Jake Long is hardly dominating in St. Louis. Paying him $10 mil a year for the next five years would be an anchor that sinks Miami into oblivion.

    Martin is not great, but he has shown improvement. The biggest concern I have is how the line works together; they often seem to not be on the same page in terms of where to help and who is going 1:1.

    And Miami cannot get into situations where they need to throw every down. Not ready for that type of comeback.

  12. jintsfan says:Oct 1, 2013 10:18 AM

    Martin played poorly at RT last yr. What were they thinking. It was clear coming out of USC that he didn’t have LT feet. Tyson Clabo also a big concern on the right side, He got old fast.

    Not sure you watched him much in college since he played for Stanford.

  13. “Sacks” only indicates a qb not “surviving” to those of limited intelligence. Qb hits is what matters. He’s still being “hit” (which includes sacks /boggle) less than the league average.

  14. This game was lost at the coin flip. The Phins win the toss and DEFER? Are you kidding me! Giving the Saints offense the ball in the Superdome was the dumbest coaching decision I have ever witnessed. All they did was score an easy touchdown on the way to many more. Philbin is an idiot! dumb,Dumb,DUMB!

  15. The only reason the Dolphins need to worry is that they had a shot to take control of the game until Tannehill fumbled on that scramble and they failed to regain their composure.

    The rest of you “experts” need to stop with the Jake Long stuff. He’s a revolving turnstile with injury issues. The Fins do need a RG, and LT and need to move Martin back to RT.

  16. Wow! Good to see all the fair weather, bandwagon Fans back after one bad outing. I understand the Trolls and Haters purpose because they say stupid stuff in all Winning Teams stories AND stupid stuff when they lose. That’s the power of anonymity.

    It was a bad game. If you turn the ball over, can’t adjust ( D.Sproles), bad play calling- never put a very good mobile QB in motion to throw; this is what happens. Especially, against a superior offense that will make you pay 7 pts in seconds! No one picked the Dolphins to win the SuperBowl including this 40+ year Fan, but we are improved, we are going to have a winning season and possible make the playoffs. Get healthy on D, the OLine is bad but won 3 games, so some tinkering is necessary. The only negative I have is Daniel Thomas. He is a flat out Bust. Let Gillislee play, more FB Klutts to block, Clay at HB or get a RB that can Block. Thomas can’t run, block or catch !!!

  17. Is it just me or the fins have not ran a HB screen all season or at least completed one. Every game we get torched with them but we never repay the favor. I know Mike Sherman is there everyday and I am not but please get a little more creative with the play calling. I also understand Wallace is targeted by everyones #1 cb but you better find a way to get his hands on the ball whether it be a REVERSE, END AROUND, or even a FLEA FLICKER!!! Everyteam has some exotic type of mis-match that they like to employ on Offense, we have a guy who is blazing fast but isn’t getting his hands on the ball. These things will not necessarily fix the Oline but you would be surprised at how it helps.

  18. Hate when Jake Long’s name is brought up, the guy is falling apart like humpty dumpty and there is nobody to put him back together again. In my opinion we should of never let Reggie go, he was good in pass pro, and was a threat coming out of the back field which often slows defensive players down when they see him leaving the pocket and for seem reason he is like fine wine, only getting better with age. Don’t believe me, just watch how much he has changed Detroit’s offense and their flexibility. Oh man, the fins really need reggie bush back, great locker room guy too.

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